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on February 22, 2022

The title of this post sounds so cliche! But hang on, I have lots to talk about life or rather, “write” on the topic of life.

I must state that I am no guru of any sort…hmm…maybe Guru of the Garfield kind. For sure, I am a guru of Garfields. Haha!

I am not a guru of life! I do not do yoga – darn poses with my bag of bones will only invite trouble I tell you.

I used to measure the road i.e. long walks and count steps which is why I call it, measuring the road. Think about it – it is exactly that although we have fitbits or apps to record them. Well, now I cannot do it. It started with surgeries on the foot to remove this or that bone – dem bones I call it! Haha!

Then I to have both hands massacred and fixed. Up till now, I have little feelings in my fingers! Sigh! dem nerves as Dr Bones says…I took too long to release the nerves and so, this is as good as it gets!

I am not up to walks just yet as I want to do brisk walks to remove the fat cells. But fat cells won and I need to wait till I am better.

Life – so what is it?

I was told by smart ones, that we are born to die! How ironically true isn’t it? Life has an expiration date.

Today, I received a total of 5 text messages from MR EX. I was caught up in a conference call and by the time I saw it, it was deleted and he attempted to call me but was blocked. His request was he “feels like jumping off a building and that I can read about it in the papers tomorrow”

Being a former friend, I told him to call SOS and speak to someone. I genuinely felt sorry for him as mental illness if what he says is true, is not to be trivialised. I replied him to say that if he really wants a listening ear, I am here for him to listen.

Next things I knew, he blatantly asked me for $10,000 being urgent loan.

I really salute this MR EX. A prominent business man, famous in the internet, social media and the list of who’s who and wants me to part SGD10,000 [USD7,430.37 or Euro6,551.06] to him? Just like that?

One word – NUTS!! For one, I do not have a printing press of dollars and I work hard for my money. I know he is an abyss when it comes to money!

If he is that poor (I honestly think he is scamming me), which I think he is not, I will pay for his food and essentials. But not for his glamourous generous donations to look good amongst the who’s who!

MR EX is scamming me and thought that since I “loved” him, I will be soft hearted to just transfer the money to him! Sheesh!

If I had it, I would spend it on myself isn’t it? Instead of scrimping and saving, paying for my medical bills and trying to build a nest egg for my retirement?

MR EX is not a good man! He tried. But failed as I see through his con man methods. He can find another Lady to be her lover and tap that person dry, I am not in the market, as I am a weird, mad Garfield hugging kinda lady with enough troubles to sort out.

My advice to MR EX, is to suck it up! Cut your coat according to your cloth and sort out your life. Get the funds from your legal Bimbo and children or relatives!

Sigh a bummer to remind me on this auspicious 22.02.2022 (Asian style of writing today’s date)


4 responses to “Life

  1. Good Girl! I know to many people that fall for those Scams.. sometimes over and over!

  2. Kris says:

    will the cash help cushion his fall from the building or is it just a thing to make him think he can wait to jump later? So glad you are a strong woman. What a fruitcake to think you might fall for that sort of thing. You have much more important things to be concerned with than giving away your hard earned dollars. And you have a lot more CENTS (pun) than he gives you credit for!

  3. So the main point of his message was that he would jump off the balcony $10,000 later? How much later he didn’t specify?

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