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Love Gained Or Love Lost

I pondered on the term “love” between a man and a woman. 

Romantic love that leads to marriage, family and the proverbial happily ever after!

A big price it seems to me as 2 strangers woo each other and legalises a union through the term “marriage”

Is he or she a serial killer? Proverbial liar? Con person? 

It is a game of chance. 

Sometimes true love, other times nightmare from hell!

Sometimes man chooses woman or vice versa who is well connected, wealthy and successful so that he can be instantly successful.

Sometimes man chooses woman or vice versa to look a commodity to be held at arm to present self before a business scene.

Regardless, man or woman pays a price.

Not all man or woman are as what it seems. It can really be a match in heaven…true love and happily ever after with kids in tow.

Sure….married couples bicker for the silliest of things – toothpaste caps not closed, toilet seat not raised, who to run kids to school…laundry and the list goes on.

Who can be more selfish? 

Man or woman?

As a woman, I feel the men I have met do not get to know me for who I am but instead for who I can be to them.

I am not eye candy to be draped on their arms but a powerful prop to gain media attention, Dukes of Yore, solution provider for business or networking.

Men I knew needed a leg up in society. I did not hesitate to share or help as I knew what it is like to struggle.

I ask self if I have the come hither look that says “come tell me your woes and I can help you”

I was put to the test yesterday.

After running an errand for my folks, I took them for a meal at a food court.

Whilst lining up for my dad’s favorite chicken rice, I smiled at the good court helper. He nodded his head as he cleared used utensils and collected food waste.

As we settled down to eat at a table, he hovered near our table and nodded at me again. I smiled and returned a smile again.

The 3rd time he approached me, he put 2 packets of unopened pocket tissue paper on my table for our use.

I saw for the first time his badge which read,”I am deaf” – he was also mute!

I asked and gestured if he had eaten lunch. He pointed at watch and used 4 digits to wave his end of shift.

He signed and shared how he was bullied at work.

Mum held out $5 as a gift to him and he quickly pocketed it.

I felt for this man. If he is married will he be bullied too by his wife or relatives.

Why did he approach me to tell his woes?

Did I have the come hither tell me your woes and I can help you look?

Or am I a purpose of higher forces to listen and hear the man on the street?

I get strangers coming up to me to just talk or be told their burdens. 

I guess I am a vassal for their refuge or release valve?

Marriage or relationships are tough. It takes hard work and open communication to be sincere and honest.

Once there is no sincerity or honesty, I feel any relationship is doomed. Anyone can have a glib tongue but the savvy wooing and fake traits will ultimately surface.

This is why I am single I guess because I am critical and analytical. I pride self on being honest and sincere and this scares people.

They know that once I find them dishonest after 3 times, I will make a “business decision” to call it quits else my heart is smashed.

But being a sentimental fool, I tolerated a friendship with Mr EX for decades.

 I reflected – it was something I had chosen not to do with him.

He is a recalcitrant liar and a gold digger for wealth, contacts and looking good to others by striving for awards to stride in society.

Entrepreneur of the year award, businessman of the year award, most charitable man award blah blah are his coveted medals but in truth….he has no friends as he used all and threw all once the utility ceased.

He is charitable only if he gets a letter from a statesman to state his donation.

S Man was sharp and last night he shared with me that MR EX is a pragmatic guy. If he sees one he meets without merit, he stops talking to you.

Spot on S Man! I thank you for sharing this and opening my eyes.

By walking away from MR EX I am now free from pitying or worrying for him as he never needed it. He only wanted my contacts. He saw me and used me to gain entry to my inner circle of who’s who! *Not that I had many except for social charity work I like doing* ☺

Friendship and love exist for its monetary worth is the motto of Mr EX and I am clear now.

Pity party is over!

Love gained or love lost? Neither….as there was no love to begin with so how can it be lost?🤔

Ha ha my Sunday attempt at wisdom folks….hope it makes sense and happy Sunday to you all🤗🤗🤗💕💕🐾🐾


Friday Thoughts – Life Vicissitudes – Come Drink, Laugh Or Cry With Me

I am in one of those moods that make me sit and reflect on life’s vicissitudes.

My philosophy is simple.

I live because I was born.

As I start each day of life, I began my journey towards death.

Living is part of dying and dying is part of living! Why?

I eat, I live, I work and I die.

I die with the understanding of life experiences as felt by me. The lemony parts, the happiness, the sadness, the bitterness and the moments like these that make me reflect constitute the journey called life.

I am unsure how I will die, when I will or the process of dying – will it be painful, painless, draggy or swift? If I knew, I would make millions of dollars! Think of the royalties for movies and books!! LOL!

Born a cradle Catholic, I have lost all faith in Catholicism. I prayed religiously, obeyed all 10 commandments (*maybe not all as occasionally the easier ones are broken) but felt the loss of spirituality from my daily life and experiences.

“Ask and you shall receive” is as easy as “if you do not get it, it was not good for you” typical answers did not gel into my thinking.

“Love everyone like you would yourself” – heck I did all that and all I got in return was betrayal, false trust and basically being used and tossed like yesterday’s newspapers! Aargh!

Ok ok I know, it is said that we do without expectations. I did not 10 out of 10 times, those I help disappear and heavens forbid if I were to ask for help, they bluntly tell me not to ask them for help.

It can be easily said that I chose carelessly to help. I should help those that only need help! Sheesh….they all needed help and without the assistance, they would have badly suffered.

I am contemplating throwing out the icon of Mother Mary with baby Jesus into the waste bin! Let me burn in hell! 😀 as it is no different than being coursed through a life that is filled with rocks – boulders and not like the lovely colorful pebbled beach of Brighton UK!

As my parents age, I see the merits of my mother helping many others and the “friends” she has over on weekends. But I doubt they are all “true” friends. Still, it is left to be seen as she is a believer in being 100% kind. It keeps her busy and she is happy.

I cite an example – for those who have been following me, will know that I have 2 siblings who are 100% apathetic. They cannot be bothered if any of their family members are in trouble or die except for the reading of the will. Money rocks in this unit called family!

I was asked once to whom will my monies go to when I pass since I am single. I replied without batting an eyelid, ‘not to you’ – politically wrong answer!!

Some years back, my dad had a benign meningioma that required urgent surgery. Dad loves only 2 of his children…yup I am the blackest of sheep in the family…maybe I hail from Garfield heritage!

I had to beg either of the 2 children to see him before undergoing the knife as risks were there. The eldest, my sister, after much cajoling said ok she will show up! Big mistake, she did not tell me when.

On the date of surgery, she was nowhere to be found. Surgery proceeded and thankfully it was non eventful and dad pulled through. Sis appeared some weeks later. It was only when mum was bathing grandson that she found suction bruises on his back and the little toddler told oma that he was caught in the suctions of the Jacuzzi at a Bali resort. Aaah the truth was out – they had proceeded to have a holiday first before going along the way to see dad!

Wow! I was floored.

I cite another incident. Bro hates Singapore with a passion. He believes in China and HK, SAR – why? Oooh because his beloved Lizard hails from HK!

My siblings will always claim they have no money when we meet. So we all pay for their expenses when they visit.

But ohhh you should see how my brother feasts on the finest of cuisines and would turn his nose up against what we eat. Hey! I ain’t a connoisseur of fine foods and the last I checked, I eat to live and not live to eat!

So, forget about truffles, caviar blah blah….it does not make any material difference to my life.

It is hard taking care of dad who hates me with a passion but is devoid of love from the 2 urchins he dotes on.

I told him matter of factly that he caused and created the family politics and deepened the rift amongst children as he condoned and fueled their animosity towards me. In his aged days, he apologized but words as his heart still stands for the other 2 and will not speak to them to be nicer to me. Does not matter now, as I have given up being nice afterall all the things they put me through really. I am better off greeting a stranger off the road as a brother or a sister!

I was nothing more than an ATM machine for them when required and a pair of useful hands to take care of things or sort problems. I am a middle child and middle children are worst off. Something about us – maybe we are insane as alluded by my delightful brother. He said that I was insane but when I last checked, he has no credentials as a psychiatrist, much less a psychologist to certify me sane or insane!

Thankfully, I am grateful for mother’s love who bore the brunt of arguments that she took my side. I felt like I was an independent between the Democrats or Republicans. Sheesh!

When word leaked to me that Bro decided to buy a property in HK, I was not surprised as he never loved the lil red dot. He is not conversant of HK SAR laws and I will leave it. He stands to lose everything if his cohabitant common law wife decides to take all like a winner.

I wondered why he did not choose to invest in Singapore property that gives good rental return and property value that does not get snatched by government.

To all of the above, I salute the wisdom of my mum – it is his money, why do you bother? Do not mention their names as they are of no value to you, other than making you angry and upset.

I reflected – it is true. Money is theirs, choices have always been theirs!

But the sad part is neither of these 2 urchins made a choice to care for their elderly parents. To my sister, it is an expectation that her parents must give her, her due inheritance upon death.

To my brother, his sole duty is to finance and care for the family of the Lizard. All monies and time must be dedicated 100% to Lizard and his new found family.

I live a life that is exciting, dramatic and I wonder if Hollywood, Bollywood or any film maker will make a movie out of – I will title it “Trials and Tribulations Of Sibling Rivalry”

It is the last lap of my parents journey in life and for one without choices, I will have to do my utmost best to care for them and see them through.

As for my dad, I feel sad for him as I know how it feels to love someone but someone does not reciprocate their love for you. As a father, he has failed me and in turn, his children failed him.

Life…complicated and not easy.

Life…challenging and yet sometimes invigorating.

Life…when the end comes, will I go out with a smile or a curse?

I hope I have the continued strength, courage and patience to see it through the marathon of life😉


Unique Blogger Award Nomination

I am honored to be nominated this award by Karen Beatrice of

Do give her website a visit 😊 to read her lovely posts.

Now…I have to work for it! 😉

1. Who is the most influential person in your life right now?

Honestly right now, I am the one holding onto sanity, being the “adult” for my elderly parents as my two siblings have chosen to ignore on basis that they live in another country.

If anything, my two siblings drive me up the wall as financially they do not offer any help to care for parents. But are arm chair CEOs. They tend to make things difficult.

No money and no time but if there is any inheritance, they are both first in line. Typical I feel of children these days.

Sis told me not to call unless they are dead.! So there!

I needed her to sign a document…she said wait for 5 months! Gee if I am going senile and needed her help, I would have to wait till December.😞

So….hmn….right now I have no one that positively influences me. 

I have a list of morons who influences me to think cynically, give sardonic comments and laugh.

Except hmm maybe my inanimate furball Garfield who gives me warm hugs, does not betray nor hurt me.😃

2. What is the experience that has changed me?

A near death experience in 1991 and recent surgeries showed me how ugly my family can be. 

I am nothing more than an ATM machine or of use…then I am remembered😃.

I also saw how “friends” are actually acquaintances and what is the meaning of “true friends” – I feel one has “friends” when of use. Once of “no use” nary a soul is a friend – fair weathered friends aplenty!😞

I became cynical and sardonic, using humor to turn lemons into  “palatable foods” or flavorings or seasonings of my life!)

I Laugh to cope with all my pains😁

I Laugh to forget all the ugliness😞

I Laugh to acknowledge betrayals by friends and family.😣

I Laugh to recognise fake friends.😲

I Laugh to know in my heart that my family is nothing more than the blood from my gene pool. Nothing more and if I ever need blood, heavens no way jose would they spare me a pint!😝

I Laugh when I meet the horrid Lords I meet at work!😝

3. If I would have to choose between new love and old which would I choose and why?

😞No new love but heaps of old loves or I should call them “victims” 😂😂😂

MR EX is quite well described in my And So The Story Goes series. 

Do pop by and search “And So The Story Goes” on my site, Garfieldhug, to know my ulcerations and happy moments! 

Yup he wasn’t all evil😉just a moron that is selfish and self centred most times.😞I had to do his bidding and avail self whenever he expected me to be there.

I believe all good men are taken; married, dead or gay 😔! Scraping the barrel here as they are just “lost” or on endangered species list😂….sigh😔

Nominations Of Other Blogs

There are so many good blog sites on WordPress and to ensure no one is left out, this nomination also goes out to all of them!






Blog on anything or everything…do not stifle creativity!

Thanks again for this nomination. I am humbled.

Garfield hugs🤗🤗🤗



It is hard to walk away from family. 

No religion teaches this nor any well meaning person does this!

But if I don’t, my sanity may go and or I will suffer major illnesses.

I suffer from an autoimmune disorder, amongst other ailments.

My rheumatologist and immunologist has often asked me years ago if I am under extreme stress. Stress sparks my disorder.

I lied. 

But deep in the depths of my heart or stomach as Asians would say, I knew that what my siblings and own father did to me, left me dumbfounded.

I asked self if I was indeed their blood child. Regrettably I was. That was not an excuse I could use to explain their behaviour towards me.

Jealously? Probably as they expected me to be down and out on the streets when they chased me out of a home. I was like dust which refused to go away.

Like a pariah, I walked out with a suitcase of the clothes I had. 

All my other things were left behind and I knew sis scavanged and took what was left. Earthly things did not bother me as I can always buy once am back on my feet.

Within a year of leaving the home, I worked furiously to amass wealth. Survival instincts kicked in and if survivor series was available back then, I would do well to forage for food 

The pressures of life caught up with me and I landed up in hospital.

As the doctors unravelled my illness, I was left like a guinea pig to be given biopsies etc.

When the diagnosis finally concluded, they pronounced my death sentence. As usual, nothing can be done. 

Years have past. I continue my physical fight. I beat the odds to live. But my mental fight is waning.

I need both mental and physical health to tackle life.

I gave up on religion and I have cursed God for whatever HE has given me. I have been pious. I tried to be a God fearing person.

But I no longer fear God as God to me, is a creation of man to seek comfort and solace. I still seek a plausible reason for life’s lemons.

I am beyond that.

The trials I have undergone have not given me meaning and sense. The only lesson I learnt is that blood does not make a family.

What makes a family is empathy, compassion, being there for one another when needed. Friendship and love. These were non existent.

Instead I faced verbal abuse, threats of physical violence from both my bro and father. They wanted me out of the house 

I have kept my promise throughout, regardless of how difficult family made it for me.

I did not fail as they expected. A large part of them felt I should die. This way, I am a nuisance out of their way.

It will be a hard journey ahead as I walk away with my back facing them. In my parents’ declining years to lose my support is sad to me.

I know bro will never return to lil red dot to care for them permanently and neither will he spare change to provide for them. 

His Lizard would never approve as he is beholden to her and her family in HK being their money bags.

As for sis, she is too engrossed in life in NZ and always putting her son first to care about her parents. She has often told me to dump them in an old folks home. That is her duty as a child practising filial piety. 

She did not attend her mum in law’s funeral as she saw no need to do so as her son is pivotal.

I doubt she will offer to pay the hefty fees for our parents’ old folks home stay. 

Plus the conditions in our old folks home is not the standard of NZ or developed countries. 

We lag behind in this and that is why I furiously volunteer to help seniors to get policy makers to improve. We are getting there, but not quite just yet.

Too many lemons really….


Harmony Is A Word I Cannot Fathom

I go through much of life without much harmony. 

Ironic right? 

I laugh because it is better than crying.

I laugh to forget the things in life I go through.

I laugh to remind self that it is okay for my brother to shout and say I am the curse of the family.

Ok…I know that my siblings and I are not hunky dory. We have family politics.

Dad dotes on elder sis and youngest bro. I felt it and whatever I was deprived of, was made up by mum to me. Of course bro and sis despised my mum for caring about me.

Of course this angered bro, sis and dad. So, believe it or not, I was ousted from family home after college. 

Life goes on. I have a family name but I kid you not, I have no family.

Now that bro lives in HK with his partner I fondly call Lizard and sis moved to NZ, dad has no one to rely on but yours truly.

Still, I am as bro shouted at me today “a curse” when he showed up at their home when I visited.

Bro does not appreciate all the sacrifices I made in life and I personally blame this on dad for fuelling the politics.

Despite being thrown out of the family home at a young age, my dad did not bother if I had food or money to survive on. Neither did my siblings. I was blessed for 2 church friends who provided me with food.

Those were my hardest years as I worked many jobs to earn enough to put downpayment on a smallish unit and not worry about where I live.

I forgave them for what they did to me and stood in to tend to dad if he fell ill as neither of his 2 preferred children bothered.

Lo and behold when I popped in to see mum and dad, bro showed up from HK to pick a fight. I had demanded an apology from him for all his deeds and he refused. 

To him, I was a curse to the family and that all the suffering I went through was made up and existed only in my mind.

A shouting match ensued and I relived the ugly politics as dad as usual took his preferred child’s side.

Labor Day and I made a decision. Enough is enough. Since bro wanted me classified as mental and evil, so be it.

Family may be classified as blood related but certainly all my life, my bro nor sis has treated me as family.

I am family only when there to pay for things.

I am family only when things happen and no one knows how to resolve.

I am family only when needed.

So…there you have it folks. The reason why I laugh.

Life has given me lemons. Huge painful lemons but each lemony item, I mask with laughter.

Only those closest can hurt me and the emotional scars left by my dad, bro and sis are deepest and ugliest.

Harmony…..I come from the same tree as my siblings yet why am I treated like a plague my entire life?

So much for a loving family as I assure you I have none.

Maybe I am mental.

Maybe I am a curse.

Maybe I should not continue to be a part of a family that does not want me?

I do not regret walking out of this family. 

As I told mum and dad, I have no family and walked out.

I wished them well and sincerely hope that dad’s 2 preferred children will tend to them when in need.




Mr Part Time Help age 33 years old hails from Bangladesh.

He has been helping me out with chores for the last few years such as cleaning my pigeon hole and washing my car.

Living in the rural, he makes up a headcount of those who are poor and decided to leave his home in Bangladesh in search of bigger dollars to remit home and support his mother, new wife and siblings.

As the sole breadwinner, he lost his father when he was 3 years old and he never the opportunity to attend school as his mum had to fend for survival to take care of his brothers and sisters.

Finally with the family living in a zinc roofed hut, he recently took a match made bride aged 18 years 2 years ago. Throughout the 2 years he only saw his wife less than 3 months in total.

Mr Part Time has lived and worked in lil red dot for 6 years now and he is trying to start a family.

I could see the twinkle in his eye as he happily told me that his wife was visiting him in lil red dot today and that her flight would touch down in lil red dot at 1pm. He shared that he bought new clothes to change into and greet her at the airport.

I was happy to get up at 7am this morning to wait for his part time help. I knew he would be in a rush and immediately last evening rolled up sleeves to wash my own car to help him. This way, I shortened his required hours to work at my place.

Big mistake though as today, my spine is screaming “murder of the spine” as I hurt.

I am a serious car washer LOL! I literally use a toothbrush to get into the crevices of the steel sports rim ha ha! To me it is therapeutic but it is tough on the spine.

Like him, I have lived abroad too and knew the feeling of what it was like to anticipate the arrival of a loved one.

He was cheerful and told me that his wife could only bring some shallots or small onions and garlic bulbs as gifts for me as she is not strong and cannot carry too many things. He often shared with me that the grade and quality of small onions and garlic I bought from supermarkets were of “inferior” quality than those of Bangladesh as it is grown there.

The ones I buy from the supermarket are imported from China.

His love for his match made bride is touching. He gave her respect and love – this is pivotal and though he is uneducated, he knows the basic principle of love.

In listening in on EL’s sermons or berations at work that last more than 6 hours, he would boast to us of how his wife “served” him. The image he shared of his wife is one like a subservient maid.

He bragged of how children of his are protected and not necessary to protect his wife because if his wife died, he can find another – but not children as they have his DNA.

I was appalled with his description of “love” for his wife. How she has to place his wallet, car keys and things he would need for going out. I once remembered how EL scolded me for not “behaving” like his wife – he thought I was like his maid

On Friday evening he shared in his sermons of how “stupid and idiotic” his Filipina maid was. Simply put, his children were not served cut fruits and his fruits all rotted in the fridge!

To me, this showed how spoilt and pampered the entire family was, children included – suddenly everyone in the household lost their limbs such that they cannot walk to the fridge and wash, cut their own fruits for self consumption?

If one wants to eat fruits, just go help selves isn’t it? Why blame the maid for not anticipating when one would like to have fruits?!

EL is uneducated too but slightly more educated than Mr Part Time Help as EL studied 9  years of formal school but only paid attention from Primary 5 onwards and could only recite the alphabets at age 11.

Comparatively speaking, EL pales beyond comparison to uneducated Mr Part Time Help as the latter has empathy, love and respect for others.

EL is selfish, evil and does things that only benefit himself and not others. His lavish donations are often related to us in his sermons and how he uses donations to “buy respect and stature”

I learnt an invaluable lesson from Mr Part Time Help – responsibility, love, respect for people. It does not take education to teach us but the innate kindness or respect from within.

I wish both Mr & Mrs Part Time Help an enjoyable reunion in lil red dot and may they conceive the child they do desperately want as a member of their family.

As for EL, my deepest condolences and sympathies to his wife as she is nothing more than the incubator of the fruits of his loins, his caregiver, chauffeur, laundry lady and household manager. I hope she is happy.


Life’s Vissicitudes #2


These are seriously painful words in lessons I have learnt in life thus far.

I openly admit experiencing each of the described sentences.

Am I smarter? I hope so..

Is it less painful? Never….

Are my losses big? Horrendously yes! Buckets of tears, sweat and cussings!!😂

Loved? Yup…a moron and I fell in love but I think we both ended up as morons! As morons go…we both lost!😈

Trouble is, these days, the new economy is setting in.

People are nonchalant and push responsibilities.

Where they can assign blame, they can and will do. So long as shit happens…they will stare at you and give you glassy eyed stares.

Yup! I am describing my work scene. But isn’t this true?😨

These days, it is who that can best push the blame to….survives.

The 5 letter word “sorry” does not exist in these hideous people’s vocabulary!

Hideous?! I am not describing witches or wizards with crooked noses but ugly ugly souls!!

Today 2 of my minions broke policy and approved expenses on their own.

Miss No Manners who finds it an aberration of words to say “sorry” (*literally to the tune of Sorry seems to be hardest word!!) would often give me that glass eyed look as if I am speaking in tongues to her.

I hate this!

I truly dislike people who make mistakes but tend not to open up and admit mistakes made so that we can fix it and move on!

All the covert activities she tries to do is, obvious paper wrapping fire!

In the end, the truth prevails as my paw print must appear before any funds can be paid.

I know she is dishonest but I want her to learn….she is no spring chicken and a mother of 2…the leastI can do is inculcate good habits in her and for her to teach or show by example to her children.

Shit happens….so for me…”clean up on aisle 3″…..darn…where is my mop and pail😉

Venting over….thank you for your tolerance😊


Community Programs

I have a soft spot for seniors as I have seen too many of them destitute or without support from children.

So, to put my words to efforts, I took on a voluntary role to support seniors and create programs with North East Community Development Council.

Mr Hello Hello motivated me to do things in an organised manner as I was doing social community work singularly and on my own accord.

5 years on, I am not disappointed as I see the fruits of labor.

Happy seniors, properly engaged and with proper activities.





Sharing some our programs for Seniors as well as Children’s School Money Pocket Fund with you.

If you are a Singaporean reading this and want to join in, feel free to do so.

Qualifications are:
Kind and giving heart
Ability to communicate with seniors – this comes naturally!

Serving our seniors….as one day, I too will become old 😉


Today Is 15th Of Mid Autumn Festival


Happy mid autumn festival all and may peace, love and blessings abound in your home. 🙂

My neighbor who lives a floor below me text me yesterday with her good wishes for this occasion and sent across the picture I posted.

She gave me a box of single egg yolk moon cake in liang rong from the prestigious Shangri La. She is sweet and I appreciate her kindness:)

I loved the box though.

It was an ornate red cloth fabric with bamboo and white floral print amidst pseudo leather casing with 4 tiny drawers made from cardboard and each drawer housed a moon cake wrapped in plastic.

As if the mystique a d aura of what in door numbers 1 to 4 has in store!

Half the fun (for me, it is the box that I like) is the decorative boxes that hold the moon cakes.

Deviating from the old fashioned square boxes, some shops retail these moon cakes in canisters (I use them to hold tea bags after, great recycling efforts on my part), boxes made to be carried like handbags or red acrylic boxes with an emblem of pseudo jade to give it a regal quality.

My friend from Hong Kong…H (H used to work with me in a company located  near the ferry point to Jumbo Floating Restaurant) sent me a more kiddy greeting.


Just like H – he is like me…a child inside. H married an ogre and he quit from the marriage and is now happily single and running his own business.

As I reminisced over my days working and living in Hong Kong (HK), I remember this is the time of waxed ducks, waxed sausages and claypot rice. Yummy as the chilly nights of HK begin

I used to trot to ‘Tong Lor Wan’ for “Aunty’s Soups” translated from Cantonese “Ah Yee Leng Tong” – dinner would be a bowl of piping soup literally!

I met 2 boyfriends there. I could not fall in love with one called M and instead fell in love with a Singaporean commuter called P.

P fell out – I was not rich enough then, strugglinh graduate on first job. P was a head honcho with a financial company.

Just as well or else I would have married an ogre too LOL!

P hangs around just as M does but we are still friends.

M is still single as he is an entrepreneur and figures if he cannot find the right woman, he better stay single or fight alimonies.

M moved to Shanghai and lives in a mansion as he always dreamed of 4 poster beds with sprawling mansion.

In land scarce Singapore or HK…quite hard really!

As for P, he is much like the Cockerel shown after marriage.

Shredded, feathered and tarred with little voice in marriage.

His conscientious choice to pick $ over true love….his own doing and no amount of whining would appease his heart I guess.

All I can do is listen and pat his shoulder with sarcastic reminders…your choice remember….$!

P says till to date, I am his “soul mate” of which I smile with sarcasm…”ya right…maybe because of my current stature, mingling with Dukes and Duchesses of Yore that makes me validated as a “soul mate”

If I was the same non descript human…hmm…I would be plankton


The Man Who Made Me Love Garfield

I had a good relationship with the man who influenced me heavily on Garfield, my inanimate furball.



We both fell in love.

He claimed soul mate status. He did the most amazing outlandish things.

He could Wow!!

I claimed unsure status.

Garfield became our “love child” and I started getting Garfields.

When I am happy, there is a Garfield.

When I am sad, there is a Garfield.

On an anniversary, there is a Garfield.

On an occasion, there is a Garfield.

In sickness and in health, there is a Garfield.

Garfields galore and like Pavlov’s dogs, I was attached to Garfield.

Garfield = Man!!

I mused to self and told this man that the oldest Garfield and my favourite is now 22 years old.

The man replied me, ” 22 years is a lot in cat years. Garfield must be worn, tattered and old”

Man is not incorrect. I can see the worn out Garfield paws from too much squooshing.

Cataracts in the eyes as the black paintwork on irises are erased as Garfield is hugged face down nightly and clung on tightly as if the child in me is afraid Garfield would slide off and fall to the floor.

475 Garfields….Man has a made a point in my life.

Man must have loved and cared about me.

What Man did not know was that he never gave me security.

Here today, gone tomorrow was his modus operandi.

If he appears, he appears like Houdini.

When he disappears, poof he vanishes!

I could love him for dollars or Garfields but I am made of integrity.

I could not sell my soul, my heart nor my brain to such a Man.

Plus Man asks if he could sell my organs!! He is odd!!

Technically, this is Garfield’s pops!

Gawd, for my inanimate furball to have such a father figure, I think my poor furball is in need of counselling.

Meanwhile Man wears spectacle frames without lenses – Ion Spectacles…sheesh….easy to con Man!

Ion spectacles is as good as pet rocks picked from rock pile and sold at a premium.

Life of an avant garde…such is Man and never the twain shall we meet 😀