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Tranquil Fishing Spot – Roger’s Private Jetty (Throwback To 2013)

Jetty At KI

Imagine waking up and dashing off to your private jetty for a dangle on your fishing hand line to see what you land! I had this privilege at Roger’s holiday home in Kangaroo Island.

The property had a 9 hole golf course, its own private koalas (there was a pair in the Gum trees – common genre for Eucalyptus Trees), kangaroos (we call “roos”) and my favourite – its own private jetty with loads of breams or herrings, depending on the seasons you fish in.

I was told when the tide is up, it can rise above jetty levels. This did not happen when we were there as it was mostly at good water level when the tide was in. Inset photo is when the tide is out.

Sometimes it is not about the fishing but the tranquil environment that leaves me to think whilst I am actively supposedly fishing!

Roger’s parents, Marlene and Ken, played the perfect hosts as Marlene baked fresh breads every morning whilst Ken kept us occupied with different activities the property could offer.

It was a nice quiet holiday – as long as I had a jetty to go in the mornings and evenings, I was happy 🙂


Majestic Nature – Magnificent Trees As I Reminisce On Freedom To Travel Back Then

I looked in awe at the majestic trees that grow in the Aussie bushland. The gum or eucalyptus trees smell fabulous too. I was told a lemony smelling tree was actually useful to ward off insects.

Australia has an abundance of land and on it, it has its local beauty of large trees that make it a unique landscape.

I Believe This Is A Gum Tree!

The flora and fauna of Australia is gorgeous. Besides seeing koalas in the wild or waking up to see kangaroos, I can also appreciate Kangaroo Paws – a wild flower or bush plant. Unfortunately, I lost the photos of Kangaroo Paw flowers I took as well as the Canola fields!

The trunks of trees and the way it grew are awesome. Huge and almost reminding me of some fairy tale movie where you would expect a witch to jump out.

You have to see it to believe the towering trees and how minute I was standing at the foot of the tree!

Pesky Gulls Stealing Food Where Fish & Chips Were Sold

Yes, the gulls of Australia is also symbolic of their seascape as what would it be without the gulls swooping in and fighting with me over my fish and chips ordered 😉

Yes, till Covid is controlled and swept off the face of this earth, I cannot travel!

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Cooking For Me Is An Achievement Of Sorts When It Looks Edible & Tasty!

I never thought I could get groceries this cheap at Cold Storage.

$1.20 each for the long stemmed greens call Chye Sim and for a packet of tomatoes.

What I liked about the tomatoes were that each tomato was a small one and not like those giant ones that I could not finish for making a sandwich.

Both veggies were from Malaysia and I was just delighted with my find.

Small things like these make me happy. Haha!

Fried rice vermicelli with canned braised pork trotters, cabbage and shitake mushrooms
Fried brown organic rice with egg, french beans, peas, carrots and minced pork. I add diced chili padi for that ‘kick’ for taste.

I feel so achieved…haha…that is dinner for next 2 weeks.


All About Chocolates From Around The World

A self confessed chocoholic, I have come to appreciate the different varieties now in the market, imported from Holland, UK, USA, Japan, Paris, Australia, New Zealand and even Czeckloslovakia.

With the advent of the goodness of dark chocolates for good heart health, there are now chocolates touting above 80% in pure cocoa. These do not melt easily and has the bitterness of cocoa taste. The best I have tasted come from New Zealand, under Whittaker’s brand.

Although I can appreciate it, I do miss chomping down on the normal Cadbury blocks of yester years with sugar, milk and cream content that melts miserably to goo when I leave it in the heat of my car when parked after I do groceries and run an errand before going home.

I grew up tasting Van Houten and as Lil Red Dot’s economy grew, so did the varieties of imported chocolates as our palates became more affluent.

Cadbury became a market leader alongside Nestle. These were cost effective chockies. When I moved to the USA, I learnt about Reese’s Chocolate Cups, Nestle range of chocolates, M&M’s, Babe Ruth Bars etc.

Trade grew in Lil Red Dot and people became more knowledgeable of the many varieties of chocolates when they travelled. Their discerning palate came to appreciate the fineries of life. With demand, imports became readily available to satiate my thirst for chocolate

Epicureans and foodies baulked at the humble Van Houten and yearned for discerning tastes to match their preferred chockie bars. I grew up on Van Houten and never knew of any other taste till I started to travel in my later growing up years,

Dark chocolates became the new rage as it was touted to be good for the heart.

Soon gourmet brands like Maxims de Paris, Bendicks Mints, Awfully Chocolate, Sin etc popped up.

Small little confectioneries carried unique brands from Royce to Cocoa Trees. Royce is a Japanese brand and is very costly as these are considered refined chocolates.

Hoteliers and restaurants created their own chocolate truffles, pralines to compliment their buffet spread. I love the chilli pralines made by the Chefs of the Line at Shangri La, Singapore.

I have tried Whittakers. They have a range of milk chockies to 70% dark chockies. I like the bitter sweet cocoa as it is refreshingly unsweetened as compared to the Cadbury milk bar.

Van Houten is nowadays, not a “cool” choice of chockies for kids these days as they eat more hip packaging and there are loads of choices within Cadbury’s affordable range which includes Twirl, Boost, etc.

Spoilt for choice, I am trying Whittakers mini slabs. My latest air flown chockies came in peanut, almonds with cranberries and 50% dark peppermint.

A sinfully decadent treat or as they would say ” 5 minutes on the lips, forever on the hips!”


Tortoise Museum

Ms Newbie told me she was at the tortoise museum yesterday. I never knew such a place existed in my neck of the woods till she told me.

This fella must have taken a lot of years to grow this old and huge!

Location: ORTO, 81 Lor Chencharu #01-16, Singapore 769198.

Apparently the father and daughter ( Ms Connie Tan) team keep their passion alive for caring for turtles, tortoises and even rarity breeds. They hold the Guiness book of records for most extensive collection of turtles and tortoises.

The closest experience I had with an amphibian of any kind as a pet terrapin given to me by the guy who took care of my boss’ aquarium in the office when I worked in Hong Kong.

Being a novice, I thought the terrapin would forever remain immortalised as a tiny 3 inch fella that lived in the carrier that came with it.

Little did I know, it started to grow and I had to give it away.

Tortoises have a long life span of hundreds of years. It would be a pet that can outlive the owner and this ain’t bad as no tears since the owner predeceases the pet.

I hope they continue to do well and sustain their business to share their collection of tortoises and turtles with the world in Singapore.

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Orphaned Kangaroos


At Whistler’s cellar door, Martin informed us that he had kept kangaroos who may have been victims of road kill. He described one kangaroo who was a wallaby in its mum’s pouch when its poor mum was ran over whilst hopping about.

Fenced in an enclosure and fed well, these kangaroos grew up well taken care of with loads of nutritious fruits & grains. They were like pets and I could go very near them without any reaction on their part. Whilst there, I caught sight of a wild kangaroo trying to get into the enclosure…ha ha one would think captivity frightens any wild beast. OR maybe, this kangaroo was lonely and wanted to know why his friends were in there and he was not.

I pet the roos (Australians use the slang word “roos” for Kangaroos) and they felt soft, quite unlike a dog’s fur, but much like a koala. They did not smell very good and there were flies or insects buzzing around them. Hmm, if I had a roo for a pet, I guess I would be showering them like a dog, making them smell fragrantly floral!

I remember once when staying at Bushy Lake in Perth, I woke up early to harvest some Easter lilies and boy! I saw a roo about my height, hippity hopping away, jumping over a high wire fence without any issues. They could certainly leap high!

Steve Cuddihy of Woody Pears Vineyard in Perth used to share with us how he would shoot these roos as they were pests, culling grapes off the vines, devastating his crops. He used electric fences to keep these pests out.

To me, a kangaroo is an animal I would see in a zoo…but here, it was up close and personal and I learnt how pesky a kangaroo could be to farmers and yes, I was treated to kangaroo steak by Steve but I certainly did not even want to try it! Imagine, eating Skippy the bush kangaroo. It would be as bad as eating Mary’s Little Lamb!


My Favorite Jetty@Harbor Quest, Fremantle Perth – Throwback 2013


I love living at this service apartment as my unit faced the marina.

I would wake up to smell the sea air, hear the gulls calling and see boats setting out or mooring.

John owned a red sailboat and is an old salt. He helped me haul in an octopus once.

I caught alot of interesting fishes here. Breams, Trumpeters, Squids, Skippies and Blowies or Puffer fishes.

The waters are so clear and I could often see the blue crabs or we call Flower Crabs, crawling on sea bed. Once or twice, I can see the Portuguese Man Of War swimming away in the waters.

I can spend hours sitting on this jetty, legs dangling over the jetty with my handline in hand.

It is a treat to be there always 😉

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A Bird’s Eye View Of Kangaroo Island -Throwback To 2013


This was a unique shot I managed to take whilst getting off the ferry and driving into Kangaroo Island. The ferry ride from port was choppy. Parking the vehicle was a challenge within the ferry and if it was me parking it, I would have probably driven off into the deep blue sea 🙂

My brother is a great driver and his best achievement was driving from Fremantle airport all the down south to Albany at one go! This is is unique skills set. He also does a great job of avoiding kangaroos or dawdling wombats as they cross the roads!

This photo showed a lone gull perched on a rock looking out to sea. As if waiting for someone or something to come by. It sat there for a while, not excited about wanting to fly off or going anywhere.

I call it – the deep thinker!

Though breezy and cool, almost to the point of cold if you were to sit under the shade of a tree – this avian specie was not disturbed by the extremities of weather that day. It was probably basking in the sunshine, watching the world go by.

As I have often blogged – I love the sea and the peaceful calm if brings from the magnificent spread of blue waters! This is to me, therapy for the eyes 🙂


Why I Fish

I am impatient by nature. But yet, I can sit hours by the jetty fishing.

My wise brother enlightened me when I asked a profound question of how come an impatient me, could like fishing.

The lure of a catch ie the competitive me that makes me patient as I want to catch or must catch a fish! Eureka, he is right.

All the wee hours I spend squid jigging or bream or whiting fishing in Adelaide, Perth or Gold Coast is exactly that.

My prize catch is the bream posted in this blog which I caught at Kangaroo Island.

So I am impatiently patient when it comes to fishing!


Bird’s Urban Farm #4 – A New Veggie

Bird is trying her hands on cultivating the Brinjal plant. Also known by the botanical name of aubergine or eggplant, I wonder how it will turn out as the egg shaped fruit can weigh down the plant stem it grows from.

Tiny sprouts now of the egg plant

I guess she will learn how to stake it such that the eggplant fruit is supported with stakes and not break the plant.

Encouraged by her harvest of the Cai Xin which Bird used to fry into an egg omelette, she is trying for a second harvest.

Perhaps when I am semi retired, I could do this as I have no time for things now. Anon…my vacuum cleaner calls…floors need to be cleaned!