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Almost Valentine’s Day – No Different Than Any Week Day To Me

on February 8, 2022

Valentine’s Day is commercialisation at its best.

Roses and flowers skyrocket in price and instead of decks the halls with holly, we have deck the aisles with chockies!

I admit that I will love for any man to woo me with flowers or gifts of champagne or chockies or all 3 of these items. Which lady would not like it right?

But in reality I know the cost is astronomical when compared to normal days.

Aah well, I do not have a lover popping out of the hat anytime soon like the bunny rabbit that a magician pulls out of his top hat.

I can safely say that I have not been socialising much since the Covid Pandemic hit and am literally relishing in my own cocoon with my inanimate furballs.

Truth be told, I speak more to my panel of medical specialists than friends. I think the bulk of my friends are fair weathered ones. A few are stalwarts and truly friends who would care to look in on me or care about me to send me food or fruits as it is a challenge for me to be out and about lugging lots of groceries.

I had one specialist surgeon suggesting to meet up over coffee with another surgeon I call Electrician (the surgeon who repairs dem bones I call him LOL!).

Sigh! How will I ever meet a potential spouse or any potential spouse? It would be nice if there was a fairy tale ending of a surgeon who takes care of me, is single and we become mutually attracted to each other and live happily ever after. I roll my eyes as this will never happen!

I only meet weirdos or people who see me as a potential person to be tapped for network resources, business leads or assist in helping them land a deal. I do it out of kindness of my heart but realised how stoopid I am because once it is done, they disappear into the thin air, never to be heard of till the next usage of me comes about.

Sigh! I guess I will wish Garfield Happy Valentine’s Day and know that he will sit next to Mousie and stare back at me with his beady plastic eyes. Now, that is loyalty and unconditional love as an inanimate furball.

For those with live pets, they will enjoy their hugs, woofy licks and or kitty purrs!

Still, I will not be a sour puss and wish all those with partners, husbands and great guys they meet, a Happy Valentine’s Day in advance and may you find true love that will last till you each breathe your last breath. Now that, is romance till the end for life!

Love to all…..


9 responses to “Almost Valentine’s Day – No Different Than Any Week Day To Me

  1. You never know in this life what is around the corner😍

  2. And we wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day too, Garfield and maybe you meet your Valentine too, life is full of surpurrises you know😸Good Luck Pawkisses🐾😽💞

  3. mistermuse says:

    Romance turns out to be overrated —
    It seldom lasts as long as anticipated.
    But why should I become aggravated?
    New love, if true love, will never grow outdated.

  4. Ultra says:

    Wish you have an interesting celebration on Valentine’s Day. You deserve joy and emotion.
    Lots of health and happiness

  5. Life is full of surprises, and some of them are happy, darling! I wish you many happy surprises.

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