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Lunch Time Blues

CM sent me this today. My first time literally seeing blue rice! It is called Nasi Kerabu! It is a herbed rice served with fish and other dishes. He had this at Kuantan, Malaysia, where he is now based for a job.

I lunch at my desk everyday and work on my blog sites. Now that I have 2 sites, it is extra work and one hour just flies by in the blink of an eye.

Lunch for me is simple, usually a bun or simple sandwich or a cup of instant oats without sugar. It keeps me going till dinner time at 7pm. Yet, I am still FAT! Sigh! Must be the occasional binge of chocolatey or potato chips!
Good news is that I managed to identify my hand surgeon. He surgically removed my ganglion cyst before and I do owe it to him who sorted out my torn rotator cuff and passed me off to Dr Tan Jee Lim to sew it back up.

So I will meet with Dr Looi again in April as it is the only day I could apply for annual leave to sort it out. Thankfully, he gave me his cell phone before and I could reach him. Sadly for him, he had a previous run in with the medical council and has been barred from practising at some hospitals. If only people were more forgiving as he did a good job of sewing me up after removing the ganglion cyst.

I really hope that I will not need surgery and that my thumb can happily behave on my hand.
Dowager is having jet lag and has taken half the day off but she quietly haunts me with her silly questions regarding freebies for upcoming event. I may not be wealthy but I do not squeeze vendors till they have no room to breathe.

Seriously, the vendor shared with me that they have never worked with any other party like us before. I had to apologise. I am not one to keep asking for free things as there is no such thing as a free lunch and I am fronting the scrooge who jangles my strings to do her bidding or begging!

I believe that everyone has a profit margin to keep. Even for me as a donor deciding to donate funds, I have a preset budget. No matter how much cajoling or how good a cause maybe, I will not have that spare cash to give when I do not have that much.

From what I learnt from other colleagues, they “dislike” her style of making it difficult for us minions because over time, no vendor will want to collaborate with us in the future because of her unreasonable stinginess without merit.

Ah well, she is the boss and I am her minion…I will just let the vendor know exactly that and I will not push my weight to get the vendor to budge as everyone has overheads.



A Laugh

One day a man goes to a pet shop to buy a parrot.
The assistant takes the man to the parrot section and asks the man to choose one.
The man asks, “How much is the yellow one?”
The assistant says, “$2000.”
The man is shocked and asks the assistant why it’s so expensive.
The assistant explains, “This parrot is a very special one. He knows typewriting and can type really fast.”
“What about the green one?” the man asks.
The assistant says, “He costs $5000 because he knows typewriting and can answer incoming telephone calls and takes notes.”
“What about the red one?” the man asks.
The assistant says, “That one’s $10,000.”
The man says, “What does HE do?”
The assistant says, “I don’t know, but the other two call him boss.”


Worry Is A Bad Word To Me

Worry is a bad word to me. It does really nothing but causes anxiety, trepidation and wondering what will happen next – I hate the ever foreboding words of “what if”

Every day, I read new statistics of increasing seniors’ population. More will suffer from dementia and even more senior’s age 65 years old and above will come about in 2030.

I do not worry about death – it is the process of dying that is worrying.

I want a good death. Not a lingering one or one whereby I am left rotting in my home as I live alone. Besides, with escalating health care costs, it is expensive to live in a “dying” stage.

I want death to be quick, in one fell swoop kind! LOL!

The Asian Chinese always want a “good death” – the one fell swoop kind and not the lingering death kind. My cousin shared that she was pleased when my 3rd Aunt and her mother, passed within 7 months. True, she did suffer pain, but her pain and suffering did not last long. She eventually passed due to “breathlessness”

I have an elderly mum and dad. Whilst dad’s memory is failing, he is otherwise very fit for his age and not one, but so many of his attending physicians say that of him. They want him to try and get off his butt to get engaged in doing things.

A lot of it lies with my dad and if he refuses to budge as he is too lazy to try, then he will regress faster in terms of memory loss.

On the other hand, mum is feisty but weak legs and I am worried about her impending echocardiogram with her cardiologist. She is to wear a holter to check her heart rate and see if there are issues we should be worried about. Our appointment with the cardiologist is in April and May.

I know worrying takes me nowhere, other than to give me the sense of discomfort and fear of something bad is going to happen.

I wish I had the gall of my siblings to say “what can we do” and they can switch off. Trouble with me is, I cannot switch off.

I know that given time, I will lose my parents to death. Death happens to everyone and anyone, it is a question of time and when!

In my own silly way, I have been mentally rehearsing when it happens and I wonder if I can be strong and accept their mortality.

My parents cannot be with me forever and I am trying my best every day to be a caring and less grumpy daughter. I am also trying my best to stop being a “parent” to them.

Yes, the roles have reversed and I find self-chiding them or nagging them when they do actions that are not safe or refusing to try to be cooperative when it comes to their healthcare.

I wonder when I grow old, who will play the “parental” role to chide me or tick me off.

This is when I wish that my inanimate furball Garfield can jump up and be the one to do so.

Sigh…if only my lovely inanimate furball Garfield could walk and talk with me! LOL!

Maybe not…else I need to call Ghostbusters!



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Invisible – One Word Prompt

Invisible titles are indeed a mystery!


This Says It All…


Toilet Paper Rants & Solution

The rant….

The solution….


Introducing Garfieldhug2 – Sister

Good morning and or greetings my fine friends – with different time zones that we live in, I am never sure if it is morning, evening or midnight where my dear readers may reside in.

In days of yore, it was near impossible to communicate so readily and easily with people in different corners of the world. These days, with social media, it brings a community of common minded people closer and makes the world smaller in distance.

Social media has its ills too and we are aware of fake news, scammers etc.

Still, social media, by and large have outweighed the bad as it can also save lives, share information and let families stay in touch or parents having greater connectivity with their millennial children who may feel that parents can be a chore!

I will never be a parent as I am single and the only parenting I do is with my inaimate furball Garfield who does not talk back nor react! What a fantastic “child” I have, obedient and stays put! LOL!

To keep you all updated, I have created Garfieldhug2 on wordpress.


Garfieldhug may run out of storage space in time to come and I do not wish to lose the friendships that I have made since I started on this blog site in 2013.

I am at halfway mark in terms of storage space and do not wish to delete some of my posts. I have tried deleting photos and if you chance upon those posts with tiny boxes where photos once were, you will understand why.

As you know, I do have a lot to say and so, to stay connected, I created Garfieldhug2

I am still actively using garfieldhug at this page, not to worry as the other site is my secondary location. I do not write as much on that platform just yet and will concentrate on

I felt it would be good to explain, in case you chanced upon my other blog site and wonder if we are the same being? Seeing all my inanimate furball Garfields as masthead, you will have guessed right.

Thank you for reading and I am always grateful for your presence with kind comments and thoughts.

Have a lovely Wednesday ahead folks! Garfield hugs!



So True….About Friends


Morning Rant

I always say this to people I know, “I am either your world’s biggest B&^%$ or your world’s best friend. Take your pick!” Sadly, I am not an “in between” person as I can never be a hypocrite. I learn though, after meeting with the awful Lords of the working world and these days, can smile though I harbor a sword in my heart!

I am a person who loves putting things right. Let me explain.

Where there is poor service, I will make it known to the administrators to improve.

Where is little empathy or compassion for the elderly vulnerable seniors, I will be the first to pen a note to the main circulation newspaper such that the entity responsible for such behavior is woken up.

If the surroundings where people live is turned into a dumping ground, I will also provide feedback to the right people so that a habitable liveable place we all call home is actually a home.

Today, my “stinky” letter got published in the press. Poor mum and I were berated by morons in a hospital setting. For crying out loud, neither my mum nor I did anything wrong. We merely asked by our waiting time for clinical consult went beyond an hour of waiting time.

Usually, we will be required to wait on average 2hours, but because I let the first hour slide, I was not prepared to wait beyond 2 hours.

This was when the war of stinky letter began. Doctor’s assistant ticks me off by saying that they called for my mum at 1pm but we were not there!

I checked my mum’s appointment card – clearly written 3pm. Neither my mum’s spirit nor mine were clanging up and down the doctor’s waiting room corridor!

Besides from 2pm to 4pm, no one called for my mum’s turn, despite their so called 1pm call. Usually if there was a missed queue number, they would re-call out for the “missing patient” right? Wrong!

The smug little berator continued on in her aloofness, actually by now she was rather rude. I told her my mum is also hard of hearing, brought on by old age!

Smug Little Berator snapped at me for not “telling the registration counter”

I went to the registration counter and told them to flag this hearing impairment of my mum in her files as suggested by the Smuh Little Berator, and was promptly told, their software had no such capabilities!

To cut the long story short, my stinky letter was printed and the hospital’s administration called to say they would look into the matter.

I am not out for a witch hunt. I just want other hearing impaired seniors not to be bullied this way. Some people have obvious impediments e.g. a walking cane if one has walking difficulties or sits in a wheelchair. The sight impaired will have a white cane or a guide dog. For the hearing impaired – short of making them wear a chalkboard around their neck saying “ I am deaf” what else can they do?