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Nothing Changes In Life For Me

I feel as if my life is in a stalemate.

Covid-19 is back, rearing its ugly head in the community in Lil Red Dot and like a wart, it ain’t going away anytime soon. It reminds me to continuously remain vigilant about hygiene, safe distancing and not being an idiotic person to throw caution to the wind.

Whilst our Minister is all busy warning us and taking steps to curb the community spread further and waiting on tenterhooks as to if this spread is caused by a variant of the Covid-19, I woke up to see idiots in my neighborhood having a gathering of breakfast by the pool.

What?!? Which part of English in the Minister’s warning and advice they don’t understand? No safe distancing. All sitting closely. Talking loudly and chomping away as if they are not in harm’s way.

I can visualise saliva falling or spewing in every direction. I ask myself – then if any of them has the the virus in them and they each go home with it and someone unfortunately contracts it and die…then the mourning begins isn’t it? Why the need to then bang hands on breasts or chests and cry to the moon and the stars the impossible WHY?

Humans are a strange breed of mammals. Each is endowed with a fantastic brain, chokeful of grey cells. Yet sometimes my friends would protest and claim that idiots have cow dung in their heads for brains to do silly things!

This bunch of 4 idiots I call them is very silly. Will that eating session caused them great financial loss if they cancelled? Is it worth defying the government’s call to be socially responsible and become a potential super spreader?

Tut! Tut! Stop being a party pooper Garfield Hug – as if they will be in harm’s way! You think?

I had another encounter this morning with Eunuch. The Minister said in the press reports that “Employers should allow staff to work from home where possible.

“Employers are strongly encouraged to allow staff to work from home where possible

Eunuch’s reply, “should” is not “must” so ALL WILL WORK IN OFFICE!

What?! He wants to play with semantics! Gee…..yet he is one who disappears from the office and leaves me to bear the responsibility of the office.

This sense of being lonely and we Asians say that the Lords lack the look and seeing of heads of people hunkered down at their desks to feel that minions are indeed working instead of sipping mai tais by the pool is a sure way of showing their insecurities.

Sigh….I sincerely hope this cluster is not a variant and that the “super spreader is identified and isolated” soon.

I am annoyed. I need some laughs. Happy Labor day to all minions – 1 May 21!

I suppose we continue to do our part as a minion lining the purses of the Lords and hopefully live long enough to be able to spend our meagre earnings.

Yes, nothing changes in life for me, except Garfield, my inanimate furball is getting older and lesser in cottony stuffing! Sigh!

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Rise In Community Cases In Lil Red Dot

I was sad to hear in the news that a cluster of Covid cases has erupted in a ward in Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

A patient, a nurse and a doctor. Immediately that ward was locked down. By today, 4 more wards locked down and infections have spread.

Covid-19 moves really fast and what was surprising was that the vaccine did not give the health care workers immunity from Covid-19, despite 2 doses taken.

I sincerely hope that with the vaccine they took, they will not succumb to Covid but live.

This reminds me that safe distancing and keeping good hygiene and masking up is important.

The vaccine does not mean we can throw our masks away.

Our real life cases have shown and proven that with vaccination, masks and PPE Covid still managed to infect the health care workers.

Please please don’t stop wearing your masks, thinking that being vaccinated you are safe.

Take care. Mask up. Covid is alive and circulating amongst us.


Work Stress & Waking Up Nightly At 4.30am

It has been a strange couple of weeks since the sudden axing of my peer in another division. It would be a lie to say that I was not affected. I was deeply affected as she worked in that division for 8 years and without grace, the High Lord summoned her from an off site meeting and told her that it was her last day.

No grace, no face saving – plonked a new comer and she had to do an immediate handover and be escorted out of the office with her personal belongings.

Minionhood is such I feel. We are constantly at the mercy of Lords.

If you are not the flavor of the month, time to be axed.

If you are not the apple of the eyes, time to be axed.

Too fat, time to be axed.

Too shabby in dressing, time to be axed.

In today’s day and age of tripartism against biases, I find it strange.

Ageism still plays a large part in today’s society for a job role. I saw an advertisement by a retired lawyer seeking a job. I called him as I was seeking to hire a lawyer but yet, I could not engage him for a couple of reasons, largely he is almost 80 years young and I was afraid that he could not adapt to the fast paced, digital environment that we worked in.

Was I an ageist? No, I would like think that I was not and I bravely put forth his credentials to the hiring manager but we too agreed that given his high rank in the private sector, he may not roll up his sleeves to do the menial works.

As to why my peer was released, I could only fathom it to, she lost the faith and trust of the High Lord. It could be that in a family business, one must listen to the patriarch and not any of patriarch’s Offsprings. It is hard to position self between a patriarch and an Offspring.

Patriarch has 2 Offsprings and each leads one division.

I am in a position whereby I am positioned between an employee Lord a.k.a Monkey Lord and an Offspring.

Employee Lord is like me, an employee and is heavily influenced by the High Lord. Hence Monkey Lord is in the same position as that of my axed peer, sandwiched between High Lord and an Offspring.

Stressed by the amount of work and rushing to meet deadlines to meet the Fuddy Duddies, I am also apprehensive of what the Fuddy Duddies would say.

This morning when I woke up at 4.30am again, I saw the beautiful moon, in her glowing splendour. My little ode to the Moon is penned below, honoring the lost 53 crew members of the Indonesian submarine that sank:-

Oh Beautiful Moon,

I see you so soon.

I am not over the Moon,

As no man has over me, swooned.

I dream of more blog posts to people I must lampoon,

Remembering that I cannot hurt others as sharply as a harpoon.

To the lost Indonesian submarine crew of 53, loved ones swoon,

Wrapped in a sad sorrowful cocoon,

53 will never be ever seen as their souls will rise to the heavenly moon.

Lives lost too soon,

Too soon, too soon.

Deepest condolences to the surviving family members of the presumed dead Navy crew. Presumed dead as at early morning yesterday, their oxygen supply would have finished and there was no way they would survive, plus the debris of parts of the submarine were found.

As at time of this post, no remains have been found.


Feel Good Read

A man married a beautiful girl.

He loved her very much. One day she developed a skin disease.

Slowly she started to lose her beauty.

It so happened that one day her husband left for a tour.

While returning he met with an accident and lost his eyesight.

However their married life continued as usual. But as days passed she lost her beauty gradually.

Blind husband did not know this and there was not any difference in their married life. He continued to love her and she also loved him very much.

One day she died.

Her death brought him great sorrow.

He finished all her last rites and wanted to leave that town.

A man from behind called and said, now how will you be able to walk all alone? All these days your wife used to help you.

He replied, I am not blind.

I was acting, because if she knew l could see her ugliness it would have pained her more than her disease.

So I pretended to be blind. She was a very good wife. I only wanted to keep her happy.

Moral:- Some times it is good for us to act blind and ignore one another’s short comings, in order to be happy

No matter how many times the teeth bite the tongue, they still stay together in one mouth. That’s the spirit of FORGIVENESS.

Even though the eyes don’t see each other, they see things together, blink simultaneously and cry together. That’s UNITY.”

  1. ”Alone I can ‘Say’ but together we can ‘talk’.
  2. “Alone I can ‘Enjoy’ but together we can celebrate
  3. ‘Alone I can ‘Smile’ but together we can ‘Laugh’.
    That’s the BEAUTY of Human Relations. We are nothing without each other
  4. The razor blade is sharp but can’t cut a tree; the axe is strong but can’t cut the hair.


Everyone is important according to his/her unique purpose,Never look down on anyone unless you are admiring their shoes


Generally Speaking….My Saturday Has Gone To The Wind

It is hard to get out of a routine and I find self waking up at 4.30am as if, time to go for work. I went back to sleep, hugging Garfield tight and squooshing his paws as I like that.

I have been getting an awful lot of leg cramps and am wondering if it is because I am overworked? Probably I think. Or too sedentary, given that I need to sit and work and run to the loo or trot about the office attending meetings.

I have a tall order of chopping headcount and next week I have to release two of them. Never nice to do this really.

I am getting geared up for the annual roaster – me being put before the Fuddy Duddies and roasted like a bird as they give me the eye over for work done or not done. It is a tough one and I hope to survive it. I am prepared either way, booted out or kicked but left to continue in this world of minionhood.

I have much to do. Besides getting really angry at my mum for deciding on her own accord to stop this or that medication on her own. She argues with me, saying what is the big deal! My eyes will glare at her and reply with anger, “what is the big deal? What if you become a vegetative state and my burden of caring for her rises to the nth level? Why not control her heart condition by taking the meds prescribed?”

Her naive answer is “die easily is good” and my retort is if you can die. The issue is one does not die but become in a vegetative state or loses the use of limbs or bodily functions. Then what do i do with the additional burden.

I know it is not easy aging but please do not make it tougher for your caregivers than it already. Families usually have a village to care for their elderly but I am a village of ONE or I often cite the unholy trinity of ME, MYSELF and I.

Life goes on and just finished my work at 3pm to start catching up on my blog posts and reading fellow post blogs.

I wish I had more time to vegetate and watch soapies. I am currently catching 1 hour nightly during dinner time for Chicago Fire Season 5. I love the firefighter characters – Chief Boden, Lts Casey and Severide, Hermann, Otis, Mouch, Dawson, Brett, Capp etc and I love it when the creator Dick Wolf has created integration with Chicago Med, and Chicago PD (crooked cop) and Antonio, brother to Dawson a Chicago Fire.

Still trying to catch up on The Good Doctor, Blue Bloods and FBI series.

I wish I could retire and have economic viability to live out my life without lifting a finger. But with my ailments, I think this is a fantasy as it will not be economically viable.

Happy Saturday folks and we are having a spell of wet weather in Lil Red Dot and I love it as it means water for our lil island.

I am alive.

The hills are alive.

Garfield is inanimate, but to me, he is alive!

Each pain I feel, means I am alive.

Each hurt or heartache is echoing my belief that I am alive.

What if this is all a dream and that actually I am dead?

Hmm……conspiracy theory in the making for sure.


Neighbor’s Cooking Week 10 April To 16 April 21

Saturday’s lunch
Saturday’s lunch came with a box of salad
Saturday’s dinner fried zuchini with pork
Sunday’s Bittergourd soup with pork and doufu
Sunday’s dinner – curry fish head with veggies and a hard boiled egg
Boiled rice to go with fish head curry
A jar of home made chicken rice chilli
Monday’s soup…vegetarian – corn, carrots from Taiwan, figs, red beans, cashew nuts- absolutely delicious and tasty
Monday’s main – Japanese pork don on a bed of veggies and white rice. Really yummy!
Tuesday dinner of pasta with minced beef and chopped carrots.
Wednesday Korean extravaganza – Kimchi soup with chicken
Served with white rice
Friday’s lotus root soup with corn on cob and carrots – vegetarian soup cooked with cashews, red beans and figs
Rice with stir fried pork and veggies

A Shocker At Work

Monday night I received a message from a peer that she was told to leave her job….marching orders. I was shocked and listened in disbelief.

Her Supreme Lord felt she was not doing her job, despite her 8 year stint in this role.

I felt sad as I know how stressful my work has been and expectations to perform is high.

This peer has copied off alot of my work so that she need not put effort in it. I did not mind as I was always happy to share. But after this episode, I found out that she was also quietly taking my memos through Ms Feisty and passing off as her own too.

I felt sad as no one counselled nor spoke to her about her shortcomings but held it for 8 years to boot her out.

It would have been nice if Supreme Lord pointed out her errors in ways and gave her a chance to improve.

I gave her an hour to pour out her woes and felt sad as she bawled her eyes out.

It could have been me or anyone to be in this person’s shoes as some Lords are too chicken shit to correct people but so brave to give the boot!

In my work as minion hood, I am expected to be a strategist, a cleaner on aisle 3 or whenever shit hits the fan, sack or hire minions, do what others don’t want to do and everything else under the sun.

Minions are not paid handsomely but are expected to perform the tasks of 3 manpower.

Minions must be zen, earnest to learn.

Minions must be cool, calm and collected.

This is the new economy as minions are plentiful and jobs not so plentiful unless one is prepared to work as a supermarket check out girl or stockist.

A wisdom quote!
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Easter Sunday….

Singapore is relaxing more measures against Covid-19 as vaccines are rolled out. No more split teams required but no cross deployments allowed still.

At the last report, almost 1 million – 950,000 have been vaccinated.

I will be happy when herd immunity is achieved for my lil red dot.

Meanwhile, from 5 April, up to 75% of us are allowed back to office. But Eunuch wants 100% back at the office as his belief is that 25% will be out for meetings. My guess is if safe distancing officers from the goverment does a surprise visit, his math better add up!

The quarantining of visitors are proving effective as we do get alot of Covid cases blocked at the ‘gates’ of quarantine.

How the universe began perhaps?

I am back 100% from Tuesday as I needed a day off to bring my folks for their medicals. I will miss work from home as I save an extra hour and can start work fast whereas going to the office requires me to be up at 5.30am and hit the roads by 6.45am to be at my desk by 7.15am.

How it began!

Happy Easter folks and I hope you had a fun time doing the easter egg hunt with your kids or nieces and nephews!


Gawd…I Hate Mondays..

Monday is the start of a brand new work week. Baah!!

On the scale below, I am not #9. Probably I am #1 & #5!!

What about you?

I am not a 9 for sure!
The ducks get back to their hunting season

Monday is also the start of the week’s continuing local family drama, Kin.

The half hour episodes have plots that are full of twists and turns involving the Shelleys, the Lohs, Yang and Shen (disassociative disorder doctor/surgeon) and the Balas. I see lots of scheming for money and keeping of secrets…it is just riveting.

Kin is now into its 592nd episode which I can binge watch in advance for the week ending Friday. 5 half an hour episodes, each episode I start watching from 7pm and end 9.30pm. This is the only highlight of my Mondays!

Good news is that the plumber did a good job of removing my old vanity counter, wooden cabinet and sink in the toilet. A new stainless steel cabinet and ceramic sink now sits beautifully in my toilet.

The downside to this is that the storage area shrunk and not all my toilet rolls can be stored in it. Thankfully my cleaning detergents can fit in it.

I have a brand new poop throne too but will not show it as geee who would want to see a poop throne right?!🤣🚽🚽🤣

This a gargantuan poop throne that I found on the internet – not the one I bought haha…this poop throne can seat many people at one time!
Meanwhile I am sure the Queen has her hands full now, dealing with her daughter in law

Life goes on….


Last Wednesday’s Conversation With White Coats

White Coat was in a placid mood when I saw him last Wednesday. There was no long queue to see him and I was seen as soon as I arrived at 9am which was a boon as government hospitals usually require me to wait minimally for 2 hours.

I suppose with Chinese Lunar New Year just over, patients were not in the jolly mood to see doctors just yet.


” Gong Xi Fa Cai White Coat and how was your new year? Did you do much visiting?”


I had to play the nice victim here as I maybe sliced and diced by him so I turned up the charm.


” Just stayed home as limited to 2 households a day. “


” Aaah so you saved on spending on hong baos (red packets of monies distributed to singles or children)” I quipped.


” No lah….red packets still need to be given”


In light of digitalisation, E Hong Baos have been created by banks and transference of money can be done electronically. I prefer the touch and feel of opening a red packet and counting the fresh, crisp new notes.


” See my swollen left hand – is my condition worsening?”


” Could be your underlying auto immune issues acting up. What did Prof Fong prescribe for your auto immune?”


I am now squirming as I do not take meds unless drastically required. ” Erm I do not take meds at all. if I am in pain then I take an NSAID”


” What is wrong with all of Prof’s patients! Each of them refuse to take meds!” he sound edgy.


I need to quell his edginess….think fast woman!


” You are very handsome”

It worked. It fizzled out! LOL!

I had to have a steroid injection to resolve the pain. It was brutal and he asked me if I have had such injections before of Shincort and Lidocaine…told him yes, last time 38 injections!

He rolled his eyes.

I need surgery and I am still maintaining August schedule. He has assured me that not much difference and downside to failed surgeries are permanent numbness.