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Bates Motel Day #17 – Piglet Visits Again & I Re-Take Stock Of True Friends

on May 4, 2022

Once upon a time during my growing years, I met socialite lawyer, professor and who’s who of Singapore Tatler, Vogue Ms Socialite Lawyer. She is a beautiful and confident woman and I did wish to be as svelte and charming as she was when she attended or graced events.

She’s about 20+ years my senior and I was enthralled to be in the limelight with her as she took me to charity balls, galas and hob nobbed with the rich and famous. She would come get me in her 7 series jet black BMW or Jaguar XJ series.

She’s very pretty and she’s surrounded by gorgeous eye candy and successful lawyers, doctors and entrepreneurs.

So why the need for my insignificant presence?

I learnt the meaning and harsh reality of friendships. She taught me that these people she chillax or socialise with were acquaintances. She told me a sobering truth….upon death if you can see and count the number of good friends with your fingers, then you are lucky!

As I look back at my so called list of friends, I have come to realise that I weeded out another fake one.

A lady whom I bought insurances from loves to address me as ‘sister’ – she is the first in the generation of calling me as ‘sister’ in her text or calls.

After I bought an insurance product from her, this wondrous free usage of ‘sister’ person then disappeared into thin air.

I remembered her and took her as ‘sister’ with heart as knew she was struggling with a husband not keeping a job and she being a breadwinner in insurance sales. I continued to support her with audiences of my network to help her earn income.

Years grew and ‘sister’ only appeared when I was a potential client. In my illness or hospitalisations, ‘sister’ never appeared nor remembered me till last 3 months when she is pushing me to purchase more policies. I realised she is one who would not even get me a cuppa tea but expect me when I am on hospitalisation leave to make and serve her a meal under her pretext of visiting me. She is doing well but act kinda dense to milk me for my worth. I was sad when I realised this 3 days ago. I drew my line.

I pulled my handbrake. I knew her commission will be 4.55% or as much as 22% of total premium cost. A nice bonus if she convinces me. I decided against supporting her and instead I chose to help another worthier dependent who has been helping me with errands for my parents or to help me.

When Chicken and Bird visited me in Bates, we recounted the years we have been friends and laughed like old times.

Chicken’s wisdom was spot on. She advised me that I need not ask why I have so many surgeries but accept that I am the master sufferer of surgeries. Embrace the pain and endure the suffering.

Chicken also told me that in her office she called cleaners and lower rung blue collar workers as brothers and sisters but with heart. So much so that her boss told her she has many ‘relatives’ at work. She does so to give love and recognition to them and in genuine sincerity they reciprocate.

I am now proud to say I understood the real meaning of ‘sister’ or ‘brother’ and am pleased that Piglet visited me today and helped me get a discount for a back brace. She has started to call me ‘sister’ and I accept her as a genuine friend.

Life goes on…..

9 responses to “Bates Motel Day #17 – Piglet Visits Again & I Re-Take Stock Of True Friends

  1. You are blessed with true friends, darling. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Well, according to the Bible, we are all Brothers and Sisters in a way.

  3. piglet says:

    Hi Garfield Hug! I was so glad to see you yesterday. Thank you for your hospitality. I am delighted to have found a truly big sister like you. I know what you mean. There are a lot of sales people out there who will use the word “sister” liberally just to make me purchase something from them. They will even use worlds like I give you “sister to sister” price. If they really regarded me as their sisters, shouldn’t they be giving me those stuffs for free 😂😂😂.

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