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Expect – One Word Prompt

To expect and not get what you expect leads to disappointment. TRUTH!

To expect anything in any relationship is a torture when it does not materialise. TRUTH!

I expect trust, honesty and sincerity in a boy girl relationship. I AM STUPID HERE! 

*Face palms self* – this is so archaic as these days, it is about how much value one is to the other!

MR EX wanted to present self to me at 4.30pm but arrived fashionably late at 5.30pm. This is his attempt to patch up whatever “ship” he thinks he has with me.

As usual he asks of me for a favor ie to take a video of him asking for donations for his latest charitable cause. 

For a pauper that he claims he is, he can afford to do all this to get more fame. 

Like Jack in a box he pops up and like Houdini, he disappeared in the blink of an eye within 1 hour.

His alien space ship of business moguls arrived it seems.

I heard noise but did not register what he says. Selective hearing and strategically tuning out is what I do best with this character.

For anything he says is almost never ever truthful, I learnt to expect nothing from MR EX.

To me, MR EX is kinda like Jack Shit 🤣

Meanwhile….I can see he has grazed the whole side of his Mercedes 300.

Obviously he is not a safe driver. For that, I am glad he is alive as he loves to text and drive.

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How Sharks See Us

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Important Facts To Remember As We Grow Older

A man’s basic survival kit to marriage in old age


Men Just Cannot Win!

A man was sitting on the edge of the bed,
Observing his wife, looking at herself in the mirror.
Since her birthday was not far off
He asked what she’d like to have for her Birthday.
‘I’d like to be twelve again’, she replied,
Still looking in the mirror.
On the morning of her Birthday, he arose early, made her a nice big bowl of Coco Pops,
And then took her to Alton Towers theme park.
What a day!
He put her on every ride in the park;
The Death Slide, the Corkscrew,
The Wall of Fear, the Screaming Monster Roller Coaster, everything there Was.
Five hours later they staggered out of the theme park.
Her head was reeling and her stomach felt upside down.
He then took her to a Mc Donald’s
Where he ordered her a Happy Meal
With extra fries and a chocolate shake..
Then it was off to the cinema with popcorn,
A huge Cola, and her favourite sweets……M&M’s..
What a fabulous adventure!
Finally she wobbled home with her husband
And collapsed into bed exhausted.
He leaned over his wife with a big smile
And lovingly asked,
‘Well Dear, what was it like being twelve again?’
Her eyes slowly opened
And her expression suddenly changed.
‘I meant my dress size, you retard!!!!’
The moral of the story: Even when a man is listening, he is gonna get it frickin’ Wrong.
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And So The Story Goes #71

The battle is ongoing between Mr EX and I.

It started some weeks back when he expressed that I was a much needed element in his sordid life.

We all see things differently. It is always a case of “he says” or “ I say” and never the twain shall we meet.

Mr EX claims that he always reads my messages on whats app and to add to the dramatization of his efforts at reading, he will add that he does all this with close shaves during driving, amidst harassment by banks and or difficult customers.

Yes, he is quite the drama queen if you will and he will claim that I have a better life as I can sit and reply with my moans and groans on what this “relationship” means to either of us.

I am the one who feels that he and I are a waste of time and that it is best I make it very clear that a WE will never happen betwixt ourselves.

He accuses me of wearing lens and not seeing things. He claims he never answers for me and never will when I slammed him for putting whatever I say across to him as a joke whilst he does a put down on me.

He sent me emoticons of a weeping face. I told him it was “crocodile tears” as he is never around and I feel that even if I keeled over and died, he will not even come before my cortege to pay his last respects, much less, shed tears.

He protested. Knowing Mr Ex, he will protest at anything and everything so long as he wants the attention.

On one hand he can claim that he is dodging banks who are after him for monies yet on the other hand, he is gracing an occasion for fund raising as their esteemed patron. Mercy Relief, Migrant associations etc and the like are his beneficiaries.

So, Mr Ex thinks I am a moron who cannot understand the realities of life.

My take on this whole episode is a joke. Mr Ex will never want to see things my way. There is no “end” in this drama to him whereas for me, I intend to sever all ties.

Painful and melodramatic but with a character like him, much as he is one I used to care about and honestly, I do not just stop caring for people, he is a difficult nut to crack.

Always in debt he claims but whenever I see him, he is wining and dining with people in the upper houses of wealth. Perhaps he does this act for my benefit to see the “sad” him.

He is CEO of this or that conglomerate and he sold off a company for SGD 15 million. He claims he has no salary but yet he can have money to travel, wine and dine or buy this or that without blinking an eye.

I have to count my pennies. I have to wonder if I should buy that baby outfit to fit Garfield or he should just wear baby outfits that outgrew new borns of friends *ha ha! Garfield wears hand me downs as it is a waste as my friends with babies often find that the 0-6 months baby gift sets are too tiny for their babies. They grow quickly and these hand me downs are literally brand new LOL!

The saga with Mr Ex continues. I cannot trust him as the world with him is grey, never black or white. He is one with a glib tongue and can say things to pacify even the angriest of people. I have seen through him but I do rue the lost in friendship as once upon a time, this man was whom I loved but rejected his wedding proposal! PHEW!

I am glad I did not walk down the aisle with him….else I would be in a lousy place wondering what antics he is up to or what con game he is playing next!


Release – One Word Prompt

“Please release me….let me go….for I don’t love you anymore…..” are lyrics from a song that remains in my head.

I am unsure who the crooner is…maybe Andy Williams 🤔…?

Anyway….Mr EX and I have been “battling” over Whats App messaging the last 2 days.

Like a demon from the netherworld he returns in messaging through Whats App!)

These days with social media and instant messaging we have been fighting “voicelessly”

More like bantering to the point of my frustration.

I keep telling him release me from this horrid unending “ship” of sorts.

In fact no “ship” as he is neither a friend nor a person of relations.


Maybe Fleetwood Mac’s ” Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies… ” describes us better….or….


Demons In My Closets….Maybe….

We all have our little demons in the closets – well literally, there are no huffing puffing dragons or lil Yodas in there, probably just inanimate furball Garfields. LOL!

I do have my little demon in the closet and the biggest one is the one with my siblings.

It is often easily said that we must forgive in order to move on. I find this “forgiving” nonsense very hard to do and worst if it was to advocate a “move on” status – as if like nothing happened. Hell no!! It did happen and I have the emotional scars to show for it too!

Classmate (CM) is one that has little patience or compassion for people. He is neither kind nor helpful. I surmise this from the way he replies or sends messages about this or that. He shows me this side of him. As to if he is or not, I really would not know. He lives for self and is heavily self-centered in my opinion.

Back to my demon in the closet – I know I do not fit into my family of siblings. I only have one brother and I sister but the family politics whilst growing up was real. In a tiny family unit of 5 members, dad sat on the faction of the bro and sis whilst mum had to take my side, seeing how unfair I was treated. I was like in a triad, except it comprised family members.

I feel that my dad has to take ownership of the state of affairs he is in today.

He advocated the intent of my bro and sis to make my growing up years difficulty.

My family is not poor but we are not tycoons…just ok. Still, I was made to go hungry and be deprived of things that bro and sis would easily get their hands on. I went to bed with my tummy rumbling and when I went to the kitchen to help self to a slice of bread, my sister scolded me by saying that I have “no right to eat” in this house of theirs.

I knew what Cinderella felt!

The irony of it is that today, when dad is getting old and memory failing, his two beloved children of his faction cannot be bothered with him. Neglect or cannot be bothered means the same to me. Neither will either provide for him. They chime in unanimously to say that Dad has money to use for self.

The only idiot who would stand by him and be his aide is non other than me – the most hated and detested by him.

I often wonder if his memory loss is a cruel punishment for his part played in my growing up years?

I should not say it but I think it.

Karma is real I guess. Dad is or can be selfish. He still is today. He only cares to eat the best and the finest.

I spoke to him recently, and he has no memory of what he did. His only response to me was that he did not know all the awful things that bro and sis did to me behind the scenes. Ya right!!

I wonder if his memory loss is brought on by his wanting to “forget” how badly he treated me compared to the other 2 children he has. Perhaps in some sublime way?

I still stand up for him to chide the other 2 for not wanting to play any role in their favorite parent’s aging life. Such is my character.

I have become the thorn in their sides and with all the bullying they did to me, I have become acerbic, sarcastic and am not afraid to challenge anyone when I know I am right.

Bro is cruel to play mind games with me and accuses me for being mental in making all this up! He claims he played no part in making my growing up years hellish! Looks like he has early onset dementia then is my comment! To him, I am MAD as in insane as I make up all this scenarios in my heard. Perhaps I should be institutionalized then I asked him!

These experiences have given me courage to speak up for the underdogs in society and the gumption to lobby hard to the government to do a much needed service for the less fortunate.

I am who I am today for what my dad and siblings have created in me. I know pain, suffering and hardship. I also know what it was like to have a family in name but I was never a part of the family.

When walking with sis and she meets people she knows, she would not introduce me and when asked, she will say I am nobody or she does not know me.

I hit hard when I am right and I hit even harder when I know unfairness exist.

My belief is to live life with a conscience. Live it with compassion and understanding from within and do not see money as the beginning and the end.

I come with nothing and I will leave with nothing.

If I lack mobility or lose motor skills or cognitive skills, I am reduced to the mercy of others.

Like a good friend of mine always remind me – if no one will fire up the BBQ pit, my ashes will never be. So pray hard that there is that one thumb to press the start the cremation process.

Only then, can I die in peace!

Karma bites…..


Kids Write The Darndest Things

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Mortality Reminded


Parents Up In Arms Over PSLE Exam Math Question

In lil red dot, when the kids take their Primary School Leaving Exam (PSLE) to stream onto Secondary school, it is a big parent deal.

It is as if they the parents are taking exams.

So this year, the ruckus was over this math question that riled them as most of their kids could not answer it.

Extract from Straits Times publication

I could abswer and dis not find any trickery.

But ohhh noooo parents questioned the Ministry of Education saying it was badly phrased. This meant that the teacher who set this exam question wrote it badly.

I read it as “Singlish” style and still figured it out.

Aahhh well 2 marks missed 98/100 is unacceptable to the irate parents.

Such is how the pressure pot of exam marks is rated here. It must be 100% all the time!