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Optimist, Pessimist Or Problem Solver?

I started life filled with innocent yet abundant optimism.

Full of vigour and pep, I knew I would do fairly well in school. 

I prepared for exams.

I diligently prepared assignments and in Primary 5, I won my first book prize for 98/100 for history.

I went on to do well in university – getting on the dean’s list for consecutive months.

From optimism, I lapsed into pessimism as I started work and began my battle with illnesses. My antiseptic world began.

I was in a new zone called the unprotected world sans bricks and mortars of school.

Courage was easy as I faced doom and gloom of doctors’ opinions. I only die once.

I laughed. 

I never knew how to cry as all I wanted was to see how to solve it.

Each time I was wheeled into surgery from 1993 to 2016, I never feared death but ensured I was prepared in ensuring minimum hassle to the living if I should croak.

My Advance Medical Directive was in place (*no life sustaining equipment as I did not want to live like a piece of limp veggie) as well as my Lasting Power of Attorney in case I cannot sign on the dotted lines…haha😃

I had to ensure my prized possessions of inanimate furballs of Garfields are adopted and homed should I be meeting St Peter or be in Hades shovelling coals!

I needed to be practical.

I did not bounce back from pessimism to optimism as I became cynical and started seeing things with unclouded eyes.

I decided to say it as I see it without sugar coating things as I was emotionally robbed of kindness and saw the wickedness in humans.

I see seniors abandoned by children.

I see seniors without food or help.

I see people disguising as social enterprises to raise funds to line pockets of selves and not the cause purported for marginalised.

I became disappointed. I progressed to see how families would fight over inheritance. Many do not bother to be around for aged parents but except to be named in wills.

I saw how friendships became profitable and soon “abandon ship”

I saw selfish actions of those seeking to gain for selves and to hell with others.

I saw people marrying for money and not love.

I saw married men have multiple extra marital affairs and cite being unable to get along with wives after children arrived and home is built. I saw women having the extra marital affairs too.

I had to lead a strayed man home to his wife and family.

At the end of it all….optimism does not help. I see the world in tainted lenses and just have to clean it to see what is real.

We are all problem solvers. 

We have to be, as optimism is “hope”, “faith” & “trust” – these are vague and unreal as it requires the invisble hand of upper forces.

To me….it is just a waste of time….just fix it or solve it.

My life thus far has been to help seniors, aged sick, mentally ill or marginalized.

If I can touch any one life then I have achieved.

I am arguably a pessimist with one goal…solve the darn problem and move on.

Self reliance and be proud that I can be the best I can and not require anyone to say so.


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Grainy – One Word Prompt

On a beach with sand oh so grainy,

Thundering skies, soon it’s rainy!

Sandcastles I build with moats for draining,

Whilst I rack my brains for planting solutions deem brainy!


Grainy sand mixed with colored grainy rice makes a lovely pixillated design in a transparent glass bowl for cactus!


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Wednesday Laughs

Three dead bodies turn up at a city mortuary all with very big smiles on their faces. 

The Coroner thought he should inform the Police to tell them what has happened. 

‘First body: Pierre Dubois, Millionaire French Businessman, 60 years old, died of a heart attack while shagging his 20-year old porn star girlfriend. 

Hence the enormous smile said the Coroner to the Police Inspector. 

‘Second body: Hamish McTavish, Scottish, 25 year old, won £100,000 on the lottery. Spent it all on whisky and died of alcohol poisoning, hence the smile.’ 

The Inspector asked, ‘What about the third body?’ ‘Ah,’ said the Coroner, ‘this is a most unusual one. Paddy Murphy, Irish, 30 years old, struck by lightning.’ 

‘Why is he smiling then?’ said the Inspector. 

“He thought someone was taking his picture.’.


And we have our unique blonde joke😉


Battle With Old Hag Begins #1

For the first time in my working life, I told off someone – Old Hag!

Old Hag is nearing 60 years of age and she feels she is an icon, with the ability to work till 80 years as she is one of the pioneers of Submarine Lord’s firm.

She is rude, caustic and abrasive with no regard for pleasantries and I found out yesterday that she complained to Dowager that I complimented her on her outfit.

I have given up exchanging pleasantries as it is like greeting a wall and even if today is the last day on earth, I would not even compliment her for anything! is hard to be nice to people like her really! Aargh!

So, yesterday I blew up at her when she did not open her mouth for fear her teeth will fall out.

She usually behaves like a Supreme Leader (she does not outrank me by the way) and will always give you a face that screams “I am almighty, you cannot talk to me…I am leader, you are scum”

I asked her matter of factly, “Can you please tell me where have I offended you to deserve this style or mannerism of yours? If I have gravely offended you, please tell me so that I may kneel before you to seek forgiveness?”

I love the dramatics as this was the only way to deal with an asinine toad!

I flew off the edge as she gritted her teeth whilst talking to me after I asked or pleaded with her to reply to my questions so that I could do Dowager’s work. I explained that I was stuck in the middle and cannot do the task at hand as a new comer as she had all the information.

The information she held onto were given at her whim and fancies and she provides them in dribs and drabs. This made it very hard as I had to pivot tables and information does not gel!

After telling her off, I marched into Dowager’s room to explain what I did as frankly I had enough. As a new comer, Old Hag showed clearly she “hates” me but for what reason?

Dowager was kind enough to explain to me that Old Hag is “like that” – they are familiar with her attitude and sometimes she talks like that to Dowager too.

I told Dowager that whilst she may accept it, I don’t. As HR practitioners, we must be polite and inviting to help new comers adapt. What Old Hag is doing, is contrary to HR practice.

I did not feel welcomed and for her to give me her billion dollar sour puss face was enough to drive anyone up a wall. Besides, she was being difficult in sharing information and that I was unable to do the task assigned to me.

I further suggested to Dowager to let her handle this assignment as clearly she marked her turf like a dog would pee on a fire hydrant or an area to mark its turf!

Gee…I felt so achieved after this as I was prepared to shove the job as I cannot continue to let morons step all over me. It is just unfair and frankly I have had enough of bullies – time for me to claw back!




Willy Nilly – One Word Prompt

I hate doing things will nilly,

It just makes me haphazardly silly!

As if like a filly,

Butt heading with goat Billy,

Way up yonder hilly!

Willy nilly hillbilly,

Who long as I’m happily silly😁


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