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Neighbor’s Cooking 29 October 22

on October 30, 2022

Neighbor was kind to know that I was not feeling good. So she heated some left over pumpkin rice and a side of lotus nut soup with pork bones for me for Saturday brunch as I had to leave for work.

For dinner, she cooked sweet and sour fish with zucchini and peppers with white rice.

Neighbor also has her challenges and I understood her life’s stressors too. She calls me ” sis” and I accord her the same title of acknowledgement too. I shared with her that for her to have me in her heart is indeed a blessing as she cares if I am well or unwell and if I need a bite.

I have done my annual shopping of a gift to her. I know she loves jewellery and to me, the best way to recognize her kindness is to give her something that she will like and use or pass down as heirloom to her grandsons. Just a small token of my appreciation as she is well off to buy the largest of bling blings to suit her tastes and preferences 😉


3 responses to “Neighbor’s Cooking 29 October 22

  1. That Pumpkin Rice looks good

  2. Pumpkin rice and sweet and sour fish sound great!

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