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Dumpling Festival Or Dragon Boat Festival

Chicken sent me this photo she took and the cloud art made me see it as twin typhoon or tornado spirals and this led me to this post about Hong Kong. Hong Kong is famous for its annual typhoons in hot summer months!

25 June 2020 is the Dumpling Festival in Lil Red Dot as well as in Fragrant Harbor (Hong Kong or HK for short).

It is not a public holiday in Lil Red Dot, although in Fragrant Harbor it is a big deal with a holiday to mark it.

I miss the old vibrant HK where night life is exciting and lots to see. I use to visit Temple Street to shop at the Night Market and hear the buskers there with their solo performances.

The bum boats or old ferry that plies between HK island and Kowloon is so fun. I used to have porridge on the bum boat as an activity for date night. It was tasty and fun caressing the waters in a small bum boat steered by an elderly lady. I admired her tenacity to ply a living out of this.

The HK of today is filled with riots, protests and everything not reminiscent of the old HK.

For me, it has lost its charm as fear fills me as to when it is the next protest or riot and if I decide to visit HK for a short break, will I be caught in it.

Like any tourist, I am sure this frightens us off.

HK’s economy was already floundering before Covid-19 and with Covid-19, it really hurt it even more.

Businesses suffered. Hotels retrenched people and everyone suffered.

I feel sad for HK as it was the happening place for bankers, trade and business, pipping Lil Red Dot back then.

As I look back at how I used to celebrate the Dumpling Festival with gusto back then in HK and now in Lil Red Dot, it is non existent. With Covid-19, I do not even get any dumplings from friends, contacts or self bought.

Anyway, these days, the traditional dumpling is replaced or upgraded to super high end Michelin type truffle ingredients to lure the well heeled. I prefer my old fashioned nonya bak chang (pork dumpling) with glutinous rice and rich chunks of fillings!

Happy Dumpling Festival to all in Asia and who celebrates it! Have an extra one to cheer selves in this tough time of economic challenges and Covid -19 times.


Reflections On Things That Did Not Happen

I had some time to reflect on things last night and wondered about how the situation would have been had I ended up in marriage with my arch nemesis, MR EX.

I counted my lucky stars as I am sure that I would be neglected by a full time philanderer, who is chasing wealth and skirts. I am sure that my heart would be broken into a thousand pieces.

It is funny how things worked out. I felt sad when things did not work out and did not understand why at the time. But on hindsight, I am pretty sure that the deities above took care of me and shielded me from a seasoned liar and cushioned me from any future hurt.

Is there nothing good of MR EX? It would be wrong to say so but I tend to believe that he did things to try and gain something in return. He is too sharky and baiting was his technique.

Still, he is a father, a husband and a son.

Perhaps he is better in the status he has now.

Perhaps he is a fantastic father, a dutiful and doting husband to his current wife.

Life is strange because when things do not turn out the way we want it to be, we get really saddened but after time, the picture gets less clouded by emotions and one can realize that I dodged a bullet really.

What makes any relationship a loving one?

Is there care and concern?

Is that person ever around when you need help?

Is that person a go to person?

Sadly when I looked back, MR EX was never there. For each missing time, he had excuses. If it was not work or his battlefield cries, it was always related to business that was more important.

Today I see him as a pitiful man. He has lost everything he tried to build and is now an employee he claims. True or false, only he knows.

He claims to be mired in debts of ridiculous amounts that I wonder if it is in liras or currencies that leaves us millions per Singapore dollar or US dollar?

Whatever the case, I wish him much happiness, peace and joy in his old age.

May his children care for him when he cannot find employment and his wife nurse him should he fall ill.

Life goes on and I now understand why he and I did not work out – I deserved better!

Thank you deities for making me safe from such a toxic man!


Key Performance Indicators (KPI)s Is The Weight Of Pocket Books

My entire minion life is about key performance indicators (KPIs). I have to devise the top, middle and minion KPIs for the Lords.

But I must say that Mr Safety is rather good at leading his own team and requires little guidance from me. The higher up one is on the totem pole, I feel the lazier they become in strategic thinking or rationalising how to manage their budgets, cost control or setting of KPIs.

To evaluate KPIs, the report card would be the weighing of the Pocket Book Soul as I call it.

Minions and Lords have a disconnect on how this should be done. Top Lords have one mind, Middle Lords have another mind.

Top Lords expect due process. Set the goals, define it and sit down with minion to agree upon and let minion deliver through one period. Then when the end of the year comes, Middle Lords must sit down with minions to assign a grade that correlates to a matrix for distribution of the number of months of salary the minion would get.

Middle Lords are too lax. They throw the entire process to minion to set their own, without guidance and weigh their ownselves. Middle Lords then signs off blindly and the entire tedious process is then chucked to the Kingdom of Minions, also know as People Resources to clean up, arbitrate, mediate or as we say in local speak, be the bad guys for big bad mama!

I asked a simple question to the Middle Lords. If you are planning to remove a person for poor performance, how is it your rating of the person’s performance is in high 80%? Also how is it that the poor performer is rated to be given 3 months of bonus?

It does not gel isn’t it? There is no logic to their think thoughts or decision making process is how I feel.

After speaking with each Middle Lord, I am told, “I do not want to be the bad guy” – aaaahhhh typical of one’s view of self. Everyone wants to be a good guy!

That leaves me to do the dirty job as Bad Guy and the Terminator!

Way too much fun?!!! Can you hear my sarcasm by chance?

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Some Hindsights Of Work From Home Countries Start To Unlock

Some say it is too soon to unlock all lockdowns.

There are asymptomatic buggers around.

Some say fffffiiiinnnnaaally! And about time too.

Some come out of it, rotund!

Some come out of it with a self cut head of hair or self grooming for pets.

The industry I am employed in, cannot start anytime soon. It is anticipated in July perhaps or worst case, December!

Austerity measures are in place and it is worrying for all who are working. Will they be axed next?

Many have lost their jobs already in the sectors that are hardest hit – F&B, aviation, tourism and more.

Then there’s all the left over toilet paper that hoarders are stuck with😉

Perfect PPE against Covid and great social distancing observance!

Please Don’t Clean Your Dog’s Paws With Bleach Or Lysol

The paws of dogs are like our hands. Please do not wash the paws with bleach or Lysol or corrosive substances.

Just like we do not clean our hands with bleach or Lysol!

Maybe you can buy disposable mittens or re-usable mittens for their paws or use simple bath soap and water or dog shampoo?

I was really sad to see this meme. The paws are raw from overuse of corrosive substances.


Perils Of Co-Living Spaces

I must admit that I have been staying alone too long and having my parents stay with me is a challenge of patience, tolerance and forberance.

I have to deal with safety issues, water wastage issues, food droppings on the floor and having things done in a way that is not what I like.

Being elderly, I worry for their safety. Wet floors, opening of long or tall windows that should not be opened or opening of windows that can be swung open and hit the air condenser unit and cause the long piece of glass in the window frame to be smashed to smithereens!

My parents do not listen! Or rather, they choose not to listen. I become the bad guy!

As for my mum who is supposedly hard of hearing, I tend to believe now that it is more so due to selective hearing. She chooses to listen and hear what she wants to hear.

I am also tired of my mum’s bemoaning of her life and why she cannot die. Funny thing is when she is very ill, she prays for life.

I am tired.

Literally bushwhacked tired as I have to be up early to get their meals prepared, run out to get replenishments for the fridge and juggle incessant demands of Eunuch.

I have to have ears of a lynx and listen to running taps that either parent forgets to close off.

It is a challenge indeed and being the sole care giver, it does not allow me time for self time as the entire day from 7.45am to 10pm is dedicated to them and my work from home.

I now understand the role of a domestic helper and it is not easy. If I was the domestic helper of my parents, I would quit in an instant.

I figured I would need to hire 2 domestic helpers; one each per parent as it is tough to have 1 person manage the chores like I am doing.

But I have no choice, I have to suck it up and manage them as my other siblings are not interested in assisting nor bothering.

Garrrfffiiieeeeld where are you??? I need a hug.


Passing 5,000 Mark For Covid Cases In Lil Red Dot



On a personal note, I am not feeling any of the above.

On a business note, I am scared and anxious as the situation does not bode well for businesses.

Smaller sub contractors may belly up and put the main contractors for development projects in a bind.

Is a one month Circuit Breaker (to contain the Covid transmission) deemed sufficient?

Great businessmen are saying that planning for a business, it would be prudent to do a 3 months or 6 months projection as to how Covid-19 will impact businesses.

The ma or pa stalls are feeling the pinch and many have shuttered. Start ups have also begun to fold. Food & beverage outlets are struggling and some are trying to jump on the band wagon for online delivery orders.

What is real is that wage freeze begins. Then comes freezing hires.

Wage cuts are proposed, followed by letting people go.

Whilst our government has done its best to dish out SGD600 to every Singaporean, job support scheme and enhanced wage credits for employers, many are lamenting that it is not enough to curb the effects of Covid on livelihood as it is a long drawn battle.

It was also really nice of Singaporeans to return the SGD600 when they did not need it. I applaud these kind souls.

The foreign workers are the biggest cluster of infected persons as they live in dormitories, 6 to 8 in a room with bunk beds.

We are told to expect more cases as the government is not letting up and testing every employee.

Decanting is required to segregate the well from the unwell.

The well are rehoused in cruise ships that are not operating, designated living quarters in universities or unoccupied block of flats.

Our government is doing its best to take care of them and sparing no effort to ensure their good health and well being.

I was happy to hear that a Bangladeshi worker who was at death’s door many times is now off the respirator and dialysis machine. He is alive after a very very long battle with Covid-19 and will see his newborn son.

It is a tough road ahead for us and we will be okay – #SGUnited!

11 deaths (all seniors, with the latest who passed away being 95 years of age) and more than 5,000 cases – at least we do not fudge the figures and bare it all.

I hope Covid-19 gets nuked soon else the bigger issues will face employers, employees and destroying livelihoods of people.

Stay safe and be grateful if one has a job.


Mr Kind’s Sister Succumbed To Her Illness & Passed On Maundy Thursday

Death, no matter how one prepares for it as the inevitable is never welcomed.

Mr Kind shared with me some months back that his eldest sister was in end stage cancer and that she was in hospital. The sad part was that because of Covid-19 outbreak, her sister was denied visitors.

This situation, did not allow Mr Kind and other relatives to visit her.

Mr Kind is very close with family members and it hit him hard when she passed.

In a way, he felt relieved too as cancer took a toll on his late sister as pain ravaged her.

I do not know how to comfort Mr Kind, other than to offer condolences and let him grieve.

Even sadder was that he could not inform his parents that their eldest child had passed. His father was recovering from a stroke and it may hit his father hard and cause his health to deteriorate.



Life…celebrate it and not mourn its loss.


My New Worry!

As if I have not enough on hands, my father suddenly became very unwell with giddiness such that he was unable to get out of bed.

My heart leapt out of mouth literally as I was working from home and quickly called for the ambulance.

With Covid-19 spreading in lil red dot, I was unable to see my father at the Accident & Emergency (A&E) and all I could do was sit and wait for doctor updates.

I really felt like a cat on a hot tin roof as the phone will not ring and tell me if my father suffered a stroke?

My biggest worry is that vomiting and giddiness could be symptomatic of a heart attack or a stroke. I am at a loss without communication.

The worst thing that can happen to anyone is when one receives no news on a loved one who is conveyed by ambulance to a hospital.

Covid-19 time is really a bad time to be ill or to be rushed to hospital as the fear of contracting Covid-19 in the ward is also worrying.

As I sit and wait for news on my father, I am worried. It is untrue that I am not worried. No matter how, I seek the help of all deities to ensure that my father can walk out of the hospital without a stroke diagnosis and that he is well and back to his usual self to ambulate and walk about.

Day 1 and counting for good news!

I wonder what is the purpose in all these worrying things that I am encountering so far?

Is there a lesson in all this for me?

If so, pray tell me?


What’s Fun & What’s Not During Covid-19 Outbreak

Crosswords – it is always fun to do crosswords but our newsprint do not carry this anymore. Sudoku appears once a week though but I don’t like Sudoku as I am not a numbers person. I only need to know if I open my wallet, if there is cash. If no cash, then I panic LOL!

Working From Home (WFH) is such a bad word now. I can hardly have time to segregate after office and during office hours. My Lords seem to lump all as their time. I cannot blame them as Covid-19 has gotten us all quite mad, running around like mad monkeys trying to beat government timelines for imposition of their will to nuke this virus.

I need to do outdoorsy stuff, like taking a long walk or something. But I am chained to my laptop, plus my foot is not co-operating. I wonder if my leg muscles are now weak! I feel like an old coot, just getting out of bed.

Rushing to get a haircut was an adventure as I was afraid they will also be closed after 6 April 1159hrs. But thankfully, the Supreme Leader’s Task Force has classified it as Essential Services. Spa therapy and tinting of hair or beautifying needs are NOT Essential! So ladies or men with need to color or tint their hair to hide the whites or boost their egos – this is thrown out the window as we bare our natural locks and looks! My hair is chopped short, really short so as to sustain the 1 month “partial lockdown” or we call, “Circuit Breaker” episode.

Alot of trepidation for jobs as our Lord is now reviewing the need to cut salaries to sustain the business. Salaries are emotive and I am sure, even Monkey Lord and Eunuch are not happy! They are paid Lords and if their Oldie Lord says chop, they must chop wages. It is not unnatural to do this. If this method works, at least we all still have jobs. But it is hard on people with commitments to deal with, like me. I will have to survive and cut back on purchases and work harder to ensure usefulness to the Lords.

For everyone’s sake, I hope the Gods and deities will help us as people’s livelihood are at stake and I sincerely hope this will not drive up suicide rates nor bankrupt people.


Garfield and Mousey are keeping each other company in the corner of the room, oblivious to the world of Covid-19. Thank goodness they are safe from any infection!