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Neighbor’s Cooking 2 June – 3 June 23 & My Dad Is Hospitalised Again On Vesak Day

2 June 23 was Vesak Day and my dad said he was feeling poorly by 4pm. So I did a mad rush to the Accident & Emergency (A&E) as he started throwing up badly.

After going through a very long wait and seeing the doctor there, I was told he required hospitalisation.

This is his third hospitalisation and I am very sad.

Neighbor seeing how distressed I was, started to include my mum and my sis in her daily meals.

Home made salad
Home made burger pattie with pork and beef on a sesame bun
Pureed mushrooms which she made into soup and adding protein shake sprinkled with garlic bits
Japanese curry with chicken – 2 large tubs for us
2nd tub of curry chicken
Thick dark soya sauce with red dates base and fiery chilli
Bak Kut or Pork Ribs that goes into a pot of peppery clear broth
Signature Tang Oh veggies that goes into the soup
Home made salted mustard leaves chopped in small bits for easier eating by my mum

In appreciation of Neighbor’s kindness, I bought a mini milk loaf and baby fishcrackers for her grandsons.

Milk loaf
Tiny fish crackers

Neighbor’s Cooking – 28 May To 1 June

28 May 23 Dinner: Roti Prata, an Indian “bread” that is of the same concept as Naan, except this is pan fried till brown.
Prata is then dipped into Fish curry gravy for my main course
A fresh bowl of yoghurt Neighbor made from an Indian receipe. I have come to appreciate this sugarless and sour yohurt.
29 May 23 dinner : Radish, carrot and pork rib soup
Yam rice with doufu
Nonya Chap Chye or mixed vegetables comprising cabbage, black fungus, soy bean stick and tang hoon
1 June 23: Lunch & Dinner Steam rice
Ice Vegetables with Neighbor’s home made salad dressing
Bittergourd soup with pork ribs
Stir fried chye sim, bean sprouts with salted mustard green
Spring rolls filled with egg and turnips, which I ate for lunch
Steamed pomfret which I saved for dinner

The Duckies Are Back In Jerk Face’s Estate Pond

Jerk Face is very sweet to me. He takes the trouble to “stalk” the duckies and photograph them to text via Whats App to show me.

I wish I can be there…Seattle, Washington, seated at end of jetty, dangling my feet.

He knows I especially like the green headed ones and would not fail to show me when they come by the pond in his estate.

Both he and his wife would feed the duckies lunch and dinner for as long as they hang around his pond from Spring to almost near winter where they move to a warmer country and return after.


Neighbor’s Cooking – Saturday Feast For Parents & I – 27 May 23

Neighbor’s generosity and kindness knows no bounds.

Neighbor told me she regretted not spending more time with her own mum and she felt the need to care for my parents.

She said that the least she can do is to cook for them on Saturdays and Sundays unless she has activities to go to for family.

She cooked simple fried noodles for lunch with grass jelly drinks for us all.

But boy oh boy, she whipped up a lavish Nonya meal for dinner.

Fried noodles for lunch
Pickled green chilis and silver onions to accompany the noodles
Grass jelly or chin chow with ice was a great thirst quencher for a hot humid day
Kueh pie tee filled with veggies
Pork chop grilled thai style with curry leaves
Steamed Ikan Kembong with Nonya assam chilli and ginger torch flower to spice it up fragrantly with parsely as a garnish
Nonya chap chye comprising glass noodles, bean curd stick, black moss fungus with cabbage
Stir fried chinese greens with garlic
Steamed rice

Mr Nice’s Thursday’s Surprise Treat For Me At Work

Wednesday was a tough work day for me as the Lord of Lords (Old Coots) were having their Board meeting.

Before this intense all day meetings, Ms Vase will be relying on me to provide her with information to parade before the Old Coots. Both of us worked through lunch till 5pm, without a break. No lunch, no time to get even a drink.

When I shared this with Mr Nice on Thursday, he immediately sent me brunch. He was worried I’d go hungry and struggled home to eat dinner at 8pm, which I did.

Mr Nice is a thought out person and selected an artisanal salmon open sandwich with mesclun salad and egg benedict with roe eggs and Dutch latte.

Dutch Colony Latte
Egg Benedict choked full of salmon roe
Generous serving of raw looking salmon

I thanked Mr Nice for the treat but told him other than the latte, I do not eat these dishes.

I then shared the food with Ms Millenial, Ms Blur and Mr Director.

Mr Nice immediately apologised and said he will re-send me by Grab, another set. This time he will get me food that I will like – scrambled eggs & waffles!

Scrambled eggs
Waffles the artisinal kind with butter and honey
2 slices of rye sourdough bread

It set him back almost SGD60 for both sets.

I am grateful for his kindness and always looking out for me…now you know why I call him Mr Nice!😊

Mr Nice has always shown me genuine care, love and friendship.


Gifts From My Colleagues In Penang

These are special cookies only available in Penang. Top left: Tambun cookies with green tea fillings and ground mung beans. Top right: peanut cluster Chinese style. Cut into strips. This is a Teochew cookie usually served at weddings or joyous occasions. Bottom: cookies with dried pork floss

Above snacks were gifts to me from my Penang Colleague, Ms Penang. She bought them and asked Ms Gen Z to carry back to Singapore for me. Very thoughtful and kind as both sets of gifts are heavy.

Below is Nutmeg balm liniment which is good for aching bones and sore muscles. Ms Gen Z was very kind to help me buy 6 jars for my mum so that she can use it to soothe her back.


Neighbor’s Cooking – 22 May 23 Dinner

Fish head curry
Lotus root soup with chicken feet and peanuts
Some soto ayam soup left over from Sunday and her home made awesome ground chilli paste
Steamed rice
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Neighbor’s Cooking – 20 May 23 Lunch & Dinner For Me & My Parents

Yam sliced fish soup to be eaten with rice vermicelli below
Rice vermicelli to be soaked in soup above
Neighbor roasted this pork belly and gave me a dollop of dijon mustard to dip it in
Home made pickles or locally called ‘achar’ – cucumbers, carrots, pineapple, long beans and green chilli sprinkled with sesamwe seeds.
Pickled black beans with ginger.
Smaller bowl of kimchi fish soup for me.
Big bowl of kimchi soup for my parents
Mango from Sarawak, home grown. Neighbor said her daughter’s client gave her daughter and she shared with me.

Delicious treats!

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Neighbor’s Cooking 13 May To 14 May 23

Yee Mee – a type of chinese noodles
Garnishing to be poured over Yee Mee
Century Egg from Hong Kong served with pickled ginger – this is a dish with an acquired taste and frankly, I have not acquired a taste for it, nor appreciate it!😝
Neighbor bought Muar Fish Otah – image at bottom of this image. I love fish otah and she fried mackerel marinaded with tumeric and soya sauce
Leather jacket fish garnished with parsely. She knows I love this dish and so, she reprised it.
Carrots, radish with pork bone soup
Kao Kei vegetables or Wolfberry leaves or Boxthorn leaves with egg drop and fried achovies, garnished with red wolfberries. Touted as a good source of nutrients for good eyesight
Egg fried with Boxthorn leaves
Radish soup with chilli flakes
Beef Goulash soup…filled with chunky pieces of beef, bell peppers, barley. I ate it with 2 rounds of walnut baguette
Slice cucumber, shallots and cherry tomatoes tossed in Italian vinegar and some chilli bits. Spicy, sour and tangy! Delish!
A freah batch of natural yohurt Neighbor made for me. It is sour and goes well with blueberries

Great meals as always!


Neighbor’s Cooking 9 May To 12 May 2023

This is Kueh Pie Tee with Italian style stuffing. Excellent tasting
Korean radish soup with dou fu and luncheon meat
Chinese greens with steamed rice
Sweet potato congee as our weather has been hitting 35C To 37C lately
Leather Jacket fish cooked in braised soya sauce garnished with parsely. Good side dish to porridge
Home made Chawan Mushi. Neighbor complained that this dish did not turn out as pretty as she wanted it to be. To me, it was delish!
Fried egg with chives
Mixed veggies – okra, bell peppers, brocolli, pork and lettuce
Corn on cob with carrots and pork bone soup
Sweet bell peppers and veggies with steamed chicken and chicken rice. Free range chicken too!
Another view of the same dish above