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Mum’s Stable

Tired after 5 days of dashing about , my shoulder, arm, leg and spine began to protest.

I needed to take a step back to heal thyself and not visit mum today.

I also did not want to look in on dad today….just too tired and the weather has been wet, gloomy and imdirectly affects my bag of bones too.

I sought help from a friend and my dad’s neighbor. Their kindness allowed me to rest.

Dad’s neighbor went and cooked his lunch and dinner whilst my friend, Bird Man, visited mum.

Mum feels better.

Doctor called and updated me.

Mum is stable and her sodium level is getting back up again.

Lab test is cultivating the bug so that the right antibiotic can be administered to my mum

If all goes well, then my mum can be downgraded from acute care to the community hospital next week.

Instead of thinking I could rest on Saturday, I had to do laundry, change sheets for my bed and ironing.

Typical chores.

I also cooked lunch and dinner for my dad for Sunday as I need to do my hospital visit to mum.

I will let dad rest at home on Sunday.

Falls are lethal for elderly,

I need not remind all formally.

A fall doth crack or break the bones naturally,

Usually hip or skull totally!

Remind elderly to be careful primarily,

Falls are not to be seen as perfunctory.

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Mum Is Not Doing Too Well…

Mum is back in acute care.

Nausea overtook her and we are suspecting concussion or a bleed in the brain.

The CT scan on day of fall, 3 days ago showed all clear.

But with these new symptoms she needs to be closely monitored.

Further her sodium level has been plummeting and this could be related to brain injury, something omnimous or pain (?)

Mum is not eating. She is refusing food too.

I am worried.

I am stressed.

I am torn between my father with pre dementia and her. I got to ensure he feeds self, takes his meds and stays safe at home.

Plus a job to ensure I keep my duties.

I hope I don’t lose my mum to this silly accidental fall of hers that is really her own folly.



Gee Under 2 Weeks To Bates Motel & 13 days to Christmas!

Time flies really!

My dreaded stay at Bates Motel is fast looming and I hate it.

Surgery sucks and I hate it most post op as it hurts and I need to ambulate.

That first step on physio days is the hardest as I will need to learn how to use my arm and do the exercises prescribed.

It is that painful start that begins and then only will the pain lessen over time.

As the old adage goes, it has to get worst before it gets better I suppose.

I really have a tough time of late with my left arm. After a day of doing things, the pain reaches a scale of 10.

I will grimace, make funny faces and plod on. Ice ice baby to the tune of Vanilla Ice is when I reach for the ice in my freezer to put over the painful shoulder.

I do not take pain killers as I have a host of allergies and typical Arcoxia, Synflex or Lyrica does not work for me.

I rely on one antiquated drug – Piroxicam that will soon be discontinued in Singapore as the company producing it finds no volume to continue to import and distribute it.

Yes, with aggressive marketing, the new drugs are pushed by surgeons or doctors and these old but stable drugs are removed.

It is a shame though as the older a drug is, the lesser the side effects as time tested and proven.

I will need to pick out a suitable jumper suit for Garfield to put on when we both get incarcerated at Bates Motel. The little fella like me, do get cold.

That poor little inanimate furball will be squooshed for sure as he sits with his beady eyes looking at me. LOL!

I sometimes ask self why ME?

Why have I undergone so many surgeries?

Why am I sliced and diced ever so often?

I have not achieved enlightenment to figure out why just yet. 🤔 But I attribute all this to karma.🙈🤦‍♀️

Maybe I am serving out my karma?

Maybe I have been evil in my past life?

Maybe I was a mad scientist that was slicing and dicing too many frogs and now I am paying back?

Hmm…fascinating logic isn’t it?

I guess I have to continue to pay karma till I all my dues are cleared.

I do not wish to be reincarnated and hope that this is my last life on this earthly realm and I fully pay all my dues and clear all future outstanding dues.

I wish I can be that helper with the gate keeper at the Pearly Gates to screen and or help open and close doors! Yo St Peter, I can count too you know…haha!

Sure beats being in pain and being human LOL!


What Makes Me Tick?

Tick Tock! Tick Tock! The mouse ran up the clock!

No no….I am not the mouse that would run up the clock though I wish I could just do something that is mindless and fun.

I have been a customer of Jenny for the longest while and though we chat like old friends, I only saw her once in over 20 years.

Today she popped by as I need some work to be done in my yard and again we chatted up a storm.

She worried about my health and shared that her neck and shoulders also hurt. I advised her to see a doctor as in her line of work, she needed good physical health.

I admired her. She is a self made entrepreneur with zero knowledge in her trade but business partnered a person who could do the laborious task but lacked ability to do paperwork.

Yes, undoubtedly she works hard but she gets by and more importantly she is economically viable and happy. Her old age is crafted as she owns her own small business and she can continue to do so till she decides to hang up her boots!

I do not have a trade skill set. Here, trades people do well – plumbers and electricians make the most dollars as they are well sought after.

Of course, I am unfair here to leave out the CEOs of MNCs or SMEs – they do well to earn hundreds of millions for listed companies!

What I do have is a good brain for paperwork and thinking out of the box type of solutions for situations. Is this material in making money for self? I don’t think so although I help out of goodwill people who do not know how to get selves out ruts! Yes, I am the go to person on aisle 3 as one would quip!

Ms Feisty and I were bemoaning that our workload could not finish and I agreed with her when she quipped that because we are so efficient, more work is pushed our way.

I wish I was less efficient and less effective.

Being smart or intellectually capable to solve things is both a boon and a bane.

They say that a little knowledge is dangerous and this leads me to research and find solutions.

The more I know, the more I am better able to review any given situation and assess options. I become useful and often used [Mr Mel kindly reminded me about this today with his post –

I like reading Mr Mel as he has such wonderful insights that makes me go into think thought sessions. Do pop by give his site a visit]

But unfortunately I do not know if my skill set will be useful for me when I am older?

I worry that without good health and ability to do laborious tasks, I am unable to even take up a retirement job of being a cashier or something menial.

Yes, in lil red dot, retirees either end up as cleaners, plate clearers at hawker stalls, gardeners or part timer at McDonald’s or Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets.

Once you hit past 55 years, throw your fancy degrees or diplomas or PhDs – useless!

I don’t think I can do all that work to carry, lift or stand on my feet all day and worry what can I do really, once I reach retirement age.

I guess I must find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and live out my aging years in dignity and fun.

I envisioned self having some savings for old age and perhaps taking on tai chi classes and wish I was Ip Man or Kung Fu Panda Po or hugging trees at the Botanical Gardens for good health and walks.

So what makes me tick?

A whole lot really as now am multi tasking with office work and writing my post and mind wandering to ironing to be done and what is for dinner!

Lunch has not be squared away just yet as it is 20 past 12 pm!

Tick tock tick tock! Time and tide waits for no man….not for me too!

I age on a daily basis – I am a day older each day!

Maybe we can all sit and grow old gracefully on WordPress…


My Feel Good Moment


Growing Old, But Inability To Handle It, Is A Shame…

English….Syntax Is Important.

I made time to listen to Mr El Depressed yesterday when he looked me up.

Yes, like any human being, I respect the other and I feared that Mr El Depressed might really do something to self harm.

When I saw him, he looked down. He was a bit scruffy but still presentable. He is sane but frazzled looking, sharp and clear on what he wants.

I let him rattle on.

He claimed he saw a pyschiatrist who was my ex colleague.

She Aged Gracefully!

This psychiatrist did not take him seriously and charged him “a lot of money” to talk. Medicines did not work.

Mr El Depressed needed $3 million. At one point in our conversation, he asked me to give him $3 million and he will be mine. He assured me there will be a contract drawn up.

Mr El Depressed said he was just at a bank and was charged 9.7% for a loan. He has to pay $40,000 monthly to service his loan. True or false, I am unsure as he is touted to be a world businessman(?)

He further said he has banged up his 1 year old Mercedes on all 4 sides and that he has no $ to repair it.

He aims to sell it and take private hire cars for transport.

He is wallowing in the company of friends of his vintage who talk about nothing but growing old without money, job and committing suicide. 3 of his classmates committed suicide according to him and he told me he will probably leap off a building.

Business is down for him on all fronts, given all the trade wars. He has to travel the world to seek alternative avenues of wealth.

My diagnosis of his ailment – greed for more money, mid life crisis and consuming banned substances to lose weight frightened him.

I do believe he is lonely, lost in his self plan for his future and desperately seeking funds to finance it.

I feel for him.

To be in his 60s and realise he has ageism issues is depressing to him.

He claims he is dyslexic, has ADHD and will live beyond 82 years old BUT without wealth for old age.

I do pity him.

He must learn to age gracefully and stop wanting more and more money as it is never enough.

Meanwhile I am unsure if he was ever a true friend to me?


No Fun To Be In Pain – 1st Frustration

Last night I went to bed with a sore shoulder and painful scar from my parotid gland surgery done in July 2019.

This morning I woke up with a shoulder pain tipping a perfect 10 on the pain scale and an even more painful scar.

Off I trotted to see Dr Surgeon and he was so full of himself to say that his parotid gland surgery was perfect and that the pain from the scar is not from his operation.

Geez….talk about pushing away blame or being egotistical. His rationale is that he has done thousands of such surgeries and no one has complained about the symptoms I feel.

I retorted that I could be that anomaly!! Can he not just research, check the books and figure out why my scar feels like skin being ripped whenever I turn my neck?

I assured him that I was not after a witch hunt but a solution. Dr Surgeon is so stuck in his perfect ego that he can do no wrong that he refused to put his brain to figure out when my scar hurts so bad.

I literally burst out in tears.

I asked him if there is NO CURE, tell it to me in my face.

Or if I am an anomaly and that it takes 2 years (arbitrary speaking here as I pulled number out of a hat) say so.

But stop saying “not me” or “cannot be me” statements.

As a surgeon he should be more open to listen and stop blocking out the symptoms I am trying to tell him.

I asked him why my skin feel like ripping whenever I turn my neck?

No answer but “not from my operation”

I asked him when my left cheek’s swelling will subside? It has been 4 months since the operation. 2 years? 4 years? Forever no cure? What?

No answer but “not from my operation”

I was frustrated.

I told him of constant food stuck on left side of my jaw and that with the swelling I kept biting my own cheek. I spent $321 for my dentist to help me clean and patch the tooth abrasion cavities in the area as I brushed so often to remove the stuck food.

He is so dense as not to know this as the neurologist did warn me about this.

But he was insistent, “not from my operation”

My left ear lobe on top and along the sides of the face hurt. Why, I asked?

No answer but “not from my operation”

He is so stuck in his ego state of I am a perfect surgeon that he did not allow any consideration for my pain.

He grudgingly prescribed a steroid cream for me to apply onto the wound.

I left his clinic. Surgery was done. There is nothing he can do and will do to assist me.

I do not think I will go back and see him anymore as afterall I pay for a session which only says,

“Not from my operation”

Looks like I have to find my own solution and heal thyself.


Thursday….1.5 Hours Of Sleep All Night! ðŸ˜¤

Mr Docile Sent Me This When I Shared With Him What An Awful Night I Had With Mr El Depressed.

For those who read my earlier post titled, “When It Is Not Funny!”I was snooked of my emotions when Mr El Depressed claimed he was “depressed and wanted to commit suicide”

Yesterday night at about 8pm, I saw on El Depressed’s social media that he was at the Entrepreneur of The Year 50 Awards on the night he was at this event.

Evidence before my eyes! I fumed as photos of him in his tuxedo, all decked out, laughing and feasting.

Where was the vision of a suicidal maniac, claiming to be depressed, sick and “losing alot of weight!”?

I was cross.

I texted him to say it was not funny to text me those words whilst he was eating a 10 course Chinese Banquet feast and being such a cad.

It was, as I texted “unacceptable”

My eyes literally popped out of its sockets (*figuratively of course like Coyote’s eyes in Road Runner cartoons) when he texted me a reply,

” Oh ya! Ok. Just recovered! G9″

Whoaa!! This is really an unreasonable man and I replied,

“You missed the point in its entirety! You ought to admit your mistake and apologise!”

He then had the audacity to “block me” then sending me an email to say,

” Need to preserve my emotion equilibrum. I need peace of mind for a while”

I gave up further communications with him and ignored his whats app message at past 2am this morning to say,

“I have unblocked you. I was having 6 concurrent chat groups and needed to focus before travelling”

I did what my smarter self advised me, “block & report”

Then I deleted him.

El Depressed is not a good man, nor a kind person.

I Could Use This!

He made use of my kindness, was a “friend” only to get what he wants.

Pardon my French here, but I replied his email to say,

” You are an asshole.

What you did was not nice.

You talked of preserving your emotion equilibrum, but what about mine when you played me by claiming to be suicidal.

You are just unkind and a real B$#%%!”

I am glad to know this man is or never was a friend to me.

At least now I know.

I was admittedly affected and did not sleep til 3.30am thursday morning only to get up at 5am to get ready for work.



When It Is Not Funny!

I had an unusual encounter last evening on whats app messaging.

I usually turn in by 10pm on week nights as I have to crawl up before the cock crows or the larks call at 5am. Yes, I am one of those that live like a Vampire, arise before sun rise and return home after sunset.

Around 10.30pm, my cell phone buzzed and it was from someone I knew who claimed that he was in a depressed state of mind and contemplated suicide!

I fell for it and thought this person was generally, well – gone off the deep end.

I woke up and texted back to suggest for this person (by now I call this person, Mr El Depressed) to seek help from Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) or talk to a family member. I further said that Mr El Depressed should seek psychiatric assistance.

” Been there, done that. Threw away all the tranquilizers – no use” was Mr El Depressed’s reply.

I read recently of how a girl in USA had goaded her boyfriend to commit suicide and he did. I also read of how another K pop star in her 20s also committed suicide recently.

I felt trapped to offer assistance.

The last thing I wanted to do was to do a “dare” for this person to go kill self.

To cut to the chase, when I got to work this morning and texted Mr Docile for advice, he told me to back off. Mr El Depressed was attention seeking and has family support.

It was not my position to help him as it should be the family.

I asked Ms Policewoman and she also stated firmly that next time, I should call the police and tell the police that I have a friend who might want to harm self and if they could check up on this person.

Silly me….I have learnt that Mr El Depressed may have sent me those text messages to engage me for some sick thrill of seeing how I will jump in terms of care or concern.

He had earlier texted me to say he was very unwell and that he had lost a lot of weight, of which I did reply for him to seek medical treatment as it may sound like an ominous condition, such as cancer, where weight loss is sudden and rapid.

Well, I did not appreciate Mr El Depressed’s way of trying to get my attention and I felt silly to have fallen into his trap.

There shall be no next time as I will ignore. Should he really decide to jump off a building or cliff, then sadly, it is his own silliness of trying to be funny to me – sort of like the boy who cried wolf!

Sigh! With idiots like him, it makes me feel less sympathetic to those really in need of medical intervention or help for them.


Just When I Felt Down & So Alone…

I Received This Greeting From Executive Chef William This Morning

It was a pleasant surprise to hear from Ms Classmate today all the way from Jakarta.

Though she was away attending her Tibetan buddhist studies in Jakarta for this week she thought of me to let me know that I was in her prayers.

She had offered prayers for my health and happiness.

Photo Of The Buddhist Seminar & Prayers She Attended

I do wish I can be like her, retired early and with ability to do what she likes and travel to wherever she wants.

She is a good daughter to her parents and a good sister to her sibling.

Her kindness in continuous prayers for my health and happiness is deeply appreciated.

Today I also had another surprise. Ms Legal Eagle returned from Beijing after a week’s holiday and bought me a hand carved pencil sharpener.

She joked with me that the dinosaur sharpener was sturdy enough to use as a weapon for self defence.

I like her funny humor.

Side View Of A Hand Carved Dinosaur Sharpener
A Front View For Sharpening Pencil

Ms Legal Eagle is old school, preferring wooden pencils to mechanical ones.

I too, am like here for writing except when doing crosswords, I would use the mechanical pencil.

Ms Legal Eagle did not manage to walk the entire Great Wall Of China.

Who can?

Certainly not in freezing temperatures haha!

I am blessed to be remembered by good friends as I am always wondering if I will die alone and or be lonely in old age.