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3 Days To Lunar New Year – Year Of The Tiger

on January 28, 2022

The year of the Ox will not be missed by me. I, for one, is happy to herd the Ox off to its merry way.

I hope the Year of the Tiger will roar in with better things for everyone.

Traditionally in Lil Red Dot, Yu Sheng is a must have. So I took my parents for this salad dish on last Tuesday.

It was also to celebrate my mum’s birthday in advance.

Yu Sheng with baby abalones. The fun is tossing it with super long chopsticks and saying good wishes for all as we toss.
Salmon fish skin fried in salted egg is a fad food and delicious. Highly addictive, my dad loves this dish and finished it in a jiffy!
Stir fried asparagus with garlic
Fried brinjal with chicken floss on extreme left. Next to the salmon fish skin is marinaded jelly fish. The last dish on right is the tossed up Yu Sheng.
Longevity buns with bean paste filling with melon seeds is my dessert choice for us as it was my mum’s birthday.

We also had braised pork ribs, phoenix claws (chicken feet) and dumplings.

The meal cost $178 with service and GST. Not bad for 3 pax inclusive of chrysanthemum tea.

I am glad mum and dad enjoyed selves. I was dead tired when I reached home and spent the next few days overcoming pain and inflammation. But it was worth it to take my folks out after so long.

Wishing all my Chinese WordPress readers and anyone joining in the festivity…gong xi fa cai!!

May good health, prosperity, abundance and happiness be with all in this Year of the Tiger!


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  1. quiall says:

    And to you as well my friend.

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