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Static – One Word Prompt

Mr Eyeglasses has been in the same job since graduation. This spans more than a decade.

I felt he was static in his career. 

But if the job was good, bosses do not irritate and he was happy doing the same job, I told him to stay as good jobs are hard to come by.

This was when we met at Bates Motel as we exchanged updates.

I know Mr Eyeglasses for more than 10 years. Time flies. He is helpful and has a 13 year old.

Today as I returned from my medical tests, I heard my phone beeped repeatedly for text messages whilst driving. Whoever text me was impatient and soon my phone rang.

It was Mr Eyeglasses. He said that he text me for help.

I was stunned with what he shared.

He was arrested Friday evening and was charged with Criminal Breach of Trust (CBT) and forgery.

Who charged you? Why? How come?

He shared that he has siphoned more than $400,000 over the 10 years and Friday he was caught in the act for pocketing $10,500.

He was crying. He was just released from police custody. He wanted my help for a lawyer.

I immediately called my good friend, a criminal lawyer, to help him citing lowered fees as Mr Eyeglasses is in dire straits.

I soon found out that Mr Eyeglasses is a gambling addict.

He found it easy to siphon company funds to fuel his gambling.

I told him as he has done the crime, he must pay the time.

He is looking at 5 years jail time if found guilty.

He admitted to the police.

It seems he accepted his static job as he was able to use it to fraudulently obtain funds.

Oh Mr Eyeglasses….you are in deep trouble now😔


CM’s Food Porn #14

Nghor Hiang Prawn Crackers is an ala carte choice of assorted meats or fritters that the consumer would pick off by piece per choice over a well laid tray at a hawker stall. (*street food concept but at a hawker center?

CM took a photo of what he picked for his lunch. 

He is adventourous and compared to me, I hardly seek out such foods.

From top, going clockwise, I will decribed what CM selected for his lunch.

2 types of chilli sauces; one more vinegary whilst other is more of a sambal chilli paste, and the light pinkish sauce is a sweet sauce.

The first meat in pink is Chinese sausage, followed by mock char siew meat.

The dark brown meat is Nghor Hiang made of prawn and meat filling cut in slices.

The wafer crumbly flan is the infamous prawn cracker or we say Hay Piah.

After his meal, he showed me some antiquated authentic chinese sauces and condiments for cooking.

Being a Cantonese, CM believes in going to Chinatown market where it is the only location that stock these.

Below is dried fish maw that is a perfect accompaniment for clear broth type of soups.

Below are the home made sauces sold in plastic tubs.

Below are jars of fermented beancurd that goes well with rice porridge. Stirred into the watery porridge it is salty and a bit spicy with the taste of the fermented beancurd. This is really an old treat that existed during my grandparents’ time especially when in those days, food was scarce.

Country of origin I suspect is from China (Shanghai) and Hong Kong SAR.


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Evoke – One Word Prompt

Evoke and not provoke,

Most times ideas like below invoked.

I rarely do Facebook ‘pokes’,

Neither do I drink Cokes.
I prefer to joke,

Each time laughter evoked!


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Signs That Fascinate


Friday Natter

The weather has been unusually cool to the point of cold, which is something I am not complaining!

 Apparently the MET service shared that this is due to the movement of the South China Sea! Hmm, maybe my lil red dot may see lower temperatures for a while longer. Our average temperatures are usually 33 degrees Celsius and peaking at 34 degrees Celsius. These few days it has been 22.1 degrees Celsius and I am delighted for the heat reprieve.

 I just hope that on Monday, my parents’ home move may be without rain but with cooler temperatures. I am keeping all four paws crossed and eyes too! LOL!

 As I wind down on a Friday, I cannot help but think of the myriad of issues that have plagued my life thus far. I wonder, if like the weather, I will be granted reprieve from medical issues or family issues anytime soon! Sigh!

I strongly believe that all my life stresses actually made me ill. The years of family horrors, work horrors and relationship horrors stressed me so bad that I fell ill,

 I have given up on finding a good male partner, I dare not even think of husband material as this has proven to be very wrong for me after the experience with MR EX.

 Looking back in hindsight, I realised that MR EX never cared for me. He cared for the network worth that I have or the business opportunities that I could provide.

 Once I stopped providing that, so did his presence. This made me realize that I was never a friend and our so called relationship was based on monetary worth!

 Life is funny I feel. If one hinges on “using one”, it is really not friendship or any form of relationship.

I remember I used to argue with him as he would try and use semantics to cover up his antics. My point to him was that friendship is a form of relationship and in any relationship, there is some form of friendship. He argued that friendship is friendship and there is no relationship.

I told him that I was not interested in any form of “ship” from him as he was basically a moron or pardon my French, he is akin to an “asshole” and that he should go to hell and stay there! Yup..I can be a meanie too! ;-(

Hmm, he would be best friends with Satan and together with Satan, they can forge a fantastic friendship and I cannot be bothered what sort of relationship they can have. Perhaps he can con Satan to be his Slave as he claims to be a Mastery of sorts.

MR EX’s experience taught me to turn up my noses at those motivational speakers (* it is very wrong of me to brandish all the same but MR EX has left a bad taste in my understanding of motivational speakers as he does these so called boot camps and charge thousands of dollars to get unsuspecting minions in a ballroom to pump up in adrenalin with loud music and a series of acts.

I am one of those that would never be in those camps. Firstly, I ain’t paying $1,500 for a weekend session just to feel good about myself when happiness lies within self.

Yet he has a following who would be “charmed” to follow him to the ends of the earth to hear his hoopla!

 Ah well, to each their own choosing! If people can afford to part with thousands of dollars every quarter to feel good, it is their “medicine” and he is the “Chief BullShit Of Running Cow”





Carve – One Word Prompt

Trump has carved quite a reputation for himself.

No Spin Doctor a.k.a public relations team can successfully help him reverse or manage his adverse publicity.

Trump is largely to blame as he cannot refrain by tweeting without thinking and is every journalist’s worst nightmare.

Oprah Winfrey may give him a run for his money if she decides to run for Presidency.