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I’m Happy Cos I Made My Physiotherapist Happy

on June 25, 2022

Physiotherapist has been with me for several of my surgeries at Bates Motel.

I did not like him at first as he was rude and just snubbed me as a patient whenever he attended to me. I felt it was his sourpuss character brought on by shyness and his long list of patients to complete daily.

It was awkward as I did not like him though he was touted to be a better therapist than the other 2 friendlier ones. My White Coats chose him to help me and I had no choice but to comply, as he was the best for my condition.

So, I had a chat with his supervisor on discharge to highlight where he could improve and be nicer. He may not realise it, but as a patient experiencing it, it was not nice.

My last 3 incarcerations at Bates has shown how a patient and physiotherapist relationship can blossom for the benefit of myself as a patient.

Physiotherapist is of Indian origin and has lived in lil red dot for some 19 years now. He is in his forties and still single.

His character is unique as he does not have bedside manners and bark instructions for therapy as if like a drill sargeant. After knowing him better, he sports a funny laugh and has a nice and kind side underneath the not so nice exterior of a character he exhibits.

He is a very good therapist, fully endowed with technique and skillset as a physiotherapist.

What broke the ice between us as patient and therapist was when I started telling him jokes which led to who he is, family and background.

So in my last 3 surgeries, he heard me ordering green tea and took upon himself to go to Little India to get me a box of organic green tea from India as a celebratory gift on my discharge.

We keep in touch and from time to time he would send me funny jokes or video clips on TikTok.

The ice between us continued to melt whilst he started to share about his father’s passing during Covid 19 pandemic and he could not return to India for his late father’s funeral.

He further shared that he hoped to have his mum living in India come stay with him now that borders have reopened for a short period of time to help her cope with loss of her husband, his father.

Unfortunately, his application to bring his mum in on long term visit pass was denied. I studied his case and found the reason for being denied not congruent with the offer for frontline health workers to bring their loved ones into Lil Red Dot to stay with them for a stint. His human resources department did not bother to appeal nor help him and I surmised it could be that they too, may not be getting along with him as a result of his unique character.

I drafted an appeal on his behalf and guided him on how to send to the Head Honcho of the relevant governmental department.

A week after, he told me he received a successful reply from the Head Honcho of the departmeng he wrote to.

I am glad to be able to unite mother and son.

I understand as my mother too has 2 other children besides me who choose not to return to see her nor care for her.

I am happy and reasonate with Snoopy’s message herein.

4 responses to “I’m Happy Cos I Made My Physiotherapist Happy

  1. Ana Daksina says:

    Forgiveness won this day for everyone concerned. Kudos to you! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. Kindness and good deeds eventually always win. I am happy for you, darling.

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