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Look What My Mum’s Neighbor Gave Her

Mum’s neighbor is a staff nurse at a restructured hospital. She is a frontline warrior as I call her as she braved Covid-19 and up till now, have not been able to take annual leave.

Staff Nurse lives with her brother. Both are singletons and they dote on my parents, helping me by getting my parents their meals on weekends as they work shifts.

Staff Nurse’s colleagues are very creative and used hong bao wrappers to make a nice basket for me.

This is the year of the Rabbit and the hong bao wrappers all carry images of the Rabbit

I find this paper basket useful to hold tissue paper for my use. It is also handy to hold my knick knacks like eraser or that elusive pen or a small bottle of embrocation oil like Tiger Balm or a tube of Bengay.

I had no space to take one of these ornate Chinese New Year decorative centrepieces.

Beautifully done, it decorated my parents side cabinet top and dining table.

Yes, admittedly, nurses are talented artists too. 😀

I am grateful to my mum’s neighbors who shower my mum and dad with love too.

Thank you both for helping me.


National Day Awards – Public Service Star

HRH President Halimah on stage taking us all in the hall through our National Anthem
These 3 men are Aides De Camp. They are professional uniformed men in Police Force, Army or Singapore Civil Defence Force. Major Ang from SCDF was assigned to take care of me. She and the other ladies were just superb.
The prestigious medal

I was treated like a star, fom start to the end! My car was escorted to a specially reserved lot and I was met on arrival by Major Ang.

I was personally shown to my seat. My dad was given the same VIP treatment.

I saw men decked with medals. I stopped and chatted with an Assistant Superintendent of Police at Marine Parade station. He showed me his scars from fending off a crook who slashed him. I am glad he is okay and still proudly serving as an officer.

I met a high court judge, who was also coroner and now heading the investors compliance unit based in Prime Minister’s Office.

Thank you Singapore, my lil red dot for letting me serve you.

I share my medal with my team of doctors who have kept me alive so that I can continue to serve society.

Without them, it would be impossible.

Thank you Drs Boey Wah Keong, James Tan Siah Heng, Lim Yi Jia and Lui Hock Foong.

Goodwood Hotel was the official caterer but the wide variety of food from Malay, Indian, Chinese, Dessert, International stations were cold when it should be warm.

My dad and I did not enjoy the food and so we left. I was so lucky to see that Neighbor hung food on my gate. Fried noodles!! Yummy!


Brother Flies The Coop Soon

It is easier being the transient child – flits in and out, lesser responsibilities and easier to disassociate self from the demands of familial life.

My life will return to the humdrum hustle and bustle of sleeping with one ear open, as I have always done for a long time.

I had a difficult 2 weeks. I started to disassociate self from my brother and avoided seeing him. It gave me greater sanity and control of my life.

It is best not to see, hear nor know what he wants to do to help or not help. If he decides to help, well and good. If he chooses not to, I must accept that it is not his expected duty to do so. Afterall, I am the designated (unelected, nor appointed but self inflicted responsible one) go to point person.

I have questioned life again and again.

What is life?

What has life got to do with religion? Are both intertwined?

I have thrown out religion, realizing that religion is a form of soliloquy moment for one to wallow in and try to soothe self.

Today I threw out the last 2 prayer books – enough! Also the amulet from Carmelite Monastery. Belief is as much as faith only and since I no longer believe, faith endeth.

I no longer believe in family as the word, ” family” is a misnomer to me. I can be ” family” to anyone for that matter so long as there is reciprocity or some element of kindness, acceptance and appreciation. But therein lies my fault!

Must reciprocity be expected?

Must kindness be expected to be returned?

MR EX started to get testy with me because he felt that I ought to start showering him with money and meal treats. I refused because being the Asianized woman and seeing how he splurges on just about everyone but me, I felt it was not in my place to condone his wants or needs.

Was I selfish? Probably. But I wanted him to pare down and decide that I was one to be valued and not used.

In managing my motley crew of brother and sister, I realized our recent spat arose because my brother was cross with me for buying a new car. I had no choice as my sedan type car was not helping my spine and I needed a car to be a chauffeur to my parents and run their errands. I was stuck getting in and out of my sedan as my spine was terribly stiff.

Bro condemned the choice of my new car (not that he played a part in paying in any way for me) citing how he knew the legal team of this company’s car models and that it was a “cursed” car.

Of course these allegations were baseless! There have been zero reports on the demerits of this SUV model. So I am unsure of his intentions.

Things came to a head when I approached him to help me collect the car and be a person of moral support.

His snide and curt reply was, ” your car, your problem, not mine!”

I thought back of the errands he wanted me to run for him when he was away and the things I had to do for him. I did not understand why. I never used such words with him and helped with all intent and purposes as both he and my sister acted like arm chair CEOs directing me to do their bidding for things they need.

No, I do not get paid a stipend nor am I compensated for parking fees or gas to to get their errands done. I am their unpaid minion and I just had to suck it up and do it, which I did! I never looked at compensation as to me, this was helping family.

I could attribute to the fact that my siblings were always looking at me to fail. They always put rocks in my path, steered family politics to veer my father to disown me so that I am one share lesser in the family wealth apportionment department.

My philosophy has been simple. If it is mine, it will be mine and if it is not mine, it will never be mine.

Working hard made me tenacious. It toughened me. It made me realise that I needed to rely on self to put food on my table, a roof over my head and work 3 to 4 jobs to outlive, outplay and outwit.

I put self through grad school and constantly upskill to stay adept.

I read voraciously to understand what is going on in the world and how it it will impact me.

All these hard life’s lessons, put a toll on my life – my health gave way as I worked long hours to survive.

I never regretted working hard as it gave me pride to know that I can do it. No matter what my siblings tried to foil in my life’s plan and to see me fail, it did not work.

Does it mean alot for them to see me fail? I guess so! I know they want to see me miserable, poor and defeated. But I refuse!

I am tired of lemony treats and have stopped making lemony treats. Instead I face the bull of issues by the horns and take it on.

I want to stop lying to myself that my health will improve or that my family situation with the toxic duo will get better. It won’t! If it does, then voila! A miracle of sorts!

Recently an elderly mother and son were found dead in their flat. This was in an area where I volunteer at. The decedents were in their late 80s and 60s.

The stench emitted let volunteers know that something was amiss.

I do not want to end up like that. So, I reminded Boy, my neighbor to look out for me and call the police if he sees newspapers pile up on my gate.

So, what is family again?

It is a just a noun of no meaning.

If someone is nice and can be nice, striking a good and meaningful friendship for relationship, then it is akin to something.

I will not use the word ” family” anymore as it is such a bad word.

If the word ” family” is a noun for persons of interest to use, manipulate or garner self interest agendas, then I rather kill this word.

For me, Garfield, my inanimate furball is there 100% of the time, giving me warm hugs and comfort plus solace.

For my college mate, B, she found ” family” in her four fur kids, after getting out of a difficult marriage and letting go of her pet bakery business in San Francisco.

Family means squat to those who do not know it nor want to cultivate it.

Family means manipulation to those who want to profit from it.

Family, if it genuinely exists to those who treasure it and live by it, are precious to those who have it.

Thus far, Chicken, Bird, loads of others that I know of, have weighed in and shared with me their tales of Family horrors!

Sounds like an epic Halloween block buster waiting for Stephen King to materialize it.


Saturday Laughs

I’m not in the best of spirits.

I hurt. But that’s expected in my life. Barracuda Ally advised me not to expect anything of anyone, family included. She taught me to fence off self so as not to be affected.

I’ve got to learn to “switch off” caring about family and putting self first for once. I feel that I need time to adjust from caring to one attitude of “heck care”

Will I succeed and find serenity?

Will I become indifferent once I master this art of “heck care?”

An act of “heck care”

I like caring about others. I have been blessed by those who received my care and in return, I receive their care. But for some strange reason, my siblings do not care about my mere existence nor do they deem me a person. I am actually transparent to them. Sigh…not even opaque. Guess they can see through me; gut and all.

Is it wrong to care and be cared for?

Why did my siblings become like this?

When did they learn to put self ahead of others? The “I” as centric to their world?

Is it better to be selfish?

Self centred?

To hell with the world?

Best advice for myself!!

A Good Life, A Good Death – Do We Mourn Or Celebrate Life?

I quote Forrest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates” and I get to eat what I choose.

Life – a big question to me and one that I have been tackling for the last 6 weeks.

Piglet is on a spiral and was cross when DB did not wish to prescribe “Uppers” that allows her to be on “plateau high” so that she can be engaged in a job to sustain the family income. Piglet is one person I care about as she is married to H who had just lost his job but saw no urgency to find another till next year 2023.

Piglet being the responsible one was worried about what morrow comes – no income and she is frightened. So much so, she forced self to get a job. Her troubles began as she is already suffering from spinal pain and to stand and serve in a retail job was not helping her. The vicious cycle began and her depression got the better of her.

I could not do much for her except send her text messages.

Each life is precious but with life, comes it myriad of challenges. Some have it good, others struggle and the unfortunate perish, a life too short as they say.

What is life?

Birth, like what Shakespeare defines it as the 7 stages of life in Twelfth Night?

I have come to contemplate on life given my own physical challenges.

I have had no time in my life to grieve over my illnesses. I have always taken whatever comes and deal with it. Some call it strength, I call it “solving a management issue” and move on. There is nothing that can be done, so why bother having self pity as wallowing in it, does more damage to me than helping me.

I take shit as it comes and hopefully purify it such that it is upcycled to dung or compost to help the living things grow. Gave up on making lemonade out of lemons as I need something more potent to settle the shit in my life.

The only question I will always ask self on how do I describe my life thus far.

I have done my utmost best not to put salt into any underling of mine’s rice bowl. A job is in itself a challenge in today’s dog eat dog world. There is no job security nor iron rice bowl. Yet I have 2 morons on my team that is slacking and having brainless episodes such that I need to follow their behinds to nag and pick up their pieces lest they get the boot. One is a divorcee with no connectivity from brain to what she emails out responses and the other has an autistic child and refuses to keep notes of outstanding works. I genuinely believe that both have learning disabilities that managed to survive thus far in the working world as they have been left on auto pilot till I inherited them both.

In life, I have been cheated by MR EX of my emotions and time investment thinking he was someone that genuinely cared for me when I realised instead I was his rain maker and that he was using me relentlessly for business contacts and business deals. Each year I spent with him was taking a toll on me as I tried to see merits in his actions. He claims he was doing me good and that I was the ungrateful one.

He says, she says. I call it time to leave him. He accuses me of not taking a good look at myself in the mirror. I did and I saw his lack of care to be with me when I am ill or if I needed his help to run me to the hospital and he was never around nor made the effort to be with me. He is now HISTORY!

But I learnt from him how not to treat or befriend people for financial or any form of gain. The only gain should be mutual trust, care and love (platonic or romance it depends on the situation)

I wonder how will I be remembered when dead? Likelihood of no one remembering me as I am not a super star nor a glamorous gal. I am always in the shadows. Sure, I get recognised by the Dukes and Duchesses of Yore but that is not what I demanded, it was just given.

I prefered to be remembered as a good person, a friend and one who cared. One who struggled through life’s hardships, fought health battles and persevered to make self economically viable, paid taxes with head held high and lived debt free and die debt free.

I do not want to be mourned as other than my inanimate furball and my army of doctors, no one really cares about me. I have never imposed my need for others to care. If some care, I am blessed. If not, then so be it, so long as I can care and be happy with it, it is enough for me.

I realise that in giving a listening ear to others needing it, I get their care and love. This is why Neighbor continues to cook for me as she too has her fair share of woes and worries that she needs to unload. That time spent to help her relieve her burden helps and she rewards me with her lovely home cooked dishes. It is also her innate generosity to care about me. This is what I have come to realize in reciprocity and why MR EX and I fell through. MR EX felt it was expected of me to give and his pittance odd purchases of a bowl of noodles was his reciprocity to me – quid pro quo. So, mathematically SGD1 million in a business deal equates to SGD5 bowl of noodles. This is MR EX but he uses the proceeds to fund his exotic life style and bling blings for his bimbo. I admire his loyalty to his brood that he often complains to me about and that I did not know of his suffering.

I have advised him, if he feels trapped in a loveless marriage then exit. If he is suffocated, exit and live his own life on his own terms!

I guess it was not on his wish list as he needed to look good as pristine family to the press room and his outlandish approach as benefactor and rich donor.

We each have our own approach to life and how we see it versus how others see it, matters to most.

Except for me, I am admittedly shameless as I do not care how the public sees me. I am comfortable in my own skin and can wear my tatty shorts and oldest Garfield T shirt and go to a diner or walk the streets for shopping. I can tote Garfield along too, so long as I have pocket change in my pocket to pay for what I need.

Confidence or fed up? Fed up actually as when I see my sis decked up in Salvatore Ferragamo or Prada outfits, it does not make her a better person as she is selfish and will never give time of day to the man on the street needing help or buy a bowl of noodles to help the poor. I was shamed by her to her friends because I do not embrace designer togs. I am practical, I save my pennies for a rainy day. So long as I am not naked or wearing torn clothes, who cares!

I hope to be remembered as a celebrant of life. Garfield and I always together.

But in truth, heck care…when I am dead, I am simply dead. My eyes are shut, ears are closed and who cares what goes round around me as I am no longer a party to the living.

Truth right?


I Am Spiralling Into A Full Blown Autoimmune Attack – I Can Feel It In My Bones!

I am humorous to overcome the complexities and challenges of my life.

Life has never been easy for me as I have had to struggled to survive – outwit, outplay, overcome, survive!

It is marvelous and amazing that I have not become psychotic just yet. I do not have time to be depressed, schizophrenic or having that voice in my head to go out and chop the living daylights out of my useless siblings. Perhaps they are lucky not to be living in Singapore – saved me from a life of incarceration should my mental faculties decide to cave in and I throw my arms into the air and beat my bosom and wail! Oh no no….I am not silly just yet.

Garfield is still a source of solace and Mr Nice Guy is listening to my whining or reach out to him to give me a listening ear.

Today I called SOS hoping that a voice will help me. This is my first time trying this non profit organisation and I have only words to say that it is a poorly manage outfit that would have pushed me off the ledge of a high rise faster than I would want to. First I tried the whats app approach and the chat bot or person managing it kept insisting for me to clink on consent box where there is no consent box to be found. So no help extended as this went to and fro for some 30 minutes. If I was at the edge of a 30 storey building and I got these stupid back and fro insistence on repeated text instead of genuinely wanting to help me, I would have leapt.

I calmed self and called their help line. The volunteer was clueless. All she offered is “hmm…ahhh….yes…..”not helpful as I felt she was not trained to be a counselor. On the issue with the whats app her undiplomatic response to me was that, “Oh I don’t think my supervisor will bother to look into it nor will she call you back to tell you how to log in using whats app as a line of approach for help!”

That to me, was my death sentence. It was basically telling me, please do leap off a building, you are not my concern!

It takes very little to extend a hand or reach out to help one who is feeling down and wanting to end it all. Yes, no one bothers unless it is a friend that genuinely cares for you.

I have lived long enough with my siblings that each time I reach out to them to help alleviate my care and concern for our parents, it lands in an abyss or a void with no response. Basically this tells me they do not care and in fact is eagerly waiting for me to kick the bucket and leave them one less vulture circling inheritance or death of bitch like me who is strongly looking out for my parents well being and thwarting their chances of getting the money and booting my folks out on the street as paupers as they will not see it when they are living in another country.

Asia or USA or Europe or Australasia – parents are who made us. I am sure there must be some love for parents. Strangely born and raised in an Asian culture of filial piety, I do not see this trait in my siblings.

I want to give up. I want to succumb to my illness and just pass as then I will have no eyes or physical presence to care. I will have eternal peace or maybe not as I will end up in hell shovelling coals and doing the bidding of Lucifer a.k.a SATAN!

Life is tough for me. I have no choices in life. My siblings took away all of my choices as I have made way or forced to step aside for their selfish self centred needs and wants.

I blame my parents, especially my father for giving them preferential treatment and making me the pariah of the family. As the pariah of the family, I am the last bastion of help they rely on as my father’s 2 precious ones are only there for the windfall when they keel over.

I am selfish don’t you think?


Thoughts #14 – Sunday Reckonings

My Caveat: This is a new series that I have started. It will contain my personal opinion of things happening in Lil Red Dot or around the world. I would love it if my readers will chip in with their views and balance things for my views. There will be no contentious content. But I assure you, a lot of humorous content and about this or that or what ails – theme of my blog site really! So do chime in, like you always do and lighten our work load, put down our worries and just laugh or cry or both.

Sundays are not days of mindlessness nor days of sloth for me!

I am up slightly later than usual 5am for work…a treat at 7am. Part time help comes at 9am and I need to have some semblance of neatness for Part Time Help to clean up.

Breakfast was yesterday’s gift of 2 sets of “You Tiao” and “Butteflies” from Boy – meaning Chinese croissants and Chinese dough pastry. This is an antiquated treat that did not originate from China but more so from Asia. It is deep fried and best eaten with a hot steaming cuppa Coffee or Tea.

Boy knows I like this treat and it is hard to find this being sold in areas where I frequent. So he makes it a point to look out for these treats when he is at Ghim Moh hawker center, Toa Payoh hawker center or where he bought these at Serangoon Gardens market.

Left is the You Tiao and right is the Butterfly pastry

I was saddened to hear that Piglet is having a hard time dealing with challenges on the home front. Piglet suffers from a mental health disorder and physical challenges. Over the time since I have known her, I have seen her stability phase and am so proud of her achievements thus far. So this recent blow to her, I am worried for her. But I am glad her sister is with her.

Mental illness is a real medical issue. It is not something one dreams up or says it is “all in the mind” and not do anything about it. Piglet has been diligent in taking her meds but this recent episode drove her up the wall literally and she is pushing self to start a job, which I felt was not the best of times as she was struggling with spinal strain.

I sincerely hope that her H will step up to the plate to understand her and start removing the stressors from her. H should start looking for a job since he has just been laid off – any job so long as it brings home food on the table and bills to pay. One cannot be fussy to pick and choose as there are no rich pickings for H to wait. Instead the strategy should be to do a job on shifts and take the opportunity to then slowly search for a job.

This will then assure Piglet that she will not run out of funds anytime soon from depleting savings as basic needs are met as H steps up and she can forget about working, which I feel will bring her more pain and suffering as he responsibilities will increase from household chores, to work and worrying about funds.

I too, will worry about funds when savings depletes. It is human nature – we all have to be self sufficient, be frugal and save for a rainy day as living in Lil Red Dot is no longer cheap. Food, electricity and things are rising in cost. I have learnt to cut back on frivolous spending as I will ask self if I really need an extra item when I can make use with what I have.

I sincerely hope that Piglet will reach her plateau of stability again and that her H will be mindful of her mental health care needs to understand and not be frivolous about it.

As what my Once Upon A Time Boy Friend used to say, being single has its upsides. I know it has both upsides and downsides as the threat of dying alone is real. So real that senior singles in Lil Red Dot develop mental illness fretting about it and becoming reliant on sleeping pills as they worry if they fall asleep they will die and their rotting corpse will be discovered much much later.

Once Upon A Time Boyfriend is doing well and retired as he is a lot a lot older than I. He had a bad first marriage and found his second companion whom he gets along well with. He is a kind man and for me, we did not end up together as it is a long distance relationship, USA and Lil Red Dot.

But we keep in touch despite the time difference and he loves sharing his life in USA. The pear and apple tree is in his property, that I call an “estate” as it is large acreage and compared to Lil Red Dot living in landed property of 6,000 sq feet is already large, his property is to me, an estate!

Pear tree in my friend’s estate
Apple tree in my friend’s estate

If I live in USA, I will be obscenely rich as property is cheaper. Cars are cheaper and fuel is cheaper when I discussed with him. And I can have any amount of apple, pear or orange trees!

But with my career and my White Coats in Lil Red Dot, I will not be able to relocate.

I am glad that Once Upon A Time Boyfriend has done well and is doing very well as he grows older.

Mr Nice will undergo radiotherapy in November and after which, he will be off for almost 2 months with family to tour Italy and Bangkok. Mr Nice is a foodie and I am sure he will have a roaring good time in Bangkok (though I would frown at consuming Cannabis – it seems in Bangkok, Cannabis is cooked with food and served to unsuspecting customers till they look or read the fine print. But street food does not outwardly say it is Cannabis fried in spices and unsuspecting customers think they are eating fried water water convolvulus (Water Spinach) or Kang Kong.

But I guess he is going to live it up a bit as he managed to beat cancer.

Live life dangerously for a bit and tomorrow is another day as they say! But I guess I am chicken shit. I will always eat the same foods, live the same life and never try anything adventurous as first and foremost, my physical body cannot tolerate it. So, I might as well croak on my own terms! Lesser dramas…..Haha!


Thoughts #13 – Work Piles Up, Suck It Up!

If only I had 8 tentacles to juggle work tasks.

Lady Conniving has been loading tons of work onto me. So much so, today is the first time after more than 2 weeks of working 13 hours to be home after 11 hours of work.

I start at 6am and today I left the office at 5pm to catch some sunlight. It was nice to be back by 5.30pm instead of 7.30pm last 2 weeks.

Lady Conniving is making me the sacrificial goat as she claims credit for all my work.

I am way too tired to be fighting for glory or accolades. I let her be. So long as I am of use to her, she will continue to use me.

But I hate it. She is ditzy. She flaunts herself to the point that I cannot be seen nor head. I am relegated to be a backdrop with no scenic worth.

This is life. I realise in life that there are never prolonged serenity moments.

Life must have its upheavals.

Life must have its moments; some sad, some happy, some momentous, some death defying.

Life must have its challenges.

Life must have its glory and downfalls.

For now, I am happy to be home by 5 30pm. Laundry is folded. Tummy is filled and Garfield is hugged.

I do not have answers in life, never have, never will.

I am none the wiser.

I am none the stupider, thankfully.

I continue to strive.

I watch the rains fall.

My car sales man bought me a burger from the car showroom cafe. It was delicious. Moments like these, I treasure. Sesame bun, great beef patty and a side of mesclun salad. He is very kind.

Life goes on…..I await what’s next with Lady Conniving… “adventure” in workland continues!

My Caveat: This is a new series that I have started. It will contain my personal opinion of things happening in Lil Red Dot or around the world. I would love it if my readers will chip in with their views and balance things for my views. There will be no contentious content. But I assure you, a lot of humorous content and about this or that or what ails – theme of my blog site really! So do chime in, like you always do and lighten our work load, put down our worries and just laugh or cry or both.


Thoughts #8 – Just Another Day In Lil Red Dot

My Caveat: This is a new series that I have started. It will contain my personal opinion of things happening in Lil Red Dot or around the world. I would love it if my readers will chip in with their views and balance things for my views. There will be no contentious content. But I assure you, a lot of humorous content and about this or that or what ails – theme of my blog site really! So do chime in, like you always do and lighten our work load, put down our worries and just laugh or cry or both.

The icon that symbolises Singapore is the “Merlion” – With the head of a lion and body of a fish, it is a cherished icon synonymous with the Republic’s humble beginnings and journey as a nation. The Merlion has turned 50 years in 2022. I enclose the news link on it for your information.

I remember when I was working in Hainan, China, I saw this symbol atop a steep mountain, looking out to sea. I wondered how a Merlion, the icon of Singapore, sat there? No answers were found and the locals that I spoke with said that probably it was a Singaporean who decided to erect the Merlion there (?)

If that is the case, then he or she is indeed a proud Singaporean to have the Merlion “guarding” the waters of Sanya!

This week has been a stressful one for me as work suddenly fell from the skies onto my work desk! Everything needs to be done and I do not have enough help. So, I start work now at 6am in the office and leave at 6pmish. Effectively 12 hour shift without lunch break. I munch on some cut fruits or a bread bun and continue working else I can leave only at 7pm and that is my break point really as by then, my spine is almost in seizure.

I am not making progress in my physio sessions as I personally do not feel the improved effects. Zen Ally (my therapist) said that I was not resting enough and do enough to re-strain the affected body areas to cause the pain cycle to recur all over again. Sigh, but that is life isn’t it?

I had another blow out with my idiotic sibling who is nonchalant about things that concern our mutual parents. Don’t get me wrong, she is a birth child of my parents, but her self centeredness and selfish “I before others” attitude has been her mainstay in her life. She is not much of a sister to me either, in as much as I can remember, pre and post anesthesia! I know that multiple general anesthesia can erase memories but I honestly cannot remember any good things she has done for me or put herself before others.

But that is her and I had resigned self to fate that she is not a blood relative that I can ever rely on for emotional or physical, much less financial support. Money is everything to her and she is never one to share a treat or buy me a gift for special occasions. She is not poor, she is well off but she feels that her finances are best kept for her own use.

It is sad to have a relative like her. I feel especially sad for my parents as she is their eldest child and yet, she has effectively “abandoned” them. This was my blow out topic with her. I tried to knock sense into her but failed miserably. A lost cause really!

Ah well, onto better things in life. Life is what life gives.

Life has given me another day. I woke up and am in the office. Will I get more work assignments? Definitely!

May you all have a good or better day ahead!

Garfield hugs to all and remember you are alive 🙂


When In Doubt, Good Aura Comes From Crystals?

I used to be a loony hobbyist over crystals or gem stones. Amethyst, rose quartz, peridot, ruby, opal, citrine, sapphire, tanzanite, tourmaline etc. This was during the era of when these were considered stones with healing properties of sort. I guess it was also because I was with friends who really loved collecting crystals and found it therapeutic.

Crystals are not expensive nor valuable as compared to gold or diamonds. Which is why I could afford to keep some of them, although mostly these were gifts from good friends.

Amethyst, the purple colored stone, is supposedly meaningful to Catholics as the color Purple is regal and that this stone meant something to the Catholics. It is also the stone for doctors to have. If memory serves me correctly, I did give an amethyst stone to the surgeon who did my 3rd spinal surgery as he did a really good job to fix me up.

These were not as costly as diamonds as, because crystals were considered for hobbyists and considered stones. Though I was warned that a lovely cut amethyst with facets done beautifully can cost a pretty penny!

Clockwise: These 3 bracelets were gifts to me.
The blue quartz, followed by different colored tourmalines were a gifts from a friend who was into the business of selling gemstones. The larger rose quartz bracelet was from a friend from Nigeria. He brought it to me when he visited Singapore for a business meeting with me.
The oyster pearl necklace was a gift from someone – honest truth, I forgot from whom and the rose quartz and the amethyst & peridot uncut stones were what was given to me as a souvenir from a mine I visited in Vietnam
Peridot and spinel are birthstones for the month of August. I could not get a spinel and managed to get a peridot which I made into a ring with blue zircons
This was my latest gift of a healing bracelet which Piglet bought and gave me when I was in Bates. This has properties to heal one from illness.

Crystals and all its healing properties are based on belief. I have not come across scientific proof of its ability to heal without medicinal intervention although there might be the occasional miracle.

To me, it could be complementary, just like Qi Gong, Reiki or meditation….it complements main stream medicine I feel. I may be wrong as some may cite miraculous cure without medicinal intervention. I guess this is where the divine intervention comes in and a miracle is pronounced.