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Never Ever Do This At Burger King


Turn On?

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Snow White Today


Oh Dear

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About FIFA World Cup

A man takes his seat at the FIFA World Cup final..⚽
He looks to his left & notices that there is a spare seat betwen himself & the next guy.

Man : “Who would ever miss the FIFA World Cup finals ?”

Guy : “That was my wife’s seat. We have been to the last five World Cup finals together, but sadly she passed away.”

Man : “Oh… that’s terrible, and very sweet of you to have her here symbolically by having a vacant seat. But these are very expensive tickets; couldn’t you have brought another family member, friend or someone else with you?”

Guy : “No…they are all at her funeral !”

FIFA Fever..😜🤣🤣


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Punctuation Helps, Really!!


Things To Ponder Indeed




Sunday Dinner Is Nothing Special After Neighbor’s Cooking 25 Feb 23 Lunch & Dinner

If Neighbor does not cook for me, I eat food that is an ‘instant’ and easy to prepare.

Tonight’s choice was a no brainer for me. 2 pieces Toasted Gardenia sourdough wholemeal grain french loaf slices with chunky peanut butter mixed with kaya or “coconut jam”

Kaya is a straits chinese favorite spread that is sold at branches of Toast Box, Kopi Tiam, Ah Wang and paired with 2 half boiled eggs and a choice of coffee or tea.

I had mine with chocolate malt.

It is comfort food. My gums are misbehaving again and I have confirmation from my autoimmunologist that it is linked to my Sjogren’s syndrome. Gums bleed non stop and I need monthly visits to the dentist to scrape off plaque as I cannot brush properly with an inflammed mouth.

I literally spew blood during treatment….not a pretty sight! But my attitude is that I have to suck it up and move on.

There are loads of instant foods now…instant Knorr porridge, noodles of all flavors and Maggi pasta in a cup.

Korean Kimchi Soup with luncheon meat, tempeh and bits of sliced sausages
Fried egg with tomato
Steamed rice
Rice with side of kimchi and pickled ginger
Grilled salmon head
Cucumber, peanut and beancurd stick pickles

Endame beans

Given that I have been diagnosed with oral lichen planus, spicy food and chilis aggravate my condition. 🙄

Sigh…but I am Chilli Queen😝


Romance Is Dead