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Almost Home….Time For Laughs

This time tomorrow night, I will be sleeping in my own bed with Garfield & Mousie.

Nothing beats my own bed & my heaps of Garfields!

Today Piglet visited me and brought me essentials such as rye bread, a tray of 10 eggs, embrocation oils, humidifier, canned soups, pickled veggies, cabbage and instant noodles. The most important tool was a gripper to pick up things should I drop anything. It is very kind of her as it will help me with immediate food needs. Grateful thanks Piglet for truly helping me. 🤗🤗💞💞🤗🤗

Neighbor texted me to say she can resume cooking for me only after 20 June 22. Hopefully, she is retaining helper.


Who Gets To Sleep On Bed

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When Fortune Is Read By Legitimate Seer..


Bates Motel, Day #44 – Home Sweet Home On 31 May 22!

When I write this, the day of this post is 29 May 22 or Day #42.

Day #44 would be 31 May 23 and Garfield will be reunited with Mousie and pals on home turf.

Dr Neuro caught Covid on 28 May 22 or Day #41. He was careful not to do ward rounds to see me that day till he did his PCR test to confirm Covid-19.

My text messaging with him today as I checked up on him whilst he is in quarantine at home, showed he is ok but not having it mild but fever, aches, pains and cough.

Doctors are not invisible and I feel for Dr Neuro as he is worried about me in the ward with other patients. Luckily for me, Dr Neuro can delegate my care to Dr Bones.

Going home from Bates is challenging and Piglet is kind to help me with some can food rations to tide me through as I am in no shape to totter off to the supermarket to do grocery shopping.

She has a fully stocked larder and was kind and generous to tell me she would bring several cans of each of these items in the photo below. These can or bottled items are comfort food and I am so happy she has the same palate as mine. These go well with instant noodles or rice porridge.

I learnt a useful tip from Piglet i.e. to use a marker and write down expiry dates for easy one look to manage stock rotation. I am grateful for Piglet’s generosity and kindness to care about it.

Left to right: stir fried bamboo shoots with pork, braised peanuts and pickled lettuce

As luck would have it, Neighbor is remodelling her kitchen and no cooking till 18 June 22. I think she will stop cooking as she may let her current helper go and will not be hiring a replacement. Hence I need to rumble up my own meals soon. But erm…not KFC’s famous ” bowels,” but their rice bowls LOL!

Mr Ability To Earn will be picking me up from Bates to take me home. I am thankful for his help and taking time off earning big bucks to help me.

I am blessed with kind hearted folks to see me through this recovery period and return to work by 4 July 22.


Car Lock Like No Other



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