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Many Faces Of Snoop Dogg….Uncanny Indeed!

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Smart Man

I mowed the lawn today, and after doing so

I sat down and had a cold beer.

The day was really quite beautiful, and the drink facilitated some deep thinking.

My wife walked by and asked me what I was doing,
and I said, “Nothing.”

The reason I said “nothing” instead of saying “just thinking” is because she then would have asked, “About what?”

At that point I would have had to explain that men are deep thinkers about various topics, which would lead to other questions.

Finally I pondered an age old question: Is giving birth more painful than getting kicked in the nuts?

Women always maintain that giving birth is way more painful than a guy getting kicked in the nuts, but how could they know?

Well, after another beer, and some more heavy deductive thinking, I have come up with an answer to that question.

Getting kicked in the nuts is more painful than having a baby, and even though I obviously couldn’t really know, here is the reason for my conclusion:

A year or so after giving birth, a woman will often say, “It might be nice to have another child.”

But you never hear a guy say, “You know, I think I would like another kick in the nuts.”

I rest my case.

Time for another beer. Then maybe a nap.


Not IT Savvy

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Neighbor’s Cooking – 26 Nov & 28 Nov 2022

White Radish and carrot with pork soup garnished with spring onions
Steam rice with stir friedfrench beans with mushrooms, sliced potato with sliced pork
Sliced Fish soup with yam, chinese greens and doufu
Rice vermicelli, slice chilli and veggies to be eaten with fish soup in above image
27 November dinner was fried noodles with pork and veggies
Dinner tonight was fried rice with chicken wing

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