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Proud Of My Own Achievement

I felt proud today as Kojack, my head honcho was happy with the draft speech I presented at his request.

I am HR and Eunuch wondered why I was asked when we had a corporate communications department.

I wondered too!?

Maybe it is due to my verbosity or diarrhorea of the mouth?

Maybe because I can safely say that I churn out words ad naseum?

Anyway, words do not get blocked from my mind …erm no writer’s block ever and within 10 minutes, in between mouthfuls of my dinner, I finished.

My first draft is usually my last and I hit the sent button at 9.41pm last night.

I was very happy when I received a reply in 3 words…”Thank You GH!”

I grinned from ear to ear but politely texted Corporate Communications Guy if he wanted to amend and if so, feel free to do so.

Corp Comms Guy replied to say I did it real fast and that he had nothing to add.

Truth be told, I used to be a Corp Communications Director too…ssshhh!

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Happy Thursday Folks!

How quickly the week has flown by and it is now Thursday! One more day to the Weekend Friday!

I get reminded of days as I have Mr Docile or some contact who sends me memes with day as a morning greeting. So far, I have 3 regular stalwarts who will send me via what’s app text messaging every morning starting at 7am.

It is nice to be thought of, consistently, every morning, come hale or high waters as they say.

I am off to see Dr Chomps this weekend. It is my every quarter’s routine to ensure that my gums do not flare up. The procedure he does is rather effective and although it is a bloody episode, I am left feeling a lot better each time.

Before I started doing this, I used to get swollen gums and painful jaw pains.

But Dr Chomps is brilliant to identify the problem and solve it by literally manually scraping away whatever that is potentially going to cause inflammation. I end up spewing blood each time as if I was in an MMA fight LOL!

I have been low key in life so far. Beavering away at work and social causes, staying away from family as I do need the peace of mind to sort out my own things.

Come May 2019, I will be having a hectic time as I need to take my parents to 3 days of medical appointments – 2 per day which means 6 in total and I will need to camp at the hospital.

I have no phobias against hospital and our hospitals here do not feel like a hospital as there are lots of amenities to keep me busy.

Bank ATM machines to run errands, food to buy, nooks and crannies with bubbling brooks for me to capture on photo and or checking out that is available at the pharmacies to browse.

It is funny how we as a lil red dot seem to inject life into every building – where there is high footfall, businesses tend to thrive and with the Singapore General Hospital as the largest, with a newly minted community hospital built next to the National Heart Center, it will be a hive of activity.

I wonder if a mall will sprout up?

If so, the taboo of  going to hospitals become extinct as it is a place to be at – it is “happening” as we would quip.

I cannot wait till Friday and the weekend as I am tired, eager for a sleep in!

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2019 – Halfway Mark

As I took stock of 2019, I remember how much my parents have aged and mobility is becoming an issue for my mum.

I am also reminded on how much crankier my mum has become and that I am preparing for her to also suffer from memory issues.

2019 has thankfully given me job stability in that my Lords are decent and not unnecessarily difficult for the sake of being difficult. I suppose this time round, I was smart to choose to work for an employee boss.

Although the owner’s son is also a management team member, he is respectfully leaving it to employee boss to run the show. He is not power hungry or crazed to want to sit on the throne.

I call him the modern boss who wants to hire professionals to do the job and leave the major directions to be suggested and considered.

Monkey Lord reminds me that he is not the “boss” and often moans at how the board of directors might one day fire him as he has been verbose in telling them how they should think.

Monkey Lord has appreciated working the the owner always as he views him as an entrepreneur and can see the merits in thinking like an entrepreneur.

Board members who are not entrepreneurs can think well on paper but may not have the skills to dissect and apply to the industry we are in.

I cannot be bothered anymore as I have been through war zones with previous lords and am happy to just do as am told, offer advice once in a while and shut up the rest of the time.

I have enough on my plate and would prefer to plod along and not think or act smart.

Let the “smart”ones do their smart things.

I rather look stupid and not open my mouth because most times if I open it, I end up doing the work.

Such is work life imbalance for me and I am happy to work quietly and not be distracted.

Afterall, each month end, I can just bank in my cheque and be paid.

So what has 2019 shown me?

  1. Threats of economic instability from surrounding countries that could undermine our safety as a lil red dot.
  2. MR EX and what he is truly like as I peel him like an onion, each layer leaving me in tears. I see goodness in him but I also hold paranoid fear of his fake goodness and what his intentions are from me? Business or friendship? Love or usable asset? Only he knows I suppose.
  3. Resurrection of Mr Docile and what his intentions are? Yes, I am suspicious here as people tend to only look for me when they want something of me! Hmm..but he has written me a long text message “swearing” his intentions are pure and good. Double hmm…
  4. Review of what family means to me….still not whole lot as Bro is still as selfish as ever and although Sis is behaving better, I know they will never be good siblings to me as I have never been considered a sibling of theirs. I wondered if this would have been erased or nipped at the bud when young if my parents interceded for me? I blame my dad and mum for creating this rift and letting them get at me all the time.
  5. Health wise, I am wondering what is next for me? I need to be in Bates Motel soon and I have an innate fear that one day, both my parents will drive me to the point of suffering a stroke as I am so stressed from caring for them.

So how will 2019 end?

I don’t know and am plodding along in this adventure (optimist) or nightmare (pessimist)?

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Obviously Again

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Wisdom I Never Knew


Sweet Revenge On Mum In Law

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A Revenge If You Like


Live & Learn…Gender Equality

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Old School…Some May Remember This


Seriously #2 ❤❤❤

❤❤❤I did not forget did I?🤣🤣🤣