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Neighbor’s Cooking 1st To 4th February 2023

Neighbor was able to cook several meals for me last week.

Today she baked scones for my breakfast.

Buttery and filled with raisins
Today’s dinner was stir fried veggies with tempeh she made. Tempeh is made of fermented soy.
Lotus root and carrot soup with pork bones and chicken feet.
Stir fried rice vermicelli
Bittergourd soup with pork bones and doufu cubes
Stir fried cabbage with bacon
Korean soup with sprouts
Glutinous rice with waxed chinese sausages and garnished with fried shallots for that aromatic finish

Neighbor’s Cooking 22 & 23 January 2023

Peppery Soup
Fried glass noodles with cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli
Melon soup with pork bones
Chinese leek stir fried with chinese waxed sausage and abalone
Sticky molasses cake pan fried with egg I received for breakfast this morning 24 Jan 23
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Neighbor’s Cooking 15 & 16 January 2023

Lotus root soup with corn on cob boiled with pork ribs
Blanched Kai Lan Veggies in mushroom sauce ( vegetarian version of oyster sauce)
Home made Ngor Hiang roll (minced pork with chopped water chestnut rolled in beancurd skin), fried tang hoon (glass noodle)
Carrots boiled with pork ribs soup, braised belly pork in soya sauce and blanched chye sim served with steamed rice.

Neighbor’s Cooking – 8th To 10th January 2023

Chilli with black sauce for Pork Rib soup we call “Bak Kut Teh”
Rice and Tang Or vegetables
Pork Rib soup, peppery with cloves of garlic
Fish head curry with bean curd puff, long beans and brinjal
Longtong – Malay dish with hard boiled egg, carrot, cabbage and rice
Tonight’s dinner – fried Eefu noodles with veggies

About Socks From Shoppee & Food

SGD15.80 for 10 pairs

Ms Gen Z was kind to point out to me that Shoppee, the online store had Garfield socks on sale. I then sought her help to buy me 10 pairs as I hate to shop online. Plus, I was told of horror tales of wromgful delivery.

So instead of Garfield socks, some socks with a smiley face and pig like ears. Aargh!! The same fate of wrongful delivery has also occured to my order.

Ms Gen Z tried contacting the seller based in China for more than a week before they decided to replace my piggy ear socks with my original order of Garfield socks. I finally got my Garfield socks on 31 Dec 2022, New Year’s eve!

Chinese New Year of the Rabbit is on 22 Jan 2023. Today the restaurants started putting Yu Sheng or Prosperity Salad with smoked salmon on the menu. For $38.60 before 10% service and 8% GST, the portion was indeed tiny for 3 of us.

For dessert, I had a delectable piece of carrot cake at SPRMKT at Dempsey and a latte!


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Neighbor’s Cooking – 26 Nov & 28 Nov 2022

White Radish and carrot with pork soup garnished with spring onions
Steam rice with stir friedfrench beans with mushrooms, sliced potato with sliced pork
Sliced Fish soup with yam, chinese greens and doufu
Rice vermicelli, slice chilli and veggies to be eaten with fish soup in above image
27 November dinner was fried noodles with pork and veggies
Dinner tonight was fried rice with chicken wing

Food Galore…Virtual, Grab Delivery & Neighbor’s Cooking

Neighbor cooked 2 meals for me this week. Though it looked simple, it was tasty and delish.

Pumpkin, carrots, cabbage with minced pork soup served with white rice
Fried egg with Chinese waxed sausages on a bed of chia seed rice, served with pumpkin stir fried long beans and minced pork

Mr Nice ordered Grab food delivery to send me brunch…Dutch Colony Latte with a bagel spread with salmon paste, turkey ham and a side of salad.

Dutch Colony Latte
My yummy bagel…the little white tub contained a half boiled egg which was unfortunately tossed by me as I don’t like eating runny, gooey egg!😆
Jerk Face made pumpkin pie. This was the pie before it was baked
Finished baked pumpkin pie

Jerk Face lives in Seattle, USA and he showed me how snow can fall overnight and melts away the very next day!

Thanks for the food all…I was a part of Jerk Face’s Thanksgiving dinner, albeit virtually!


Mr Nice In Rome, Back In Lil Red Dot On 15 Nov 22

All photos are courtesy of Mr Nice.

Sorrento, Lecee & Rome have an abundance of art – brass or metal sculpture, street art, building facades with exciting yet vibrant colors. Amazing seeing all these through his lens.

I hope to visit Sorrento, Lecee and Rome one day. Perhaps I can see it through my own eyes 😃


Mr Nice Is In Sorrento & Lecee – Italy

These photos are from Mr Nice. He is spending 18 days in Italy, wining, dining and catching the sights!

The sights he took in and sent me the photos ‘live’ daily are gorgeous sights!

Using his Samsung Ultra Note 20, same cell phone as mine, he took these photos. I use the same model of cellphone but gosh, I can never take such great pics!!

I loved this image!!!
Always thought of a red bicycle and voila!!
I was told this was the same road that the film Mama Mia! was shot! Awesome!!
I am amazed at how the cresent moon can take the weight of this sculpture.
Andy Warhol’s rendition of Campbell’s Soup
Love the gorgeous hues painted on these floral urns!
Exquisite tiled art pieces that brings life to boring steps

Neighbor’s Cooking 4 & 5 November Dinners

Filipino dish cooked by Neighbor’s Helper. Belly pork stir fried with long beans, pumpkin, brinjal and okra
Lotus root, peanuts doubled boiled with pork bones
Sphagetti – 2 portions in case I needed dinner
Corn on cob, chopped carrots boiled in soup to be used as broth for the sphagetti noodles.

As always tasty and yummy.