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So It’s Sunday! It Is Also the 6th day Of Chinese New Year Of The Tiger!

on February 6, 2022

Sunday, it used to be my fun day,

Sleeping in & my lazy day!

No such luck, no snoozing in day,

As adult me, it is rise and shine at 6am day!

Drats! Being an adult has no fun days,

Just tiresome, worrisome days!

I miss being a kid, where my only worry was passing my exams and getting good grades.

As a teenager, I added on the worry of if my date would turn out right and if I would land a husband of choice!

As a young adult, I realised my knight in shining armour got lost and he and I will never meet. Instead, I was sent MR EX.

Life goes on.

My responsibilities are plentiful as the weight of many things fall unto my shoulders.

Stress, continued stress has taken a major toll on my body and it protested with many many surgeries and stay in the hospitals. The only thing not robbed is my sanity. There is a fine line between sanity and insanity I say!

I am what I think best described as “sanely insane” – I wrap self like a cocoon sometimes and seek solace in our orange stuffed fat cat, Garfield. Garfield the inanimate furball creations of Jim Davis has given me Garfield hugs and seen me through the worst of times.

In every sanity, therein lies some insanity!

I am verbose, can be caustic and a straight talker. I have no time for wishy washy forums or fake people.

I am either the world’s biggest bitch or world’s best friend – I always tell people to take their pick! LOL!

Life goes on…..the good, the bad and the ugly!


4 responses to “So It’s Sunday! It Is Also the 6th day Of Chinese New Year Of The Tiger!

  1. You are sweet, you are fun, and we love you! 😻

  2. hartlife1973 says:

    I agree with koolkosherkitchen. You are sweet and fun and we all love you!

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