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Best Toilet Paper Holder

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Games We Can Play & New Ones From Lego

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Wee Hours, Saturday Morn Grumbles

I got home at 11pm and headed straight to the fridge.

I was famished as I had my usual bun at 12.30pm and struggled through work till 10.30pm.

I thought I could speed home but lo and behold, the highway was chock a block.

Emergency rations that is fast to cook and edible was cup noodle with pork brockwurst and a slab of bream fish, sliced.

All tossed into a pot with wasabi, tiny chilli padis and the special sauce that came with the cup noodle.

I used half the noodles as it was too late to eat and it is bad to eat after 8pm.

Classmate had the gall to text me a hungry gal to say he had roast duck for breakfast.

I have loads of work that I hauled home to do this weekend.

As the washer hummed away, I spaced out with Godzilla playing on the goggle box as background noise.

I am too tired to be tired!

The weather has been way too hot and the met service has promised us wet days ahead.

Yaay! Else look at what the heat did to poor Snoopy!

A puddle became of him….so sad…

*image credit goes to DaniGove (signatory)


Things Don’t Seem To Be What You Think It Is..

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Stating The Obvious


‘Tis Late…’Tis Late ..Almost Midnight At Work

‘Tis late ’tis late,

Such is my work fate.

I heard Money Bags was whom many hate,

Thankfully, with me he is a good mate.

‘Tis late ’tis late,

Such is my work fate!

My work cannot be closed like a gate,

I struggle on accepting my work fate.

I wonder how I will survive at this rate!


Types Of Coffee Drinkers


After 50 Years Of Marriage…

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Oh Wait….

Brain is dead,

These days, a muddled head.

Still I plod on in decent stead,

Refusing to end up dead.

My comfort is Garfield’s eyes like beads,

Garfield giving me hugs as I read.

*Garfield image credit to creator Jim Davis, Paws Inc.


Life’s Funny Moments