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Neighbor’s Cooking – Reunion Dinner On 31 January 2022

on January 31, 2022

Neighbor cooked for my parents and I a wonderful Chinese New Year feast.

Abalone with dried shitake mushrooms to be poured over the steamed broccolli
Steamed brocolli
Blanched endive that goes into the fish maw soup below.
Fish maw soup with hand made fishballs and carrots below.
Fried bean curd topped on glass noodles
Ngoh hiang with roast pork
Fried fish
Braised bamboo shoots with mushrooms
This was the slab of roast pork that Neighbor made

To add to the meal, I opened 2 cans of abalones. See below.

Baby abalones in one can that costs SGD26
New Moon abalone that usually costs $58 but I managed to buy it at SGD28.50

Tomorrow is the 1st day of Lunar New Year.

Top row: right to left…Tiger is climbing over a wall to catch a ride to roar in the Year of the Tiger…someone gives Tiger a boot to help him along. Tiger is angry!

8 responses to “Neighbor’s Cooking – Reunion Dinner On 31 January 2022

  1. So beautiful picture and nice food 😍😍😍😍

  2. The Bean Curd looks yummy!

  3. Spectacular dinner! Hapy New Year, darling!

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