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CM’s Food Porn Series #12

Lil red dotters love to eat communal style like any Asian.

Communal eating means ordering several dishes and eating with family or friends.

This was a dinner eaten communal style by Classmate(CM) and he texted me these dishes.

Sharkfin’s soup…alot of us avoid this dish but CM does not care!

Roast belly pork above and Peking Duck skin wrapped in fine crepes.

Typical appetizers of Chinese tea served with braised peanuts and fish skins (*latest food fad here)

Above is deep fried garoupa

Above dish is sweet sour pork.


Meager – One Word Prompt

It can hardly be said that Classmate (CM) subsists on meager meals!

He sent me these photos of Bamboo Biryani which I have never seen before nor eaten.

It comes served in a hollowed out bamboo trunk!

A seriously BIG MEAL! Not at all meager I say!

Aah well CM pigs out again!


CM’s Food Porn Series #8 – Bird’s Nest Soup

Classmate hails from a Cantonese dialect group. Like any typical Cantonese, he believes in tonics and brews for health.

One such tonic is Bird Nest Soup that is made from bird nests of Swiftlets either farmed in houses or from the caves of Sarawak.

Bird’s nest is made from the saliva of Swiftlets to glue nests with feathers. This is a pricless tonic as the entire nest had to be rid of twigs or feathers through a cleaning cum bleaching exercise before the nests are chunked for sale at easily thousands of dollars a tael should it be “blood nests” or superb quality bird’s nest.

Cooked and eaten with durian…aargh!

Sold in Chinese Medical Shops by grams, they are packed in boxes.

The cheaper version is the odds and ends that do not come out as a chunk but in loose chips.

CM bought both as he said it could be used in different kind of soups for desserts.

Bird Nest Soup is usually double boiled for hours in a crock pot and sweetened with rock sugar and red dates.

The latest concotion CM did was to boil the loose chips and add durian! Ugh! This is really unhealthy!


CM’s Food Porn Series #7 – 3 “H” Tips

Eat Healthy

Eat Heartily

Be Happy!

3 simple H tips but I must admit it is a tad hard to follow especially when in lil red dot.

Food lurks everywhere and those hawkers serve food from breakfast to 11pm.

I don’t blame CM for loving food so much. He epitomises the 2 H tips except the first H…eat Healthy.

He has often said to me that he eats like no tomorrow as it makes him healthy.

This was what he had for breakfast and it is a good share to show you some of our local dimsum fare.

Start with a bowl of congee or gruel…that is cooked with 3 types of prepared eggs; century eggs (fresh farm eggs soaked in ammonia and is caked in black mud till it turns black soaked, salted eggs (*fresh duck eggs soaked in brine) and regular fresh eggs.

3 Por Lor buns that is stuffed with char siew.

Glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaves

Polished off with siew man and crystal clear veggie dumplings.

Wow! CM can sure eat!!


CM’s Food Porn Series #5 – Japanese

CM (“Classmate”) is a foodie and eats like there is no tomorrow!

This week, he is gorging self with Japanese raw fish or sashimi. It seems the place where he usually eats has a 1 for 1 deal!

This was his lunch today washed down with a bottle of sake!

And to support the Chef he says…he ordered yet another dish.

He is sad the 1 for 1 deal ends today.


Gorge – One Word Prompt

Classmate (CM) loves gorging on food during his meal times.

He eats like a wolf and has a motto to live to eat.

This was what he had for lunch today and promptly sent to me to say he is enjoying his food.

He loves to gorge, but is not fat!

Lucky him I guess 😊


Street Food In Lil Red Dot

This is how a family of 5 would eat in communal eating style.

This is how CM must have brought his family to eat porridge along the sidewalks of kopi tiams.

This is a popular style of feasting as a party of 4 to 5 persons and makes a great midnight post partying supper.


More Local Hawker Food

Lil Red Dot has alot of hawker centers or kopi tiams (*colloquial term for coffee shop) that sells cooked food in differently styled food dishes.

As always these are food photos sent to me by Classmate (CM) who eats these for a single meal.

He shared with me that he was at the well known Beach Road Golden Mile Steam boat kopi tiam.

I remember this stall as Mr EX took me there once before for steamboat food.

CM did not have steamboat as he ate alone. Instead he ordered chicken rice flavored rice with accompanying dishes.

His lunch would have been my 5 days’ meals. Haha!


More Local Food Of Lil Red Dot

This is what we say, “Vegetable Rice” or”菜饭” in Mandarin.

Sold at food courts or hawker centers, stall holders would cook various dishes and we buy based on a selection of 1 meat dish and 2 veggie dishes serving. All based on portion for 1.

Price can range from $3 upwards with rice packed in either a styrofoam takeaway box or waxed brown paper if taking away.

Otherwise you eat on plate serving.

Below is an Indian dish or we say, “Nasi Bryani” Served with a piece of pappadam (*Indian Cracker). 

These photos and dishes were eaten over 2 lunches from my “infamous Classmate” when he is on austerity measures.

Below is when he is on his lavish mode which he had today at a rather good restaurant.

Drunken Prawns

Chilli Crabs…

How you would chow down to the crabs using pincers.

A single serving of a mud crab below is about $150 upwards depending on weight of the live crab.

A stir fried veggie dish.

A lunch this lavish would cost about $250 excluding drinks and applicable GST and service charge.


Mushroom – One Word Prompt

Mushrooms are fungi.

Delectable edible fungi that come in different species.

Golden Needles or we say Enoki is best cooked in soups or in steam boats with meats and other leafy greens.

Button mushrooms are best eaten raw, thinly sliced in salads or cooked into cream of mushroom soup like how Campbell does it in the can.

I love button mushrooms as a topping on pizza, in pasta sauces or sauteed in butter and lots of garlic such that Count Dracula will leave me alone.

Button mushrooms are sometimes akin to champignons. These are usually canned under Narcissus brand and I can use 1 can for stir frying with noodles.

Chanterelles or Oyster mushrooms, these are also great for soups or stir fried with button mushrooms and Shitake mushrooms.

Oyster mushrooms looks exactly like the fan, broad top and funnelled to a thin single stalk.

Straw mushrooms are a bulb like fungi that is used in soups cooked in broth Chinese style.

The latest craze or fad food is Monkey head mushroom that is looking like a Monkey’s head but heavily used in vegetarian chinese dishes to mimic abalone as its texture is rubbery, like abalone but much cheaper.

Mushrooms are fungi,

Yummy delicious food fungi!

That lil horror tyke of N Korea is threatening humanoids with their “mushroom cloud” – mind you….this is not at all edible as it is a nuclear bomb!

That “mushroom cloud” I do not want😣