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Tonight’s Trivia…

What job would you do for free?

For me….

Volunteering at an elderly home…

An usher in a movie theatre….

Working in a toy store, stacking Garfields….


Awesome Strong Coffee


Naughty Calvin


Hell’s Angels

Back on June 1st, a group of HELLS ANGELS, South Carolina bikers were riding east on 378 when they saw a girl about to jump off the Pee Dee River Bridge .

So they stopped.

George, their leader, a big burly man of 53, gets off his Harley, walks through a group of gawkers, past the State Trooper who was trying to talk her down off the railing, and says, “Hey Baby . . . whatcha doin’ up there on that railin’?”

She says tearfully, “I’m going to commit suicide!!”

While he didn’t want to appear “sensitive,” George also didn’t want to miss this “be-a-legend” opportunity either so he asked . . .. “Well, before you jump, Honey-Babe . . .why don’t you give ol’ George here your best last kiss?”

So, with no hesitation at all, she leaned back over the railing and did just that . . .and it was a long, deep, lingering kiss

followed immediately by another even better one.

After they breathlessly finished, George gets a big thumbs-up approval from his biker-buddies, the onlookers, and even the State Trooper, and then says, “Wow! That was the best kiss I have ever had! That’s a real talent you’re wasting there, Sugar Shorts. You could be famous if you rode with me. Why are you committing suicide?”

“My parents don’t like me dressing up like a girl.”


Great Deterrent For Shared Items In Office Fridges


Food Fact


Real Meaning Of Frazzled – Snoopy Philosophy




Sitting & Waiting For Gantries To Allow Visiting My Dad

I hate it when I am in a time zone of what I refer to as” no man’s land”

Too early to get past the dratted IT controlled gantry that is program to bar early comers and too late to divert to the mall to pick up items for mum.

IT is good in that it stops having inefficient use of manpower standing like a mannequin there.

But IT is bad when the dratted machine cannot read bar codes of my identity card and I am stuck behind gated turnstiles that refuses to let me out.

Boon or bane of technology? I am split. Good when efficient and bad when glitches occur.

I find it convenient to pay bills but hate it when there is no human being to respond to my queries.

I hate those ridiculous bots as they can never answer anything beyond programmed asks.

I am guilty of telling the bot, “you are effectively stoopid” and it replies me, “I’m sorry. I don’t understand your question”

Hahaha…I cannot even successfully scold a bot!

I wonder if the security guards will be replaced? I watched Robo Cop classics. Half man, half bot will work but full bot? Maybe if AI replicates humans! Then if it happens, I am worried as the human race may end, alongside with pet dogs and cats.

Robots all the way!

I don’t know how I will exist then or maybe I will be quite dead then.