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on December 3, 2022

I cannot help but think how life will pan out for me? I am pretty sure, every human I have known have asked this question of themselves. Yet, none of them are the wiser, including me. But wait….unless that person is on a higher plane of think thoughts, achieved an attitude of letting life go on its course, to the exactness of fate then this question will never arise.

Mr Malaysia, a business partner of my minion role, suffered a retinal detachment in one eye. It took him some 3 days before he decided to act on it. He drove self to Singapore to seek medical treatment without medical insurance coverage. Surgery cost him $48,000.

Mr Malaysia is zen about things in life. He is the only Malaysian I know who will trust society and leave his car parked without locking it in Malaysia. It is not a cheap make or model and yet, his trusting of the society he lives with did not leave him with any theft!

I admire his ability to zen out and not fret or be upset about anything. He is fully covered under company insurance to have his surgery taken care of in Malaysia but he could not find an available slot.

Dr James, a neurosurgeon, thought about doing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) some years back and today when I broached the subject with him, he told me he completed his class and is now doing TCM clinics on Wednesdays. I should give him a try and see how the outcome for my stiff spine.

I am warned of not overdoing things else my S1 spine will need another screw. My spine is and will continue to be stiff says Dr James. Sigh, the price to pay for doing a lot of things in life and working hard, but not smart.

So, back to my think thought of how my life will pan out? I have a big fear that my old age will be tough as mobility will be a challenge.

I will never be free of White Coats and I have to accept that.

In terms of activities, there is a lot I cannot do anymore.

Aaah well, I guess I can still hug Garfield, my inanimate furball and know he is loyal to me, never leaving my side unless I stupendously misplace or leave him somewhere!

I should just advise self to stop thinking as nothing can be done for me.


Divine intervention…..


Whatever it may be, que sera, sera!


4 responses to “Think Thoughts

  1. You are always in my thoughts and prayers, darling.

  2. Kris says:

    When you finally get ‘old’, you are going to retire to the states and we will both hang out in some near the OR Coast retirement home and PLAY!

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