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Thoughts #8 – Just Another Day In Lil Red Dot

My Caveat: This is a new series that I have started. It will contain my personal opinion of things happening in Lil Red Dot or around the world. I would love it if my readers will chip in with their views and balance things for my views. There will be no contentious content. But I assure you, a lot of humorous content and about this or that or what ails – theme of my blog site really! So do chime in, like you always do and lighten our work load, put down our worries and just laugh or cry or both.

The icon that symbolises Singapore is the “Merlion” – With the head of a lion and body of a fish, it is a cherished icon synonymous with the Republic’s humble beginnings and journey as a nation. The Merlion has turned 50 years in 2022. I enclose the news link on it for your information.

I remember when I was working in Hainan, China, I saw this symbol atop a steep mountain, looking out to sea. I wondered how a Merlion, the icon of Singapore, sat there? No answers were found and the locals that I spoke with said that probably it was a Singaporean who decided to erect the Merlion there (?)

If that is the case, then he or she is indeed a proud Singaporean to have the Merlion “guarding” the waters of Sanya!

This week has been a stressful one for me as work suddenly fell from the skies onto my work desk! Everything needs to be done and I do not have enough help. So, I start work now at 6am in the office and leave at 6pmish. Effectively 12 hour shift without lunch break. I munch on some cut fruits or a bread bun and continue working else I can leave only at 7pm and that is my break point really as by then, my spine is almost in seizure.

I am not making progress in my physio sessions as I personally do not feel the improved effects. Zen Ally (my therapist) said that I was not resting enough and do enough to re-strain the affected body areas to cause the pain cycle to recur all over again. Sigh, but that is life isn’t it?

I had another blow out with my idiotic sibling who is nonchalant about things that concern our mutual parents. Don’t get me wrong, she is a birth child of my parents, but her self centeredness and selfish “I before others” attitude has been her mainstay in her life. She is not much of a sister to me either, in as much as I can remember, pre and post anesthesia! I know that multiple general anesthesia can erase memories but I honestly cannot remember any good things she has done for me or put herself before others.

But that is her and I had resigned self to fate that she is not a blood relative that I can ever rely on for emotional or physical, much less financial support. Money is everything to her and she is never one to share a treat or buy me a gift for special occasions. She is not poor, she is well off but she feels that her finances are best kept for her own use.

It is sad to have a relative like her. I feel especially sad for my parents as she is their eldest child and yet, she has effectively “abandoned” them. This was my blow out topic with her. I tried to knock sense into her but failed miserably. A lost cause really!

Ah well, onto better things in life. Life is what life gives.

Life has given me another day. I woke up and am in the office. Will I get more work assignments? Definitely!

May you all have a good or better day ahead!

Garfield hugs to all and remember you are alive 🙂


When In Doubt, Good Aura Comes From Crystals?

I used to be a loony hobbyist over crystals or gem stones. Amethyst, rose quartz, peridot, ruby, opal, citrine, sapphire, tanzanite, tourmaline etc. This was during the era of when these were considered stones with healing properties of sort. I guess it was also because I was with friends who really loved collecting crystals and found it therapeutic.

Crystals are not expensive nor valuable as compared to gold or diamonds. Which is why I could afford to keep some of them, although mostly these were gifts from good friends.

Amethyst, the purple colored stone, is supposedly meaningful to Catholics as the color Purple is regal and that this stone meant something to the Catholics. It is also the stone for doctors to have. If memory serves me correctly, I did give an amethyst stone to the surgeon who did my 3rd spinal surgery as he did a really good job to fix me up.

These were not as costly as diamonds as, because crystals were considered for hobbyists and considered stones. Though I was warned that a lovely cut amethyst with facets done beautifully can cost a pretty penny!

Clockwise: These 3 bracelets were gifts to me.
The blue quartz, followed by different colored tourmalines were a gifts from a friend who was into the business of selling gemstones. The larger rose quartz bracelet was from a friend from Nigeria. He brought it to me when he visited Singapore for a business meeting with me.
The oyster pearl necklace was a gift from someone – honest truth, I forgot from whom and the rose quartz and the amethyst & peridot uncut stones were what was given to me as a souvenir from a mine I visited in Vietnam
Peridot and spinel are birthstones for the month of August. I could not get a spinel and managed to get a peridot which I made into a ring with blue zircons
This was my latest gift of a healing bracelet which Piglet bought and gave me when I was in Bates. This has properties to heal one from illness.

Crystals and all its healing properties are based on belief. I have not come across scientific proof of its ability to heal without medicinal intervention although there might be the occasional miracle.

To me, it could be complementary, just like Qi Gong, Reiki or meditation….it complements main stream medicine I feel. I may be wrong as some may cite miraculous cure without medicinal intervention. I guess this is where the divine intervention comes in and a miracle is pronounced.


Thoughts #1 – Interesting Comments

My Caveat: This is a new series that I will start from. It will contain my personal opinion of things happening in Lil Red Dot or around the world. I would love it if my readers will chip in with their views and balance things for my views. There will be no contentious content. But I assure you, a lot of humorous content and about this or that or what ails – theme of my blog site really! So do chime in, like you always do and lighten our work load, put down our worries and just laugh or cry or both.

Several toons appeared in our Sunday Times.

Toon 1

2 lions chatting; Lion 1 telling Lion 2 that he looked like crap, as if he did not sleep much.

Lion 2 replied that he was awoken very early by the new neighbors, the birds. I laughed as this was a poke at The Bird Park being relocated to Mandai Reserve, joining the Zoo, Night Safari animals in their kingdom. The authorities here felt it was good to consolidate all into that area so that it made it easier for tourists and visitors to have a chance and choice to visit either or all.

But it is so true as birds get up at the crack of dawn and in the days of yore when the jungle is a wide expanse of land with hills, rocks and trees, the birds were not congregated in one condensed area. I am sure the birds will make a din.

Considering that we have a green Singapore and trees are planted everywhere, the trees planted near high rise heartland flats are hosts to mynahs, sometimes crows and sparrows.

Mynahs dominate the trees mostly and boy, what a din comes dawn or dusk and not to mention the poop it delivers onto cars parked beneath these trees!

Toon #2 shows people bring food along to the un used upcycled MRT buses into new homes in Changi Village- we have a future container Inn being developed too with upcycled containers, given a new lease of life.

As the people walked towards these homes, they wondered if they will be allowed to bring food and drinks as the old MRT buses always had the poster that screamed “No Food, Drinks Allowed. Fine $500”

True enough as they arrived inside the bus homes, the poster was there.

In case you are not aware, Singapore or Lil Red Dot as I fondly call it, is a “Fine City” – besides being fine, it has a lot for fines for things you choose to do when you cannot do.

No littering.

No spitting.

No chewing gum. Not allowed to import and sell chewing gum.

No drink driving.

No jay walking.

No smoking in prohibited areas.

The list goes on. To some of you, you might feel it is a violation of personal rights or Lil Red Dot is draconian. I call it parental.

We lost precious lives to silly acts of jaywalking or drink driving. All preventable I feel, but a silly act in a moment of folly cause lives to be lost. This is not good.

As for the proverbial chewing gum ban, I am happy as the used wads of gum by people chewing it were stuck on seats in public transport. Ladies with long hair had gum stuck to their tresses which required cutting to remove it. Also it was stuck onto cinema seats by irresponsible chewers of these gums. Public spaces and public transport train doors were also jammed with these used gum.

If chewers of gum had been responsible, discarding used gum without causing destruction of personal or public property, this draconian act of banning it might not have occurred.

It worked for us in Lil Red Dot but I am sure there are always the unhappy lot who wants to do what they will or say no, just to say no.

It is not completely eradicated mind you, as offenders still get caught now and then for some of the described acts although the chewing gum one is muted.

I’d rather ban smoking in childcare areas than have children and staff inhale in daily second hand smoke isn’t it?

I’d rather an elderly or young turk gets caught and fined instead of having grieving relatives or parents at a funeral.

No law is acceptable readily by everyone. It is more acceptable by those who have suffered without it or still with it. But in societal norms, there cannot be lawlessness isn’t it?

For the greater good is what I feel the laws were crafted upon. As a citizen of lil red dot, I comply.

Why? Because of our laws, our safety are preserved. We are one of a few cities that citizens can walk the streets at night in the wee hours of the morning and return home safely.

We do not have slums or bad neighborhoods with gangsters or a bad guy waiting with a gun to shoot us or a knife to stab us before running off with our belongings.

Good or bad – I think it is how we see it and experience it.

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Miss Conniving Flies The Coop Soon

I could hardly believe my ears when I was told by Lady Dowager (usurped throne of Eunuch who left for a greener pasture) shared that Miss Conniving is leaving.

As if the peals of bells ringing were heralding a new beginning, I could feel self like a leprechaun leaping into the air, clicking my heels.

When I was on hospital leave, Eunuch had out of the goodness of his heart appealed and obtained a contract headcount to assist me. I was told then that this person would report to me and work with me.

But when Eunuch left, Lady Dowager’s approach was divide and conquer with silo approach and made Miss Conniving report to her. Miss Conniving then started to act arrogantly towards me, without even wanting to share her background as she felt it was impudent of me to ask. My intentions were clear – it was to know how much to impart or share knowledge so as not to waste my time explaining something she might already know.

Understanding Miss Conniving’s mindset, I avoided speaking with her since our work did not need to cross at all. Miss Conniving’s arrogance was her downfall as she had no knowledge of the industry business we were in.

Her decisions or advice she gave my team were all recalled by me as it was erroneous. For example, how can one on an expatriate posting still retain a car park lot in the building which is to be paid for by the company. It does not make commercial sense. If the expatriate returns to Singapore for meetings, he is compensated for transport reimbursements as he is now based in another country. I rolled my eyes at her logic.

I left her to her own devices and know that she deliberately withheld information from me, to make it hard for me to get back into the groove after being away for 6 months. But it did not matter to me as nothing fazes me anymore and knowledge is easily obtained.

When she realized that I am not to be trifled with, she tendered her resignation.

My philosophy at work has always been that I am replaceable. There is no iron rice bowl mentality for any minion and I just have to ensure that I am continuously good at what I do, how I do it and when to do it.

I was open to her taking over my job if she can hack it. But this job is not easy as it is demanding and honestly had I not undergone the tyrannical ways of Scorpion Lord or Electrical Lord, I might have failed here too.

Life goes on.  I now have to manage Lady Dowager. She is eagerly waiting to chuck everything from Miss Conniving to me soon.

Oh what fun it is going to be!


Strength, Courage & Gumption To Carry On

Someone I know and treat like a ‘sister’ shared that she had suicidal tendencies. This arose from her worries and fear that her husband may have “lost” his job as a result of the sale of the company he was working for.

Honestly, who would not be anxious as without income, I too would be worried. No one has the luxury of money from the skies unless that being is financially endowed with heir or heiress status!

I am very worried for her mental well being as she was doing very well over the last 2 years, in a stable plateau and I knew this new situation could trigger her depression.

I felt she should not pressure self to look for a job and leave the role of bringing home the bread to her husband. Let him sort it out instead of getting self very mentally unwell and adding to stress load.

I urge her to seek therapy and if need be, get self admitted into a psych ward to be watched over and ensure she does not do anything untoward to self.

I have this message for her if she is reading my post….

Strength comes from within,

Still your mind, shut off the things you have no immediate solutions for.

One step at a time, ride it out.

Government grants exist to help you financially till your husband finds alternative employment.

Go after the old employer for not paying salaries of previous months.

Fret not. One door closes, new opportunities arise.

Do not feel as if the walls are closing in, simplify and categorise each worry and “can” it!

Think of Garfield giving you big hugs, sending you love and encouragement to overcome.

Still your mind, soothe your fears and stride forward.

You will survive,

You will overcome,

You have gumption,

You will regain strength and tenacity to overcome.

More importantly, you are a precious life and don’t you forget it!

Garfield Hugs!


All Quiet On My MR EX Front – I Shall Enjoy National Day With Pride & Being One Year Older – 9th August 2022

I pleased as pie (Comment: I have no idea how this phrase came about but I like using it LOL!) as MR EX has evaporated into thin air. Looks like this evil virus of MR EX is gone and I am pleased as pie.

I have successfully blocked him in all social media, what’s app messaging and the like.

Peace and quiet reigns as he longer remains like a thorn in my paw!

I am being typically unfair I suppose – It could be said that MR EX is terribly happy to be rid of me too. It takes two and I would like to think that he has better things to do, bigger fishes to fry and a life to enjoy than think of me, after all, I was nobody to him!

Aah well to each person’s own. Que Sera, Sera!

I am looking forward to my nation’s 57th Birthday!

I am always watching the parade on national TV with pride as each National Day also celebrates my own birthday. It does not matter if no one celebrates for me, because the nation celebrates for me, with me.

This year, Classmate has invited me to her place with my folks for my birthday celebration. This is indeed nice of her as not even my own siblings have ever celebrated for me.

My eldest sister is the meanest as I do not even remembering her buying me a birthday treat or a proper birthday gift. But hey, I am not begging for it. If only she was nice to me every single day, not self centred but kind with genuine care and concern, it would have sufficed. But that is life and no one is forcing her to anything nice for me.

I am ok celebrating with Garfield, my inanimate furball as I do not need a big hoo ha!

If I am happy, everyday is a birthday to me and the nice things that people do for me are already a birthday treat!

My birthday wishes….

For my nation, Lil Red Dot or Singapore – peace, prosperity and progress for our people. I pray for continued food sustainability and a wise, non corrupt government to steer us through this next phase of our growth. I do not want a bankrupt state and everyone suffering!

For my good doctors, continue to heal the sick and provide us patients with your expertise. Especially to my team, namely; late Dr Y C Lee; Dr Lim Yi Jia; Dr James Tan Siah Heng; Dr Boey Wah Keong; Dr Lui Hock Foong; Prof Fong Kok Yong; Dr Chua Chee Haow; Dr Daniel Yeo; Dr Tan Si Ying; Dr Luke Tan; Dr Pang Boon Chuan; Dr Looi Kok Poh; Dr Tan Jee Lim; Prof Tan Ser Kiat; Dr Chung Sook Yin; Dr Oon Chong Teik; and Dr Anders – all of you kept me alive today and played a part in my medical journey. Without you, there is no Garfield Hug.

For my good nurses, Ms Faridah, Ms Roslina, Mr EJ, Ms Shanggari, Sister Mei Fang, ADon Constance and Indy Gui, nurses of ward 10, Bates Motel for constant checking on me, wiping my butt when I am immobilised and attending to my nursing needs. Thank you for helping me recover.

For my good friends and loved ones, good health, no pain and worries for all of them, living a life that is decent and good without fear of what tomorrow brings!

For my inanimate furball Garfield, stop loosing cottony filling volume and stay plushy as always for me to continue to seek solace in squooshing you as always. Be by my side, always and may I never misplace you!

For Mr Nice to overcome and conquer his cancer!

For Mr Ability To Earn to have the continued ability to earn and never forget good friends and continue to be one.

For myself, I pray for good health, for pain to stop and for me to have continued mobility as I ferment like fine wine! Let me enjoy the love of my parents and that I continue to be able to help them.

Happy Birthday Singapore!


Sunday Before National Day & Last Evening’s Sad News

It will be a lie if I said that I felt no sadness when I was told of two things: –

Loss of a life – my brother’s classmate whom I have met once or twice and

Potential job loss for someone’s spouse.

My brother’s classmate passed on 7 July 2022. It caught my brother by surprise as none of his group chat community knew about it till someone in that group chat chanced upon the late classmate’s sister’s post on FaceBook that he had passed.

No one was able to elicit a response from her to know cause of death as it was sudden and those who knew his family refused to speak about it.

If it was a Covid related death, I feel it was nothing to be ashamed of.

If it was a sudden illness death such as a heart attack or stroke or an accident, it was also nothing to be ashamed of.

If it was cancer, again it should not be a stigma to his family.

I was more worried if it was a suicide and this could be a plausible reason as to why his family will not share with the community. But it is sad if the decedent was not honored for his life spent thus far.

The decedent left behind a wife and 3 children; parents and siblings.

For me, even though I am not close to him, I felt truly sad as it reminded me of the fragility of life.

In his prime, his life was cut short. He will never get to enjoy being a grandfather to his future grandchildren nor walk his daughter down the aisle to be married off nor stand proud as his son weds a wife.

It also reminded me of mortality – we all cannot live forever and that my aged parents’ life span will also end. Can I face up to all this?

I am not worried about my own mortality as honest truth, I am ready to check in. I have done what I needed to do and eaten, enjoyed, tasted the sweet and sorrows of life.

But thinking of the decedent’s family, it is sad as they were robbed of a husband, a father, a brother and a son.

I was also sad when a good friend of mine expressed worry about potential job restructuring at her spouse’s company.

There is no iron rice bowl mentality these days. Companies change hands for dollars and there are no sentiments for the minions that once slaved for them. But I reminded my good friend of the Labor Laws and that any unpaid wages, one can seek assistance from the labor office to get paid.

Like any minion, I too am worried about job restructuring and potential job loss. Apart from singing the age old tune of upskill, be adept and adjust, there is little else to be done.

New minions will cost lesser than old minions who have put in time and effort to grow with the company and then it suddenly gets felled with one swing of the “axe” – it is worst if there were no warning signs of things that came!

My advice to my good friend was to let the spouse handle the issue on hand. If he was chill with it, it means he can manage it and or a possible golden handshake was negotiated and agreed upon. Again, if not, then off to the Labor Office to seek mediation. I will sincerely pray for a win -win outcome for her spouse and that a possible severance package is offered plus a new offer of a job. This would be the optimal outcome!

But like any loving wife, my friend will worry about future things. I can only offer a listening ear and prayers that things will pan out well for her and her spouse.

One cannot stop worrying.

One cannot stop mourning loss of any loved one.

One cannot stop feeling alone though surrounded by many people.

What I do know is that, one has to be strong to overcome.

It takes true grit and gumption to survive in this dog eat dog world. Employers will continue to be ruthless and minions will always be minions.

My view is that I am no longer loyal to any employer. It is just a job. I do my fair day’s work, I get paid and I speak only when spoken to. No need to be “smart” or “act smart” as no one asked me to be “smart” – in fact my strategy is best described by Chicken,

“Act stupid. Deliver grade C class work to get bonuses and increments is good enough. Not all work tasks need a grade A standard.”

Troll? But true!

Coping is important in today’s life’s journey!

We plod on!

My deepest condolences to the bereaved family of my brother’s late classmate. May he rest in peace and gain eternal peace and happiness.


Why Garfield? Or Should I Ask, Why Not Garfield?

As you would know by now (or existing readers on my blog site would know), I love Garfield. Who is Garfield? He is an inanimate stuffed furball that is treated like a “real” pet to me. I often wish that Garfield can get on his hind legs and start walking about in my little pigeon hole (my little petite home) – I would like to have him pottering about and being investigative.

But this will never happen, as he is inanimate. Lifeless but just squooshy.

I can assure you I am not due to be incarcerated in the Loony House. My faculties are wholly intact. I am just wanting that child in me to surface whenever I am squooshing Garfield and having his warm cottony hugs.

But alas, he is thinning out. He is half his original size and I am to blame for squooshing him all the time as it flattens the cottony filling in him.

So again, why Garfield? Why not Snoopy or Winnie the Pooh Bear or some other cartoon character that morphed to be sold in Toys R Us as a stuffed plushy toy? Yes, Garfield was bought from Toys R Us – Mum bought it for me as I was very sad to leave my first Garfield in Turkey, at a hotel near where the Virgin Mary used to live, a sacred site!

As to why I lost Garfield there is a mystery! Perhaps a sign from the heavens above that I must face “loss” so that I can be prepared in my grown up years to face loss of humans. I bawled my eyes out when I lost the furball and I cannot fathom how I will face losing my parents when the time comes.

Back to why Garfield as my favorite inanimate companion – I used to collect Pink Panther but he was to lanky to be carried about and the plushness was not there.

Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield’s character made Garfield an intelligent, but cynical and sarcastic cat. Garfield does not exhibit emotions externally and if often seen bullying Odie but in watching the toons, I come to realise the softer side in Garfield when Odie was lost and how he made the effort to hunt for Odie.

Garfield’s trait is one of superiority and he acts like he owns John the owner. He controls John and John loves Garfield even though Garfield does not show him any affection.

Garfield’s stuffed toy plushie, is Pooky the Bear and this childhood trait in Garfield appeals to me too as it shows his softer side as a childlike character trait that requires Pookie before he can sleep, just like me requiring Garfield before I can go to lala land.

Another trait of Garfield is that he is highly intelligent. He befriends an arch enemy Mousie to agree on each doing their own thing and that the pact they made is that they do not need to cross swords as happy co-existence between Mousie and Cat is fine!

I wish I had the same character traits of Garfield – intelligence, compassion, learning to co-exist with arch nemesis, lazy and not requiring to do much.

But sigh….I am no where near where to be compared to Garfield! Gee, I lost out to an inanimate furball! Bah!


Losing People Or Pets We Love Or Care About

Last week Friday, was the start of the 7th month of the Chinese Lunar calendar, where the gates of Hades opened.

I know this month, will claim many lives as it is typical Hell’s month.

Yesterday, a good friend, business colleague, Mr Alvin Yeo, a gifted legal eagle and member of Parliament, passed after 2 years battling cancer.

I remember his gentle demeanor, never a show off despite his high rank in society as well as a truly good legal eagle.

I am sure his loss will be deeply felt by society as well as by his loved ones.

I also learnt of the passing of Lil Binky, a beloved cat of

It is with sadness that we bid any living thing we spent time with farewell when the time comes. I used to enjoy seeing Lil Binky walking through Granny’s garden of and the art that is created for this beautiful cat.

Life is precious, love the ones you love, as time on earth may not be very long.

Rest in peace Alvin Yeo and Lil Binky. I am sure you will both be free from pain and enjoying your new lives till you reunite with those you love and hold dear.


Sunday Tales Of Mine & Surprise In Store For Me From Dukes Of Yore

It is Sunday! I am not ecstatic as tomorrow is Monday! Garfield hates Monday and Sunday is too close for comfort to Monday. Frankly I love Fridays best as I can look forward to sleeping in on Saturday, unless I have errands to run for my folks.

My bag of bones is tired today as yesterday I had to take my mum to the hospital for her cardiology blood work as her upcoming appointment with cardiologist is in August.

I managed to clock almost 2km walking her from carpark to clinic and back with Mum in a wheelchair. So, my bag of bones is not happy. I thought I could be well enough to catch up with Physiotherapist this morning but I was not up for it, just too tired.

I have a line forming to meet people. Besides Physiotherapist, there is Mr Real Estate, who used to serve in a committee with me. Admittedly I am tired but I feel bad to keep pushing back their requests to meet up.

I received a text message from Duke of Yore, asking me if I will accept an award this coming National Day. I was honored. I felt I did not do much except gave lots of feedback for improvement to the public service and reached out to the community give back programs. One of the good things I felt out of doing good was that it gave me a sense of purpose. I always felt useless as physically I cannot run marathons, climb mountains or bungee jump. So, this little gesture truly lifted my spirits.

The last award I received from then Head Honcho of the Dukedom was in 2015 and that was the year that our founding Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew passed. It was memorable for me as it coincided with his passing and made it easy for me to remember. Having had the honor to meet, do things with the late Mr Lee and write a message for him meant a great deal to me. Why? Because I always reminded self, who are you Garfield Hug? Nobody really! A minion who loves the inanimate furball Garfield and beavering away like all minions in the minion world.

So, if I accept, then the Dukedom will need to do the paperwork and have the pomp and pageantry session in a grand ceremony whereby I will get to nod and receive the medal of honor from the Lady Highness. I have not personally met the Lady Highness yet as with Covid-19, all events and socialising were stopped during Dorscon Orange.

Ironically, being a practical person, I always ask self what is the purpose of receiving so many medals and letters after my name? I would rather prefer useful practical stuff like fruits or edibles that I can enjoy.

I will feel like a tyrannical despot bemedaled when dead and all medals turned to ashes with my bones and if lucky, an obituary that carries the many letters after my name to commemorate my death.

I would rather prefer it read this way,

“Garfield Hug crazed fan of Garfields,

Hugged & Squooshed Garfields to bits.

Dead finally, along with her sarcastic humor!”

Aaah well, I will be dead then and cannot protest from yonder…..

Question is…will I accept the award?

Mr Nice said to “accept it gracefully”

My Good Sir said to “accept it as you deserve it”

My parents said, “why not!”

Good news is that for a useless me, without riches nor fame will go into the history books as a recipient of medals.

Grandmas and Grandpas plus my ancestors should be proud of me, I think as I am the only female loon in the family of both paternal and maternal families to be remembered for something not ominous nor scandalous. At least I have been a good girl LOL!