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New Normal When Taking Exams

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How To Draw Out Talent


How To Dice Onion


Xavier Again


The Perils Of Digitalisation For Super Heroes

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Tuesday Is A Day Nearer Friday Says Me

If I saw this magazine as positioned, I will go hmm……

A sign from above or a divination of what’s to come?

Or plainly matter of factly tell self that the doctor needs to get a new magazine rack and not frighten the heejeebies of patients who might think it is an omen.

Now if I see the unhooked curtain like this, I would be rattled.

Oh no no…I did not see that magazine rack at my White Coat’s office, nor is the unhooked curtains mine…heh heh…

I found these memes on the internet.


Really? Earth Stopped!

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Covid-19 – Acronymns To Help You Remember Do’s & Don’ts


A Sign….


The Golden Bloggerz Award

With thanks to Ms Chen of as she nominated me for this award. I am honored😃

She has given 5 questions for her nominees:-

1. Have you experienced moral support from fellow bloggers?

Yes I have…I received tremendous moral support when I underwent numerous major surgeries and facing all the doctors’ verdict alone in my room at Bates Motel.

The most heartfelt support was when blogger Piglet visited me in hospital and sent me my favorite Sunflowers to cheer me up.

As a virtual blogger, Piglet took the trouble to know me and shared her own struggles with me and also encouraged me on, as I, to her.

Pam of Personal Musings at offers me kind words and encouragement whenever I am down too.

2.What do you learn most from fellow bloggers?

Tenacity to overcome.

Adaptability to life just like MELewis of Life Beyond Borderswhose web link is below at

Warm words from and

Reminding me of God and her steadfast faith in the Lord is none other than Virginia whose weblink is given below

3. How many hours a day do you spend on blogging?

I used to spend 2 hours a day but with crazy work loads, I can only afford 30 minutes at night before bedtime and catching up weekends by spending 2 hours or more if required.

4. What are your goals in blogging?

Vent, take pokes at or lampoon “celebrated persons like Trump” or some weird action by an oddball, de-stress, laugh and find sanity in a very tough work life, unending responsibilities as sole caregiver of 2 elderly parents and multiple medical challenges.

5. If you read a post of a new blogger, how can you support him/her?

I would usually encourage, comment and enjoy a new read.

Thank you all for reading this and I do hope you you enjoy reading more posts and discover new bloggers.

Laugh…eat and live….my motto..Garfield Hugs!

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Wisdom to know and discern between when to help and when not to help!