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Ode To Garfield #19 – Balancing

For those who know how my inanimate furball Garfield is constructed as a soft toy, they will know that Garfield has a super big head in proportion to his torso, long lanky legs, a tail and a big tummy.

Given his construct, Garfield cannot stand on his feet. He will collapse into a sitting position but topple over as the tail is in the way.

To balance Garfield to sit properly the tail must be moved out of the way so that his bottom can sit on the surface.

Lately, I noticed that when I wake up and put him against the wall where my bed is aligned to, Garfield is actually left standing.

I guess it is the way I prop him up on a pillow (his own Garfield pillow) and rested against the wall, he is actually standing on tippy toes.

Yes, I am a loon for even posting it – it is as if my Garfield kid is able to stand, just like the same euphoria that parents get when their babies start to crawl or takes that first step!

Silly me!


Garfield Never Seen Before

An artistic rendition of my inanimate furball Garfield I have never seen before.

As if 2 personas in 1, or “schizoprenic” I quipped to Bird who sent this.

A dark side of Garfield if you will…trapped within a confident and towering Garfield, squealing to get out!

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Oodles Of Garfields – All Mine!

Nothing makes me happiest than seeing oodles of Garfields…or mountains of these inanimate furballs!


What’s Up With My Inanimate Furball Garfield?

Garfield is, as Garfield is,

Cottony filling amiss.

Worn and claiming bed as his,

Garfield is the king of this miss!

Garfield hardly gets pissed,

Even when I sat on tail of his.

Garfield is, as Garfield is,

Too precious to be missed!


Ode To Garfield #18

As I sit and ponder on life’s imponderables, I added another to my list.

What will become of my inanimate furballs – all my Garfields when I report to the heavenly realm?

Will the people who receive them find them “useless” as these days, drones, gaming consoles or computer games are the rage.

Will my inanimate furballs be treated as a waste of space and thrown out, to be incinerated?

Garfield, like any soft toy or cottony stuffed toy is only meant for cuddles and hugging. It does not talk back not does it give you a score should you use it to thwack anyone with it.

As the world spins and changes in tandem to the tune of being a smart nation status, we hear of block chain technology.

Jobs change – these days we have drone operators. Literally flying a drone as a vocation! A job come true for those who love piloting without need to climb into the cockpit.

We also have platform developers and we do not mean platform shoes..oh no no!

These are platforms for online stores, shopping for ordering eats.

For food delivery, we have Deliveroo, Food Panda, Honest Bee and a whole host of other delivery food companies.

One need not walk out of the home spend money and have goods delivered to your doorstep.

Garfield cannot do any of these. He just sits and stares back me.

He stays where I leave him. Immortalized in pose as I leave him for work and on my return, I will regret leaving him on his head!

Yes, Garfield may soon become an obsolete, alongside the Teddy Bears, Disney characters and other plushies.

I am from another planet – old school…..I will join many others who are soppies for a Garfield hug!


Ode To Garfield #17

Garfield…Garfield..plastic beady eyes,

Black irises faded till white of eyes.

I bawl…tears flowing out of eyes,

How aged and faded are his plastic “cataract” eyes.

“Fret now Yee Yee (*meaning Aunty) marker pens will restore black plastic eyes!”

With deft hands, Nephew colors back the black in eyes,

Soon Garfield has sparkly black eyes!

Nightly Garfield hugs, again reduces black in eyes…

Nightly, I re-color Garfield eyes.

But alas, not so deft hands causes black ink onto whites of eyes.

I love Garfield…straggly, aged and hugged to bits with faded eyes…

Forever precious, cataracts in eyes,

Forever the love in my eyes.

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Garfields Galore At Tsing Yi Mall, Hong Kong

I shrieked when my brother who lives in Hong Kong sent me Garfields on display at Tsing Yi mall.

These Garfield characters are taller than human height…about 8 feet high.

1. Garfield in PJs…time for bed

2. Garfield standing tall…this is always my favorite Garfield pose.

3. Odie in a crate, being uncrated and covered in styrofoam.

4. An aerial view of Garfield in his bed with alarm clock

Don’t you just love my inanimate furball?!!!


Proclivity – One Word Prompt

I have a procilivity to hug my inanimate furball Garfield whenever I am down or just in need of a hug.

Garfield does not lie nor cheat. 

Garfield just sits quietly letting me whine or moan about a bad day.

A purrfect pet of sorts!

I wonder if Garfield could talk back…what would he say?


Trademark – One Word Prompt

Garfield and Garfield products are a trademark belonging to Jim Davis and his company Paws Inc.

There are counterfeit Garfields out there from China and I will not buy those as it affects Garfield’s existence.

I love my inanimate furball Garfield even tbough how worn or tattered he becomes as he is the real deal!🤗


Release – One Word Prompt

“Please release me….let me go….for I don’t love you anymore…..” are lyrics from a song that remains in my head.

I am unsure who the crooner is…maybe Andy Williams 🤔…?

Anyway….Mr EX and I have been “battling” over Whats App messaging the last 2 days.

Like a demon from the netherworld he returns in messaging through Whats App!)

These days with social media and instant messaging we have been fighting “voicelessly”

More like bantering to the point of my frustration.

I keep telling him release me from this horrid unending “ship” of sorts.

In fact no “ship” as he is neither a friend nor a person of relations.


Maybe Fleetwood Mac’s ” Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies… ” describes us better….or….