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Optimist, Pessimist Or Problem Solver?

I started life filled with innocent yet abundant optimism.

Full of vigour and pep, I knew I would do fairly well in school. 

I prepared for exams.

I diligently prepared assignments and in Primary 5, I won my first book prize for 98/100 for history.

I went on to do well in university – getting on the dean’s list for consecutive months.

From optimism, I lapsed into pessimism as I started work and began my battle with illnesses. My antiseptic world began.

I was in a new zone called the unprotected world sans bricks and mortars of school.

Courage was easy as I faced doom and gloom of doctors’ opinions. I only die once.

I laughed. 

I never knew how to cry as all I wanted was to see how to solve it.

Each time I was wheeled into surgery from 1993 to 2016, I never feared death but ensured I was prepared in ensuring minimum hassle to the living if I should croak.

My Advance Medical Directive was in place (*no life sustaining equipment as I did not want to live like a piece of limp veggie) as well as my Lasting Power of Attorney in case I cannot sign on the dotted lines…haha😃

I had to ensure my prized possessions of inanimate furballs of Garfields are adopted and homed should I be meeting St Peter or be in Hades shovelling coals!

I needed to be practical.

I did not bounce back from pessimism to optimism as I became cynical and started seeing things with unclouded eyes.

I decided to say it as I see it without sugar coating things as I was emotionally robbed of kindness and saw the wickedness in humans.

I see seniors abandoned by children.

I see seniors without food or help.

I see people disguising as social enterprises to raise funds to line pockets of selves and not the cause purported for marginalised.

I became disappointed. I progressed to see how families would fight over inheritance. Many do not bother to be around for aged parents but except to be named in wills.

I saw how friendships became profitable and soon “abandon ship”

I saw selfish actions of those seeking to gain for selves and to hell with others.

I saw people marrying for money and not love.

I saw married men have multiple extra marital affairs and cite being unable to get along with wives after children arrived and home is built. I saw women having the extra marital affairs too.

I had to lead a strayed man home to his wife and family.

At the end of it all….optimism does not help. I see the world in tainted lenses and just have to clean it to see what is real.

We are all problem solvers. 

We have to be, as optimism is “hope”, “faith” & “trust” – these are vague and unreal as it requires the invisble hand of upper forces.

To me….it is just a waste of time….just fix it or solve it.

My life thus far has been to help seniors, aged sick, mentally ill or marginalized.

If I can touch any one life then I have achieved.

I am arguably a pessimist with one goal…solve the darn problem and move on.

Self reliance and be proud that I can be the best I can and not require anyone to say so.


Rambutan Tree

My mum has her favorite rambutan tree and today when she inspected it, she tut tutted away!

“No wonder it did not fruit this year! The trunk has a parasite creeper on it!”

She further added….”too tall now! We have to lob the top decapitating the head!”

Our trusty agent was there, taking notes as she is a good handy person to have.

It was indeed now a glorious crowning tree.

I noticed a branch has across the fence and into the neighbor’s yard.

Our neighbor is not grumbling as the owner’s two lovely helpers from India love rambutans! 

Once it fruits, they get to harvest and we are happy to share!

Still it needs to be lobbed off as it is causing the fence to sag.

Plants can grow the strangest of ways and birds eating and pooping in the estate can cause this nasty plant called ficus to grow and destroy foundations.

I spotted this little ficus already so deep rooted in this tiny crevice that I could not pull it out.

I spotted another same specie growing on the wall on the 2nd storey.

I know the issues on hand but hmm how was I to be able to find a gardener to tackle this?

It required a cherry picker to access the 2nd storey.

As I pondered on my way home, I saw the road blocked as tree pruners were pruning huge trees by NParks (*government agency)

As I inched my car to drive through, I saw a man waving the cars with a safety light stick.

I wound down my car window and greeted him. 

He introduced self as Mr Liu and was ever so polite. He owned the company and he was a contractor for NParks!

I got his phone number and left him to wave cars on!

A good looker and a polite chap…I just hope he does a good job for mum haha!

With Whats app it was easy to send him photos of the plants that need to be tended to.

I was taught by him in his reply that “he is happy to assist in our arboriculture needs!”

Ha! He seems intelligent!😉

Problem solved mum!! *fingers crossed that he does not charge an arm and a leg! And that he does not butcher mum’s prized tree!!😊


Love Gained Or Love Lost

I pondered on the term “love” between a man and a woman. 

Romantic love that leads to marriage, family and the proverbial happily ever after!

A big price it seems to me as 2 strangers woo each other and legalises a union through the term “marriage”

Is he or she a serial killer? Proverbial liar? Con person? 

It is a game of chance. 

Sometimes true love, other times nightmare from hell!

Sometimes man chooses woman or vice versa who is well connected, wealthy and successful so that he can be instantly successful.

Sometimes man chooses woman or vice versa to look a commodity to be held at arm to present self before a business scene.

Regardless, man or woman pays a price.

Not all man or woman are as what it seems. It can really be a match in heaven…true love and happily ever after with kids in tow.

Sure….married couples bicker for the silliest of things – toothpaste caps not closed, toilet seat not raised, who to run kids to school…laundry and the list goes on.

Who can be more selfish? 

Man or woman?

As a woman, I feel the men I have met do not get to know me for who I am but instead for who I can be to them.

I am not eye candy to be draped on their arms but a powerful prop to gain media attention, Dukes of Yore, solution provider for business or networking.

Men I knew needed a leg up in society. I did not hesitate to share or help as I knew what it is like to struggle.

I ask self if I have the come hither look that says “come tell me your woes and I can help you”

I was put to the test yesterday.

After running an errand for my folks, I took them for a meal at a food court.

Whilst lining up for my dad’s favorite chicken rice, I smiled at the good court helper. He nodded his head as he cleared used utensils and collected food waste.

As we settled down to eat at a table, he hovered near our table and nodded at me again. I smiled and returned a smile again.

The 3rd time he approached me, he put 2 packets of unopened pocket tissue paper on my table for our use.

I saw for the first time his badge which read,”I am deaf” – he was also mute!

I asked and gestured if he had eaten lunch. He pointed at watch and used 4 digits to wave his end of shift.

He signed and shared how he was bullied at work.

Mum held out $5 as a gift to him and he quickly pocketed it.

I felt for this man. If he is married will he be bullied too by his wife or relatives.

Why did he approach me to tell his woes?

Did I have the come hither tell me your woes and I can help you look?

Or am I a purpose of higher forces to listen and hear the man on the street?

I get strangers coming up to me to just talk or be told their burdens. 

I guess I am a vassal for their refuge or release valve?

Marriage or relationships are tough. It takes hard work and open communication to be sincere and honest.

Once there is no sincerity or honesty, I feel any relationship is doomed. Anyone can have a glib tongue but the savvy wooing and fake traits will ultimately surface.

This is why I am single I guess because I am critical and analytical. I pride self on being honest and sincere and this scares people.

They know that once I find them dishonest after 3 times, I will make a “business decision” to call it quits else my heart is smashed.

But being a sentimental fool, I tolerated a friendship with Mr EX for decades.

 I reflected – it was something I had chosen not to do with him.

He is a recalcitrant liar and a gold digger for wealth, contacts and looking good to others by striving for awards to stride in society.

Entrepreneur of the year award, businessman of the year award, most charitable man award blah blah are his coveted medals but in truth….he has no friends as he used all and threw all once the utility ceased.

He is charitable only if he gets a letter from a statesman to state his donation.

S Man was sharp and last night he shared with me that MR EX is a pragmatic guy. If he sees one he meets without merit, he stops talking to you.

Spot on S Man! I thank you for sharing this and opening my eyes.

By walking away from MR EX I am now free from pitying or worrying for him as he never needed it. He only wanted my contacts. He saw me and used me to gain entry to my inner circle of who’s who! *Not that I had many except for social charity work I like doing* ☺

Friendship and love exist for its monetary worth is the motto of Mr EX and I am clear now.

Pity party is over!

Love gained or love lost? Neither….as there was no love to begin with so how can it be lost?🤔

Ha ha my Sunday attempt at wisdom folks….hope it makes sense and happy Sunday to you all🤗🤗🤗💕💕🐾🐾


Friday Thoughts – Life Vicissitudes – Come Drink, Laugh Or Cry With Me

I am in one of those moods that make me sit and reflect on life’s vicissitudes.

My philosophy is simple.

I live because I was born.

As I start each day of life, I began my journey towards death.

Living is part of dying and dying is part of living! Why?

I eat, I live, I work and I die.

I die with the understanding of life experiences as felt by me. The lemony parts, the happiness, the sadness, the bitterness and the moments like these that make me reflect constitute the journey called life.

I am unsure how I will die, when I will or the process of dying – will it be painful, painless, draggy or swift? If I knew, I would make millions of dollars! Think of the royalties for movies and books!! LOL!

Born a cradle Catholic, I have lost all faith in Catholicism. I prayed religiously, obeyed all 10 commandments (*maybe not all as occasionally the easier ones are broken) but felt the loss of spirituality from my daily life and experiences.

“Ask and you shall receive” is as easy as “if you do not get it, it was not good for you” typical answers did not gel into my thinking.

“Love everyone like you would yourself” – heck I did all that and all I got in return was betrayal, false trust and basically being used and tossed like yesterday’s newspapers! Aargh!

Ok ok I know, it is said that we do without expectations. I did not 10 out of 10 times, those I help disappear and heavens forbid if I were to ask for help, they bluntly tell me not to ask them for help.

It can be easily said that I chose carelessly to help. I should help those that only need help! Sheesh….they all needed help and without the assistance, they would have badly suffered.

I am contemplating throwing out the icon of Mother Mary with baby Jesus into the waste bin! Let me burn in hell! 😀 as it is no different than being coursed through a life that is filled with rocks – boulders and not like the lovely colorful pebbled beach of Brighton UK!

As my parents age, I see the merits of my mother helping many others and the “friends” she has over on weekends. But I doubt they are all “true” friends. Still, it is left to be seen as she is a believer in being 100% kind. It keeps her busy and she is happy.

I cite an example – for those who have been following me, will know that I have 2 siblings who are 100% apathetic. They cannot be bothered if any of their family members are in trouble or die except for the reading of the will. Money rocks in this unit called family!

I was asked once to whom will my monies go to when I pass since I am single. I replied without batting an eyelid, ‘not to you’ – politically wrong answer!!

Some years back, my dad had a benign meningioma that required urgent surgery. Dad loves only 2 of his children…yup I am the blackest of sheep in the family…maybe I hail from Garfield heritage!

I had to beg either of the 2 children to see him before undergoing the knife as risks were there. The eldest, my sister, after much cajoling said ok she will show up! Big mistake, she did not tell me when.

On the date of surgery, she was nowhere to be found. Surgery proceeded and thankfully it was non eventful and dad pulled through. Sis appeared some weeks later. It was only when mum was bathing grandson that she found suction bruises on his back and the little toddler told oma that he was caught in the suctions of the Jacuzzi at a Bali resort. Aaah the truth was out – they had proceeded to have a holiday first before going along the way to see dad!

Wow! I was floored.

I cite another incident. Bro hates Singapore with a passion. He believes in China and HK, SAR – why? Oooh because his beloved Lizard hails from HK!

My siblings will always claim they have no money when we meet. So we all pay for their expenses when they visit.

But ohhh you should see how my brother feasts on the finest of cuisines and would turn his nose up against what we eat. Hey! I ain’t a connoisseur of fine foods and the last I checked, I eat to live and not live to eat!

So, forget about truffles, caviar blah blah….it does not make any material difference to my life.

It is hard taking care of dad who hates me with a passion but is devoid of love from the 2 urchins he dotes on.

I told him matter of factly that he caused and created the family politics and deepened the rift amongst children as he condoned and fueled their animosity towards me. In his aged days, he apologized but words as his heart still stands for the other 2 and will not speak to them to be nicer to me. Does not matter now, as I have given up being nice afterall all the things they put me through really. I am better off greeting a stranger off the road as a brother or a sister!

I was nothing more than an ATM machine for them when required and a pair of useful hands to take care of things or sort problems. I am a middle child and middle children are worst off. Something about us – maybe we are insane as alluded by my delightful brother. He said that I was insane but when I last checked, he has no credentials as a psychiatrist, much less a psychologist to certify me sane or insane!

Thankfully, I am grateful for mother’s love who bore the brunt of arguments that she took my side. I felt like I was an independent between the Democrats or Republicans. Sheesh!

When word leaked to me that Bro decided to buy a property in HK, I was not surprised as he never loved the lil red dot. He is not conversant of HK SAR laws and I will leave it. He stands to lose everything if his cohabitant common law wife decides to take all like a winner.

I wondered why he did not choose to invest in Singapore property that gives good rental return and property value that does not get snatched by government.

To all of the above, I salute the wisdom of my mum – it is his money, why do you bother? Do not mention their names as they are of no value to you, other than making you angry and upset.

I reflected – it is true. Money is theirs, choices have always been theirs!

But the sad part is neither of these 2 urchins made a choice to care for their elderly parents. To my sister, it is an expectation that her parents must give her, her due inheritance upon death.

To my brother, his sole duty is to finance and care for the family of the Lizard. All monies and time must be dedicated 100% to Lizard and his new found family.

I live a life that is exciting, dramatic and I wonder if Hollywood, Bollywood or any film maker will make a movie out of – I will title it “Trials and Tribulations Of Sibling Rivalry”

It is the last lap of my parents journey in life and for one without choices, I will have to do my utmost best to care for them and see them through.

As for my dad, I feel sad for him as I know how it feels to love someone but someone does not reciprocate their love for you. As a father, he has failed me and in turn, his children failed him.

Life…complicated and not easy.

Life…challenging and yet sometimes invigorating.

Life…when the end comes, will I go out with a smile or a curse?

I hope I have the continued strength, courage and patience to see it through the marathon of life😉


9th August….52nd Birthday Of My Lil Red Dot, Singapore

Singapore or I fondly call my lil red dot is 52 years old on 9 August 2017, today!

 Our Prime Minister Lee’s national day message on 8 August 2017 was for us to wage national war against diabetes. 

He feared for our health and urged us to take care of our own health as the statistics show a huge number of seniors living longer start having diabetes from age 60 and above. Their last 8 years of life are lingering and painful deaths.

They suffer kidney failure, blindness or even amputations of limbs.

We were asked to ensure children are not fed fizzy drinks and instead to drink water.

This is unique of our government as they care about us. 😊Our government is like a parent☺

He urged us to stay relevant, upskill and train to in touch with the new economy and Big Data. We must be a SMART nation.

Our economy may grow 2.5% to 3%. Not bouyant but “ok”

He shared that smart phones were smarter than us humans. We must keep up.

Island wide we were given 52% discount off sweet meats (*bak kwa from Fragrance), 30% off gas or petrol from Esso Mobil and heaps more.

Terminal 3 at Changi Airport is decked up. This year we are using #NDP2017. 

If you look on right of photo, you will see the 4 arms clasped to form #

4 arms represent 4 major ethnic groups of Chinese, Malay, Indian and others.

After helping out at Soup Kitchen on 8th August, staff got treated to a meal at 10.30 as we started our voluntary work of cooking, packing lunch boxes at 5.30am.

My colleagues and I woke up at 4am to ensure we reached the soup kitchen by 5.25am.

Our team packed more than 6,000 packs of styrofoam boxes with a bowl of cooked rice, veggies (*shitake mushrooms or napa cabbage stir fried in tumeric or chick peas or green veggies and a wedge piece of Dory fried fish in batter.

I scooped and dished out sweet corn, chick peas, spinach, fried dory fish and mushrooms.

I share with you all what my table of 3 pax including me ate today after we finished for the day at 10.30am…

Man #1 ate this for appetiser. This is traditional half boiled eggs that is eaten with pepper and soya sauce. He had this with 3 layer ice tea with palm sugar or we refer to gula melaka.

He continued to main course – Prawn Noodles soup.

His dessert…Milo Dinosaur cheesecake.

Man #2 ate chicken briyani, 3 layer tea, glutinous rice balls in soya milk for dessert and washed down with white coffee.

I ate stir fried veggies and washed it down with home boiled barley without sugar (*heeded my PM Lee’s call to eat healthy!)

Happy birthday Singapore!

Happy birthday Garfield Hug!🐾🐾💕💕

This was what Chicken sent me!!

And remembering that my Host Dad is buried today on my birthday at his grave site in Eugene, Oregon today. I miss you host dad. 😢😢😢Host mum Lucile shared that I was your favorite and earned the title of Host Kid where no other child you hosted ever received😚

Life….we celebrate life and remember the lives we shared with too! ❤💙💚💚💛💜

Have a wonderful Wednesday folks! Much love and Garfield hugs💕💕🐾🐾as I will watch our national day parade on telly at 5pm. There will be a display of drones too🛰🛰🛰


How Lil Red Dot’s Government Housing Looks Like 

I took these photos to share with my friends on WP as to how our government housing looks like.

Government housing is built by Housing Development Board or we call HDB for short.

The one pictured above are a block of HDB flats built circa 1970s to early 1980s.

These come with a 99 year lease and are built as studios, 1 Bedroom, 3 Bedrooms, 4 & 5 bedrooms.

The amount of bedrooms is misleading as the hall is called a room. So a 4 bedroom unit actually has only 3 rooms and a hall.

Today the flats built in 2016 or  2017 are called Built To Order (BTO) i.e. young married couples will describe what they want for fittings.

A higher category of pricier HDB flats is Executive Condominiums.

Only married people without private residential condos or landed property can own these flats. 

Singles above 45 years, without private property can opt to buy from open market.

These units are costly in private sales as it can range from $350,000 for 3 bedroom to a million dollars for 4 bedroom units.

You will also notice our greening policy – trees are planted along roads, highways and in HDB estates. 

These photos were taken from my work place 4th storey carpark.


Walking With Dad

I have decided to spend Saturdays bringing dad for walks. This is to help prevent his brain from going into full mush.

Whilst it is mild cognitive impairment now, I want to try my best to prolong this stage.

Hopefully by forcing him to walk and see things, he will keep his mind active and busy instead of retarding at home.

So whilst my left leg hurts, I mustered strength to do it despite last night’s sleep being eventful as I kept getting leg cramps!

Believe it or not, toes cramps too!

Calf cramps, back of leg cramps…both legs and it was utterly painful and relentless! Aargh!

Anyway off I went with dad. Together we did 9,000 steps each! Whoo hoo! 

The Botanics Tree Top walk was where we went.

We even went to the Heritage Museum and learnt that the land which Botanic Gardens sit on once belonged to Whampoa Hoo Ah Kay. He donated it to the British leaders back in the 1850s and Mr Niven helped to bring in the elements of UK’s Kew Gardens.

We saw these wood carvings of creatures.

I took the ginger torch flower photo for mum who could not join us as she had house guests to entertain. Mum loves this flower as it is used as a salad flavoring.

There is story behind why I took these photos of wild bananas below which were growing in the heritage gardens.

Last night I was out with mum grocery shopping and she paid $1.80 for 5 of these tiny bananas. She baulked at the cost but I told her it must be because it is heritage bananas! She muttered it was not even organic. Ha ha! So to rub it in, I took these photos to show her!

Saw these mangrove roots.

Flower vase of Whampoa Hoo Ah Kay. He has a road named after him here as well as a hawker center.

Start of Tree Tops walk.

Saw the Lady in the Hammock which was commissioned by David Marshall, one of the all great lawyers in Singapore. He has since passed on.

Dad was excited seeing all the cat fish in the lake. Really whopper sizes but the murky water does not show it well.


An Epiphany Of Sorts

When the logical becomes illogical, I logically ask self to reflect and think!🤔

Think I did and I had an epiphany of sorts, on 2 fronts.😇

I was wallowing in self-pity, actually not really – I was angry as to why I keep getting Lords from hell from last 3 jobs and why was I consistently bypassed for several top of the class jobs when it seemed I had it in the bag!

Educationally and experience wise, I met the criteria. At each potential wooing session, I wowed! Yet why did I fail?🤔Big Frowns!

It then dawned upon me that I am one person who always worked like a dog. Top ranking jobs needed a lot of my focus and attention. My entire life thus far has been dedicated to the corporate ladder that sapped me of a life, other than work. 

I would slave from 7am till midnight and the vicious cycle continues. I oversaw companies with more than 1,000 employees (at my peak 8,000 employees) and the responsibilities were heavy! I worked 24/7 across Europe, Africas, Americas and Asia.

I looked back and realized that even my surgeons noticed this when I was in hospital. Dr James actually spied on me and text me once to ask why were there so many people in my room when I should be resting! Tongue in cheek, I told him I was holding a management meeting.

Dr Chan once had to tell the ward sister to stop letting faxes come through the ward fax from work for me.

So, I realized that the reason why I was having hellish Lords was to get me to leave the job and rest, relax and chill out.

Since I will not willingly back down on any job offer, the divine forces do it for me – they stopped potential employers from offering me a top job.

I need a no brainer type of job or one that allows me to leave on the dot when each day is up. This is what I now have with Submarine Lord.

It may not pay all my bills, much less offer me savings but it is a way to stop me from slavery as a minion. It does not starve me but gives me a little to subsist on, after paying bills.

I need the time to heal, rest and relax – smile the roses and enjoy leisurely things. Last Saturday, I realized that my gut had been a mess…medically a problem that I forgot all about till the clinic nurse reminded me!

The above is my first epiphany!

My second epiphany is that my dad is getting old and with age comes forgetfulness. My parents are not the sort to be comfortable with live in help and so, I think I have to fill this gap.

Since neither bro nor sis would return to help (* their self-centered brain cannot function outside of the country they live in), both will not and cannot be around to assist. I have come to realize that both do not want the responsibilities but welcome the financials once both parents depart for the heavenly realm.

My second realization is that without a tough demanding job I can have time to fulfil my dutiful role as a daughter to care for my aged parents. I will also have time to breathe and focus on my own sanity and health.

Even if it means taking them out for walks, dinners or meals or doing something – it is a small way of being there for them when the other two ignores. Dad is now realizing that his two favorites have largely abandoned him and will only return to collect the cheque when the will is read. But he still prefers them over me, sigh!

True or false? Views are welcome…meanwhile I am forced to plan for early retirement and my life goes on….like it or not, it has to go on…..

 *Sorry to innundate your reader with an extra post and I had a eureka moment that I now have to deal with.

I have to stopfighting the Gods!!



Preparing For Mush

I hate to think of it when my brain gets mushy with age. Gawd! I might even forget my inanimate furball Garfield – the only non-living pet I have! Good grief! Sadness will be the day for me if this happens and the hard part is, I will never know!

Brain mush may or may not happen.

Still, with the incident rates proving rather high for dementia or alzheimer’s amongst seniors, I feel one ought to be prepared.

My self-status was a no brainer when men in white coats told me that I may end up as a tetraplegic or brain dead if the surgeries lined up for me in 2015 and 2016 were eventful.

The idea of me, incapacitated with no financial means to sustain self was not a welcome thought. I saw self, relegated to filth and muck because of my potential mental incapacity and I immediately shrieked to my trusty lawyer to prepare my Lasting Power Of Attorney.

My lawyer is a good kind soul. I am lucky in that each professional person I meet across in my life have been nice people. Good hearted and kind!

Lawyer said to make it simple and easy, appoint 1 or 2 donees to carry out my wishes in the event I am mentally or physically incapacitated.

Chicken and Man in White Coat would serve as my 2 donees – jointly and severally they can act for me when the time comes, should my brain or body become mush! Note to self, I must die before them!

Sister flapped her lips with her iview that everyone is out to cheat and why was she or my nephew bypassed. Truth be told, nether of my siblings can be trusted – if anything else, I feel that my own siblings would send me to the dirt pile if anything happened to me. Finances, will be theirs and physical me, off to the garbage center!

Luckily, as you can tell, my brain came out intact due to the great sew manship of my “saw and fix” team of 3 white coats over 11 hours of surgery. Sadly I lived – sometimes, I feel it is better to die early and pain free!

Last month when Bro was in town, we fought bitterly, he declared me “mentally unsound” because he refused to apologize for a wrong he did. In his mind, he is infallible and always right, alongside his mistress, The Lizard!

Lizard hates me with a passion as I disallowed her from spending like royalty when she invited self to our family trip (*She literally showed up at the airport) and insisted on lobsters and marrons for nightly dinners! Think of the ill health effects on my poor parents!

Thankfully Bro does not hold any medical credentials to discredit me.

But to think of my own sibling stating this, was enough to remind me that siblings were no better than strangers and hell in my case, strangers would be better! LOL!

I am more worried about my parents’ mental health. As they age, they forget this or that and I feel it is good for them to be signed up with a Lasting Power Of Attorney.

Sadly, none of their other 2 children will want the responsibility, other than to have ownership of their wealth and chuck me. I am useful to get the job done but when it comes to finances, it is better in their mind that all is theirs to have.

So, I am gearing up for Battleship Galactica as I go about setting this instrument in place. I am sure the other 2 will “fight” for the donee status but my biggest fear is once they gain control of their estate, the 2 old fogeys will be left derelict.

I doubt they would bother with their personal welfare as it is more the personal property and effects that prove interesting.

I am fine if they take ownership as children to care for their aged parents but not if it is to purely gain financial wealth and leave them to their own devices.

Still, I have to put plan B in place because if shit hits the fan and my parents are left derelict then I must have the financial resources to ensure they are taken care of.

This means, I may need to find a better paying job! Or 2 jobs! Aargh!!

So orgres or otherwise, if Legal Lord’s genuine offer is real, I would readily take it as financially, I need to be able to afford care for my parents in the future.

However the divine forces have made the decision for me and this morning, I was sadly told that Legal Lord has hired the other candidate.

I guess the divine forces are asking me to rest and heal self. I have to stop and smell the proverbial roses.






I have not been out and about much this weekend as I am engrossed in Hong Kong soaps, each lasting 30 episodes of an hour per episode.

Best entertainment since today I had my left leg injected with steroids and pain killers as ligaments are protesting!

Produced under TVB, these soaps are in Cantonese and it brings to me, a sense of nostalgia as I re-live my days when I lived in HK.

I am currently watching “Sniper Standoff” starring stars that I know their faces but not their names LOL! Typical me!

But thanks to Google, I realised that I enjoy watching Bosco Wong, Bobby Au Yeung, Wong Chiyin and Michael Tse.

Plots are always the same; jealousy, love, crime, justice and evilness!

In the 90s, I went as a fresh grad to work and live in Fragrant Harbour (Hong Kong literally means this!) without understanding a word of Cantonese and left knowing the language enough to converse a little.

This was my achievement LOL!

Fresh off the boat (actually off the plane) from Oregon, USA, I was greeted by badly polluted air and walking space that was ridiculously reduced. 

I had to jostle for a space on the MTR, sidewalk, eating space and living space.

Monthly, like clockwork, I would be down with bronchitis. 

Imagine progressing from douglas fir fresh air to smoggy polluted HK air – my lungs protested crazily!

I suffered culture shock!

The apartment that my Hotel Lord put me up in, was a decent 3 bedroom on paper, but when I got into the apartment; my bedroom could only fit a single bed and a wardrobe. 

I barely had circulation space – in fact none! Do not even talk about the kitchen, it was so tiny that only one person could enter!

The area I lived in was nice – Chi Fu Fa Yuen, in Pokfulam on Hong Kong island side. 

I had a Wellcome Supermarket as well as a wet market in the condominium estate. 

There was also a swimming pool as well as a bowling alley for the public. I remembered I had a choice of Park n Shop or Wellcome supermarkets.

To me, it was self-contained and I literally need not tramp all over the island to get things. Still I managed to go about looking at the shops located at Bayswater or where the infamous Sogo with the bright neon sign would show.

I enjoyed Lane Crawford as there was a nice cinema chain there, along with Dan Ryan restaurant. It used to face Hilton Hotel but I am told that Hilton has since been torn down.

I used to find great Indian (both north and south and I forget which is the one with naan) cuisine along Nathan Road and would spend time meeting friends there after work for drinks or a meal.

My 2.5 year faithful date, an architect by profession, would always take me out weekends to window shop or appreciate art. 

He is a dappy shopper as he only wears Hugo Boss suits or Giorgio Armani. 

Through him, I learnt the various designer labels as I am not one who is fashion conscious.
To me, a Kenzo is no different than a Marks & Spencer outfit so long as it was comfortable! 

I am one who is not about paying thousands of dollars for an outfit when I can buy one that costs a quarter the amount without the dapper label – it suits me fine!

My date who has lived in Hong Kong for years and was pursuing his Masters in Architecture at HK University whilst working for a top notch architecture firm there appreciated the finest in life – be it wine, food or clothes.

He was opulent. I was not. I felt if I pursued this relationship, when things fail, I might end up the maid. I am consistently frugal most times whilst he is persistently opulent most times. 

Chalk and cheese as you say and this was why I decided that I cannot have such a partner in life.

We wined and dine at the Peak, Excelsior or Peninsula Hotels…Conrad or Shangri-la.
He migrated to Shanghai after attempting many tries to get me back on his bandwagon but it was futile. 

I have not heard nor seen him in years and the last I heard was that he is doing splendidly well after opening his own architectural firm there.

I am pleased for him. I understand he is still single. I do wish him well and if there was an opportunity for us to meet, I would love to just sit and enjoy his company as he takes me through the fineries in life again.

Aah well….just reminiscing folks! Have a happy Saturday🤗🤗