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Food Porn #81 – Soup Restaurant

Soup Restaurant has many branches and are found in practically any mall in lil red dot with good footfall.

Its signature dish is its wide varieties of double boiled soups.

CM zipped into this restaurant for lunch.

CM went straight for fish maw soup.

Slurped best with black vinegar, pepper and sliced chillis, it is a thick bowl of soup fit as a meal in itself.

Brinjal stir fried was his veggie choice and pork ribs.

He told me he was satiated and happy!

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6.21 Km Walk Or 8,002 Steps – What I Saw #1

It may be 35C but thankfully the cloudy and drizzling effect soothed the heated roads as I walked.

Armed with a foldable brolly in my waist pouch, I set off to conquer the sights for us to see.

First up…Lantana in a myriad of colors that makes it as colorful as a rainbow.

Midway through the walk MR EX texted me to share what he did with the earlier photos I sent him.

He turned those into memes or posters as he calls them, with motivational quotes.

I was encouraged in that my photos would inspire others. It waa nice.

As I continued on my walk, I saw alot of Jasmine bushes lining the road.

All paths lead me to somwhere.. follow the brick road…

What lies ahead…….?

*Post script – after this walk on 20 April 2019, my body doth protest and legs became stiff as if I was in a state of rigor mortis. But it was worth it as the sights I saw really cheered me up.

I hope you will enjoy the 10 part series.

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Our Crown ‘Jewel’ Changi Airport Has Opened

90,000 sq m of retail space out of GFA 135,700 sq m makes Jewel an iconic largest retail mall in Singapore.

My lil red dot has outdone itself as architect Moshe Safdie has created another first here. His earlier works here was creating MBS or Marina Bay Sands.

This time, Safdie has created the world’s highest rain vortex, from a height of 40m where rain water can also be collected for use. I am impressed from the news coverage and seeing all this from the comfort of my arm chair. LOL!

Above and below photos were sent to me by a family friend who formed a huge, huge crowd to throng the Jewel when it opened on Good Friday.

When I saw the sheer numbers, I told my friend that I will not be going anytime soon as the whole of Singapore is making use of the long weekend to throng and explore the place.

However, I now could visit other malls as the crowd will be negligible at the regular malls as everyone else is at the Jewel.

What is unique about Safdie’s architectural design is that he wove in 21,100 sq m of indoor gardens and this is amazing as one can never be short of indoor gardens.

I would be interested in taking photos of these gardens to share with you when I choose to visit Jewel.

Of course the world’s food has also converged at Jewel. A & W family burger restaurant that closed in Singapore in the 1970s has reemerged to set up a restaurant there and the favorite USA Shake Shack is also here.

I saw the TV footage and press releases and the snaking lines or queues there for all sorts of food stalls.

I wonder if this local support will continue once the novelty wears off? But of course, there are tourists who will come here just to visit and see this.

Hoteliers like Crowne Plaza at the Airport, located next to Jewel is selling staycations packages to locals here fairly quickly and Singaporeans will not hesitate to spend for a peek at the Jewel.

I suppose Twitter and Hastags will be spell Jewel and Instagram accounts will be flooded with every nook and cranny of Jewel.

Whatever it is, I like the new ideas created here as we stay ahead of the curve and from an open air carpark at Terminal 1, 4 years later on 19 April 2019, Jewel was borne.

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5.47 Km Walk #6 – The Final Photos

A hodge podge of colors…


5.47 Km Walk #4 – All Things Yellow

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5.47 Km Walk #3 – All Things Red

I was amazed at these red “palm seeds”.

They seem to be fruits of a type of palm tree.

Photo 1: Magnified Shot

Photo 2: non magnified shot

As I moved around the gardens, I saw these lovely small flowers.


5.47Km Walk #2 – Tiny Flowers That Escape Eyes

In America, there are alot of Wisteria flowers. I have seen this and a lot of WordPress bloggers have posted beautifully long and flowing Wisteria flowers.

During my walk, I saw these miniatures of Wisteria.

I think they look like it.


Today’s 5.47 Km Walk & What I Saw #1

I decided to be brave and test my spine today.

So off I went on my little sight seeing adventure.

I started at 5.10pm and finished at 6.45pm, clocking 7,101 steps covering 5.47km.

It was a leisurely walk, allowing me to stop, look and see the life around me.

It is amazing when I do spend time to open my eyes to see as there is so much out there in the paths I take.

Today, I saw wild chickens that are indigenous to lil red dot. Their signature red and green feathers with a lovely red comb.

They were scratching the ground and searching for grub.

Oblivious and unafraid of me, it led its family to go across the grounds. When I saw them some months back, there were only 3 of them.

They moved really fast, all 9 of them.

As I moved on, a salamander decided to saunter by.

He must be a local resident as he too, was unafraid of me.

Perhaps there are so many of us walkers that they have gotten used to us.

Till my next instalment…I will show you the lovely flowers I saw.


10 Word Story

Hungry, I ate but not these cholesterol yummy laden foods.

*photos from Mr Sports Car who is driving from lil red dot to Kota Tinggi, Malaysia with his clients.

Food Notes

Food description 1st Photo:-

Pork trotters stewed in soya sauce

Food description 2nd Photo:-

Beancurd sticks cooked with fish

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Happy Diwali Or Happy Deepavali

Today is a significant celebration for Indians who are Hindus – Festival of Lights or we call Diwali.

To recap, Singapore or I fondly call Lil Red Dot, has 4 major ethnic groups; Chinese, Malays, Indians and others. We have a public holiday for each of the ethnic groups.

Little India, located in Serangoon Road is where the enclave of Indians, including migrant workers will gather for their weekends to eat Indian food, buy Indian spices and visit the superbly big Mustafa Shopping Mall where prices suit the migrant workers.

Alot of tourists visit Mustafa too as well as Little India.

I have not been to Little India as it is a tad too crowded for me and so I avoid it.

But I did drive past is some weeks back and it was gaily lit with lights and the entrance to the road had a towering peacock on one side and the elephant on the other side of the road. Both were decked out in lights that ran through the entire Serangoon Road.

What I love most about Indian food are their Naans (flat breads) or pratas – the curries are just great. Their delectable snacks like murukus (look like pretzels but entire different in taste) are to die for literally and also kill you as it is filled with fats!

Meanwhile Orchard Road is already gearing up for Christmas – this year the merchants on Orchard Road (this is where the major shopping belt is for tourists and locals) used the theme of Disneyland!

Orchard Road needs a makeover as alot of the malls on the road are shuttered as rentals are up and poor merchandise mix. Also the decentralization of malls in heartlands where people live are generally more fun that trotting all the way down to Orchard Road and pay a bomb for Electronic Road Pricing, car park, food and everything else.

I like the way Changi Airport has made the airport such a hub of activity and the foot traffic is huge. Shopping is easy and parking is affordable coupled with free items such as 3 storey slides of children, wide berths walk ways for people with mobile devices (* of course meant for wheelchairs etc but idiots with their e Scooters and what not devices throng the areas too, making it quite dangerous to co-exist with those on medical devices).

Toilets are plentiful and squeaky clean.

Food has such a wide choice – for the man onĀ  the street pricing to the well heeled restaurant pricings.

Yes, in our lil red dot, we have something for everyone and here is wishing all my Indian friends a Happy Diwali and happy visiting your friends and relatives! Save the Murukus for me please haha!