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Why MR EX Does Not Deserve My Attention

on January 28, 2022

I may know MR EX for a large part of my adult life, but I certainly do not know him as a person.

MR EX is secretive and is one of the most hypocritical guy I have ever known.

Whilst I have been open, transparent and baring my heart to him over the years, MR EX lives a guarded life.

MR EX worships the Lord. He uses the word “Creator” alot but I do not see a God fearing man as he uses it to garner business.

Followers flock to him as he sells dreams, hopes and aspirations to those wanting a better life. MR EX sells himself as the man who can help them “realise” their financial aspirations.

MR EX does not know the meaning of the word “truth” or what it is to be honest or transparent.

I cite an example.

When I shared that I have cancer and that I needed to be re-admitted at Bates for wound issues, MR EX immediately told me he will also be admitted to hospital the day before me and that his doctor said that he may or may not have cancer!

How troll!! MR EX goes on to emphasise that if he dies, his spirit will stick to me without fail and that he will “boo” me.

I lashed at him. In life you have not been by my side to help nor care for me. So, why bother if he is dead! I rolled my eyes!

I told him to get lost and if his spirit thinks of haunting me, then he better be prepared for his spirit to be exorcised and banished to hell for good.

MR EX of late has been trying to get my sympathy or care. His text mesaages would imply he is seriously ill or that ” he is not strong enough to bring things to me and that his minion would do it.

Is MR EX repentive of his past unkind deeds towards me?

Making use of me and then abandoning me?

Am I of sudden use again for him to warrant his trying attempts to get back with me?

I find MR EX very weird.

When I am ill, he says he is ill too.

When I have to undergo surgery, he says that he has to do so too – undergo “several surgeries”

What I cannot fathom an understanding in is – why does he refuse to let up and leave me alone?

Why does he think that in his death, his spirit can hang around me?

MR EX is not nice. He should stick with the Bimbo he chose to walk down the aisle with and haunt her!

Leave me alone MR EX. You are neither a friend nor a brother, much less a friend.

Stop being greedy and stick with the Bimbo you married for life and for her wealth.

You forgot that you did not choose me as I was then not famous, nor an established person in societal stature.

I have not changed. I’m still a nobody and worst still, I am now a Garfield hugging freak!

I talk to my inanimate furball too!

Plus I have cancer.


12 responses to “Why MR EX Does Not Deserve My Attention

  1. I think you are probably the bravest person I know, you put yourself and your pain out there for all of us to see and relate to! Mr. Ex needs to move along!

  2. mistermuse says:

    Seeing the words “one of the most hypocritical” and “does not know the mean of the word “truth” makes me think your Ex was/is a politician. 😉

  3. ralietravels says:

    Block him; don’t open his emails; throw away or delete all his communications. Put yourself in control; put yourself out of your own misery by eliminating all forms of contact.

    • Garfield Hug says:

      Thanks Ralie. Yes, did all that but he knows where I live and he can send his minions or self to remind me of his presence. I am in a better place of control now as I thought friendship is possible given we did not marry. But this is impossible.

  4. Herb says:

    Not sure I understand why you don’t just block him and cut him off completely. From what I know of him (what I have read here) he is a toxic person and you should leave him be. Especially if he has walked down the aisle! Any kind of trouble he has in that area will become yours whether real or imaginary. Obviously you’re a grownup and didn’t ask my advice but this is what I would say if I read such a thing on my younger sister’s blog or my daughter’s blog or whatever.
    I apologize for overstepping my bounds.

  5. hartlife1973 says:

    I can’t believe he is still bugging you. He’s married. What a jackass!

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