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I have been in a morose mood.

This is when my sardonic humor or cynical outlook on life becomes even more honed.

Our new Mr IT is 4 times divorced (in his late 40s) and drinks like a fish. He is very much into the world of on line devices that lined the pockets of the evil rich who rakes off the addicted on things that goes “ka-ching”

For whatever reason, he tries to get near me because of my social standing and throws me a fish line that reeks of tall tales and the world of darkness.

“10 million” is what my “boss” would give to you to start a “charity” of sorts to given from first cent up to the poor and needy.

Where would your funds come from, I asked? Sums like these make me think of the ill gotten gains and was told from everyhere. I was further urged not to ask.

Oh and the King Pin must remain anonymous, only fronting through Mr IT.

The plot thickens and my brain sharpens.

Firstly, what he is saying is hog wash. If you want to bring money into lil red dot there are laws, just like every well governed state against money laundering and I ticked him off to say go seek legal help.

His reply was classic. I do not wish to spend a cent. Hmm…where in the world does one do business and does not have overheads. I ignore him.

With people like these and my infamous MR EX (more stories to come) it gets me down.

Then I hear that my sibling from the Fragrant Harbour is coming along with Lizard. I surrendered. This means that I will not be spending Chinese New Year with my folks as with the infamous duo, I will be upset and to keep good karma, I better steer clear away till the coast is clear at the Western Front as the old cowboys would say!

What irritated me was that my mum decided to extend an invite to this Lizard which makes me think she is flip flopping or playing family politics.

I refuse to get sucked in. I recognize that I am nothing more than a pawn for use, a person to be tapped on for things and the clean shit on Aisle 4 person. Whatever mess or scrapes my folks or beloved “family” creates in terms of mess, I am required to clean up.

Effort I put, work I do and all expenses I bear. Once done, I am forgotten.

On days like these, I surrender and curse God.

Yes, I know I will burn in hell and so be it. If devils on earth can be angels in heaven then why not the morons like me who are seen as devils on earth and devils in hell carry on believing in in the goodness of mankind.

Sigh….The Year of The proverbial Pig is not a good start for me.

My burden of family still weighs heavily on my shoulder and I will plod to finish the game or it finishes me,

Happy weekend ahead folks. More lemony treats coming up!

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