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Proclivity – One Word Prompt

I have a procilivity to hug my inanimate furball Garfield whenever I am down or just in need of a hug.

Garfield does not lie nor cheat. 

Garfield just sits quietly letting me whine or moan about a bad day.

A purrfect pet of sorts!

I wonder if Garfield could talk back…what would he say?


Trademark – One Word Prompt

Garfield and Garfield products are a trademark belonging to Jim Davis and his company Paws Inc.

There are counterfeit Garfields out there from China and I will not buy those as it affects Garfield’s existence.

I love my inanimate furball Garfield even tbough how worn or tattered he becomes as he is the real deal!πŸ€—


Release – One Word Prompt

“Please release me….let me go….for I don’t love you anymore…..” are lyrics from a song that remains in my head.

I am unsure who the crooner is…maybe Andy Williams πŸ€”…?

Anyway….Mr EX and I have been “battling” over Whats App messaging the last 2 days.

Like a demon from the netherworld he returns in messaging through Whats App!)

These days with social media and instant messaging we have been fighting “voicelessly”

More like bantering to the point of my frustration.

I keep telling him release me from this horrid unending “ship” of sorts.

In fact no “ship” as he is neither a friend nor a person of relations.


Maybe Fleetwood Mac’s ” Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies… ” describes us better….or….


Inhabit – One Word Prompt

A world we inhabit,

Isn’t runned by rabbits,

Nor nuns in habits!
A world we inhabit,

Must have banks we can credit,

Or often times debit!
A world I inhabit,

Is filled with my Garfield habit,

Garfield here, Garfield there…all to my hardwork credit πŸ˜ƒ

Garfield image drawn by a blog site visitor who specially did it for me!! With thanks and Garfield hugs!πŸ€—πŸ€—


Trance – One Word Prompt

Garfield looks at me in a trance,

With plastic beady eyes, he cannot prance! (*this is a Garfield pin)

His cottony stuffed legs also cannot dance,

He can only stare at me in a trance!


Ode To Garfield #14 -June 19, Garfield’s Birthday

19 June 2017 was Garfield’s birthday,

How could mum here forget that special day!

Thankfully Ms China jolted my memory seemingly lost at bay,

Created by Jim Davis in 1978, 41 years old this day!

Garfield’s always in a heap on my bed, he lays,

No matter come what may!

Needless gifts for me to buy or pay,

Yet I say, I say, you are my sunshine ray!

Happy 41st Birthday my inanimate furball creation of Jim Davis!

Silly me…ha ha but this inanimate furball is the only “pet” that I have to dote on πŸ˜‰


Work Freedom Day 9 -Garfields Clean Up Time

Routinely, I would unwrap some of my inanimate Garfield furballs for a “comb through” (*pesudo grooming) or putting it through a “wash”.

Yes for readers wondering who am I? I am just a girl who loves this inanimate furball creation of Jim Davis.

I love giving Garfield Hugs (*hence the name of my blog site) or rather Garfield giving me squooshy cottony hugs when am ill or unhappy.

So, do forgive my looniness ha ha!

I gave this giant inanimate furball a hug and re-wrapped him back again!

I had to check on his “health” – 475 furballs and it takes up time and is a chore to unwrap and rewrap each of my furballs as the wrappers gather dust.

The sun was out at a scorching 35C yesterday and so I put this little fella below in a laundry bag and plonked it into the wash!

He dried up fast! ☺

This little fella was a gift from Mr EX. The giant fella was a gift from Mr Nice. Both gents wooed me with Garfields and yet they lost ha ha!

Yes…maybe I am fussy or I do not want to burden either of them with my frequent Bates Motel stays.

Happy Saturday folks!


Ode To Garfield #13

Silly conversations I have with my inanimate furball Garfield….

“Mommy’s home!!! Have you been a gooood boy?”

NOTE: For pete’s sake, it ain’t alive! Garfield just sits on my bed, comfy looking and staring me back with his beady plastic eyes! DUHH!!

“Weather’s sweltering….you need a change of clothes….shorts and t shirt!”

NOTE: YA RIGHT!!! Garfield is cottony stuffing with worn out paws and fast losing volume in his plushness! I am a silly loon in the making!

“Dr James!! Aaww look at Garfield, his cotton stuffing is loosing volume! Can you cut him up and re-stuff him for me?”

NOTE: Dr James, being the kindly man he was actually went and got me a packet of cottony stuffing should I decide to do an “operation” to fill up the volume of Garfield! Kindness indeed!


And So The Story Goes #63


Some years back, Mr Ex and I met for a cuppa…it actually transcended into a long drawn investigation of some lovely delicate eateries along the back street of where Dan Ryan’s Restaurant was located long Tanglin Road.

It so happened that tea we had at a quaint little store (* they seriously had scones and jam served in lovely Elizabethan chinaware) displayed giant tea cups.

Silly me whose mind always wander to new realms started muttering to self that those teacups were really huge and great! 

I told Mr EX that I could bring that into the meeting room with Board Members and it will be filled with iced tea!

Gee, to fill that cup, it must at least hold 50 glasses or more!

I started talking to self that I will stick straws into it and slurp on it as meetings were always long drawn.

By showing up with this gigantic tea cup, it will be my silent protest that screamed “hey guys, long windedness really”

[Someone once sent me a tweet that lil red dot’s parliament sitting took 4 hours and some minutes! The whole of lil red dot’s business done in  4 hours and if I compared it to days of yore with Electrical Lord and current Dragon Lady’s meetings, it can languish into 12 hours! The wee hours of the morning attracts these blood sucking vampires! LOL!]

Being the always attentive one, Mr EX walked to the counter and asked the cashier if he could buy it for me. My mutterings caught his attention and he wanted to make me happy.

The cashier said “unfortunately not” as it formed the store’s display.

But she gamely told him that they bought it from the store called “Barang Barang” at Tanglin Mall (*this store selling home decor and furnishings has since moved out of Tanglin Mall)

Tanglin Mall was about 10 minutes walk away and Mr EX immediately took off on his hunt to get me that cup, after telling me to slowly finish my tea and sit at the tea shop to wait for his return.

This is a trait that I will always remember of Mr EX. 

He may be a dope or a moron at times, but sometimes, these little mindful things or rather I call mindless things amuse me.

If I had known my self mutterings would matter, then I would have muttered blue or pink diamonds LOL! I could hock it at the nearest pawnshop and take the money for useful things LOL!

Anyway, lo and behold he returned with a huge carton box containing the tea cup in the picture above.

For size contrast, I dangled my Garfield over it to show perspective of size.

No, the dream of mine did not happen as surgery happened and I cannot carry heavy things. With so much volume of iced tea, the tea cup will be very heavy!

Today it sits on Mum’s table whereby she has filled it with earth to plant her favorite houseplant – money plant.

Yes, Mr EX is fun at times. 

He awes me with silliness and tries to make my days interesting and his too, as he dabbles into my lunacy.

It is good to have fun and laugh and as I look back, the tea cup cost him almost $60 I later found out, it was a kind gesture of his and for which, I must be grateful.

Does this mean I will be nicer to him? Hmm….I think not!

Afterall, I am his muse and he, mine LOL!

*A photo I thought I had lost. I had posted this earlier but was re-prompted to write this after I read Scifihammy’s post at the teacup she had.

Do visit her blog sites as I enjoy the flora and fauna of her garden tales and especially of her dog, Little Monkey

For me the teacup holds a funny story πŸ˜‰

 And so the story goes…..


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Dr Chomp’s Gift To Garfield Clan

I visited Dr Chomp on Saturday and our patient doctor relationship always starts with him dissing my ex employer Electrical Lord.

We then talked about everything else under the sun. We have a good friendship as we both think alike and laugh alike – loudly!πŸ˜‰

This time he went on to share his views on the Orange Man and we both wondered how long he would last.

Dr Chomp shared that he could not find Garfield in his frequent travels to USA.

So he gave me Tigger instead from the Pooh series.

It is feline and so we call him a distant cousin ha ha!

Thank you Dr Chomps 😊till the next quarter my pearly whites are cleaned and cleared of gum swellings!

Yes…I have a funny dental condition. My gums flare up like my autoimmune disease and if Dr Chomps do not manually use his ‘ice pick’ to dig out the clots, my pain in the gums or jaw will not abate.

So, every quarter, I pay for pain and spew blood clotsπŸ˜‰

Ha ha! Story of my chomps!πŸ˜ƒ