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Definitions Defined Uniquely

What a definition!!

Intelligence is like underwear, you should have it but not show it.
Stupidity is like a bra, even with attempts to hide it, it shows up.
Ego is like the bum. You can’t see yours but others can, and you keep noticing only other people’s !!

Funny but true!


Much Ado About Summer Heat & Flowering Plants

Sakura blooms are happening in Japan and I wondered if my own lil secret place of “sakura cherry blooms” were in place.

The weather has been sweltering and today, record high 35 degrees Celsius was recorded. For sure, I know that my own lil secret place of “sakura blooms” will be falling on the road.

The Trumpet Tree (Tabebuia rosea) looks like the Sakura Cherry blossom flowers but it is not. Some time back I posted the photos I took on 3 September 2017.

Last Saturday, I took a drive through and true enough the road was laden with the fallen flowers.

The hot weather does best to augment and force the flowering of flowers in Singapore. I pointed out to mum and dad to see the pink bougainvillea in full bloom all along the Pan Island Expressway to Changi Airport.

The troughs that they are planted in for overhead pedestrian bridges were adorned with a sea of pink blooms and added color to concret grey overhead bridges.

The road dividers were “pink’ as the blooms covered the leaves of the bougainvillea.

I do like it when the landscape gets an injection of color and I wondered by the landscapist decided on the pink colored bougainvillea – why not the orange or range of other colors that I saw at the nurseries that sold plants. I had earlier posted on the different colors of bougainvillea at:-

Sadly, I was disappointed that the Frangipani was not flowering at all. My trip to the Botanical Gardens was a disappointment as I had wanted to see this tree, perhaps flowering in all its might!



Aunt Carol….


Mr Ability To Earn Is Off To The Papal City

Mr Ability To Earn is off to the Papal City next weekend and I forbade him from getting any holy relic things for me. He is a staunch Christian and I told him repeatedly that I am anything but a worshipper of godly things. Besides, all these things take up space! My heart says, if I do good and harm no one to the best of my ability, then the “church” is within me.

Yes, I can be absolutely difficult when it comes to religious Catholicism. It just does not work for me. After seeing the behavior of MR EX, it just puts a bad taste of the Christian religion in me. So far, God has not chosen to reach out to me and I cannot be bothered either. Best if I believed and respected all religions.

But I do like the teachings of Buddhism – technically, Buddhism is a teaching and not a faith. I hope I am right here. I tend to enjoy reading the tenets of Buddhism and its learning. I read Abrahm Chan and his words are so short but deeply thought invoking.

Frankly in all religions, yes, even the Catholic one, they all impart good. I think the biggest problem with the Catholic faith is that they have remained isolated in its own cocoon, not seeking to change or advance its method of teaching to suit the new generation. Priests speak from the pulpit and “chill” with their crowd. 2 priests that I have known during my “holier” me days have disrobed to get married and the other gone to jail, served time and has been released. Perhaps I have seen and experienced the wrong things of the Catholic faith, which I thought could never be wrong.

Religion is about appeal too. Anyway, I will not delve into it, other than to remind ferociously that he was not to bring me any religious relics – hmm, me thinks I am like Count Dracula and that these holy relics will vaporize me LOL!

I last visited Rome when I was 12 years old. Our flight was diverted from London enroute to Singapore when lighting struck our plane’s tail. The Captain decided to land the plane and after being stuck on the tarmac for many hours, we thought we were cleared for takeoff, only to find that the door to the plane had malfunctioned and could not shut.

So, we had to have a one to two day layover in Rome.

I do not remember most of what we saw…but the plane bit, I did remember.

Anyway, I will miss Mr Ability To Earn as he will be away for 2 weeks for a conference. He is very focused on making money and given his career, he has done well. I suppose he deserves the rewards God sends his way as he is a God fearing man.

Bon Voyage Mr Ability To Earn and remember do not bring me any religious relics from the Holy See or Papal City or whatever – Do however, bring me back something practical or edible LOL!




Blush – One Word Prompt

When teased, I blush.

When embarassed, I blush.

When my cheeks need color, I use blush.

When ego crushes, I blush.

When blood rushes to face, I blush.

I remember someone blushing when he accidentally farted in a public bus. I felt for that poor chap!

I am off to the toilet to give it a flush! I love a clean bowl… haha!


CM’s Food Porn #20 – Kuantan Food & Poor Man’s Meal

Classmate has arrived in Kuantan and has been flooding my mobile phone with photos of the food he is having.

Kuantan is the state capital of Pahang, Malaysia. It is located near the mouth of the Kuantan River and faces the South China Sea. Kuantan is the 17th largest city in Malaysia based on population, and the largest city in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. {Source: Wikipedia}

Kuantan is also famous for its salted fish.

In days of old, fisherman would preserve their catch by salting the fish they caught if it could not be all sold. They then sell salted fish as another item to make a living.

Salted fish is comfort food for most of us in lil red dot. Eaten with rice or rice porridge, the saltiness goes well with the plain rice or rice porridge.

Today, gourmet Chinese cooking uses salted fish to produce dishes like bean sprouts fried with salted fish, salted fish fried rice with peas, carrots, shelled shrimps and or mince pork.

Good salted fish cost a lot these days, a far cry from the humble $1 to $2 a piece, these cost $50 to $60 a kilo for good Kuantan salted fish and so, CM is actually being sarcastic to text me and claim he was eating “poor man’s food”

If anything I know about CM, he hardly eats like a poor man!

By comparison, I think I do as I always avoid eating good or fine foods in view of my fear of accumulating bad cholesterol, bad heart health etc.


A Grandpa’s Secret

Grandpa was celebrating his 100th birthday.
Everybody complimented him on how healthy, athletic and well-preserved he appeared.
“I will tell you the secret of my success,” Grandpa said, “My wife and I were married 75 years ago. On our wedding day, we made a solemn pledge.

Whenever we had an argument, or fight, the one who proved wrong would go outside and take a walk for 5 kilometers.

Gentlemen, I have been walking in the open air day after day for some 75 years now.”
One friend further asked, ‘But your wife is also slim and energetic?’
Grandpa said, ‘that is another secret, my wife use to follow me behind checking whether I go for 5 kilometers or sit in a park!!!.’


Monday…Arrgh! At Work…

Monday’s are always a drag getting to go to work and nothing keeps me going most, than listening to my favorite deejays on One FM, Glen and the Flying Dutchman (FD)!

Besides, traffic is at a crawl today as it is the first day of classes after the students’ one week of holidays in March.

Today’s banter on air during my drive time was “Adventure Dream” – if there was one dream to achieve, what would that adventure dream. This sprang from a person on a wheelchair who wanted to get to base camp in Nepal at Mt Everest. His only fear was altitude sickness.

The 2 deejays said that if this person made it, it would be a feat as there was no way anyone could get to base camp on a wheelchair. They encouraged this person.

Glen then asked FD what would be his dream adventure and FD said that he would love to motorbike from lil red dot to London, UK. The route would be treacherous as he imagined going through Malaysia, Myanmar, India and to London.

This made me think of my own adventure dream – what would I want to do? Was there anything I would love to do perhaps? For the life of me, I could not think of anything that I would want to do.

I was not up for skiing, bungee jumping or doing anything remotely dangerous. In fact, I am happy with what I have and what I have done thus far. I need not be all Tarzan like or be a superhero to want to climb this or that mountain or do anything to prove self in any way.

Was I lazy? Too much in my comfort zone?

Wait a minute…I would love to get into a cabin of a Ferrari and drive it! Whoo Hoo! Now that would be fun. I heard that the pedals or gears for sports cars are very different and would like to try it. I need not be speeding, but just driving it to a nice hotel and getting out of it after parking at the lobby entrance. LOL!

Our Singapore roads have too many traffic stops to make any sports car a viable drive. So, it would be ridiculous to buy a car that is costing more than a SGD1,000,000 just to drive 50km/hr to get to stop at a traffic light less than 2km away. Oh, yes we could drive on the expressway at 90km/max but at peak hour traffic, PIE would slow to a crawl at 40 km/hr.

Yes folks, it is Monday and I lost my car park space to a teeny tiny red car this morning at the parking garage of the building where I worked. Bummer!

I will be glad when 5.30pm rolls by and that would be time for me to tally ho and zip out of the building to go home. Bah! Mondays! And Dowager would be back Wednesday! “exciting”






Hmmm…I Wonder…

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