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Day #8 & 9 – Escapades In Bates Motel

on January 14, 2022

Day #8 (instead of Day 7 as 3am was officially Day 8) , I awoke to find Garfield missing from my bed.

Hmm…it was 3am and housekeeper had not turn my bed nor change sheets so Garfield could not be swaddled in used sheets and tossed in commercial laundry truck to be laundered.

I steeled myself calm…thank goodness there he was, Garfield, crumpled into a heap on the side of my bed.

In my entire human life thus far, Garfield has never fallen off my bed.

First thing to mind….poor Garfield….concussion!!

I am silly…Garfield is inanimate…but still…

Day #9…6 injections for pain…added on top of 2 for my wrists and extraction of blood fluids.

I am in pain.

I am alive to feel pain.

Occupational therapist #2 will soon pop by.

7 responses to “Day #8 & 9 – Escapades In Bates Motel

  1. Had a long, fun, conversation with a friend.

  2. Something good for me was reading your post and the cartoons.

  3. I was finally able to finish a long-awaited post inspired by you, darling, and your incredible culinary neighbor. Go look!

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