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About Sunday For Me

I was up at 7am as today.

My migrant worker “brother” said he was coming to see me before he returned to his homeland for 2 months.

He calls me “sister” as it was his polite way of greeting me plus my name is hard for him to pronounced as he is illiterate.

His father passed when he was 3 yrs old and he had to start working at 4 yrs old to help his mother take care of siblings and put food on table.

The last time he saw his family, it was almost 3years ago before Covid-19 ravaged the world.

He was supposed to leave for home just when Covid hit.

I am happy for him, as he has not seen his new born son after birth. He returned to Singapore immediately after his wife delivered.

I have a habit of dropping food to migrant workers working along the streets. This “brother” has been very kind too, reciprocating by enquiring after me.

I remember telling him I was diagnosed with cancer and that surgery was scheduled in a month’s time, he immediately said “no wait. Go now!!”

Despite his poor English skills I can understand his sincerity. We both may sound like dog and chicken talk but our gestures say it all.

I learnt “Ali Baba” is meant to be poor character traits of lying and stealing.

“Osta osta” means to be careful. Watch out or look where you are going. I speak broken English with him and he sometimes use dialect or Malay. He is Bangladeshi.

He popped by to just deliver 2 pcs of roti prata.

Roti prata plain
Dhall curry

I offered to pay him but he refused to accept my $2. It was his gesture of saying good bye till he returned in mid May 2022.

Following my Chinese Asian tradition, I gave him a gift 🎁 for his son and a small red packet or hong bao 🧧 for luck.

Singapore comprises many different diaspora of nationalities. A cultural mix and I enjoy chatting with them, regardless of blue collar or white collar vocations. To me, they are “brothers and sisters” – children of mothers too. 🤗🤗

My sister from Auckland, New Zealand texted me to say that her Russian friend living in New Zealand was selling kittens at NZD900 to NZD1,200.

Although these are gorgeous kittens, it was a tad expensive as it was non pedigree bred nor were there cerificates or supporting each kitten. I was thinking they are offered free to good homes! But nooooo!!

Meanwhile my sister harvested more veggies from her garden. I call it sustainable farming on her part.😉

As for me, I went poking around the estate grounds of where I live and took these pics to share.

I loved this potted yam leaf plant. White and green made it so refreshingly nice to my eyes
A tiny flower…off a ground covering. Naturally pretty and a survivor!
A granite Japanese lamp which lights up at night. I can imagine the nice warm yellow glow at night

So how was your Sunday?

Anything exciting to share?