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Jewel’s Rain Vortex – Changi Airport Terminal 1

Ms Feisty took this awesome photo when she went to Jewel at Changi Airport last Sunday.

She braved the crowd to take this lovely photo to show me.

*Photo credit goes to Ms Feisty*


6.21 Km Walk Or 8,002 Steps – What I Saw #1

It may be 35C but thankfully the cloudy and drizzling effect soothed the heated roads as I walked.

Armed with a foldable brolly in my waist pouch, I set off to conquer the sights for us to see.

First up…Lantana in a myriad of colors that makes it as colorful as a rainbow.

Midway through the walk MR EX texted me to share what he did with the earlier photos I sent him.

He turned those into memes or posters as he calls them, with motivational quotes.

I was encouraged in that my photos would inspire others. It waa nice.

As I continued on my walk, I saw alot of Jasmine bushes lining the road.

All paths lead me to somwhere.. follow the brick road…

What lies ahead…….?

*Post script – after this walk on 20 April 2019, my body doth protest and legs became stiff as if I was in a state of rigor mortis. But it was worth it as the sights I saw really cheered me up.

I hope you will enjoy the 10 part series.

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Even Chicks Have Doting Grandmas!

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Irony Of It All


PAIN – A 4 Letter Word

I am in pain.

My neck is in pain.

My legs are in pain.

I wish I can be rid of pain.

If only pain is washed away like rain.

I laugh away the pain.

Today is a bad day.

Pain killers I pop,

May tomorrow I be as right as rain!


Paddy Again


35C Temperatures! Whopping Heat Really….

The MET service has predicted 35C temperatures for this week and I could already feel the heat when I stepped out onto the tarmac to walk.

It would be crazy of me to proceed really as I should be indoors, lazing on the cool marble floor and catch up on forty winks with my inanimate furball Garfield in tow.

But I am lured by the prospect of taking nice photos of the gardens where I usually go to.

Perhaps there will be a respite. It looks pretty clouded now and I guess with the rain clouds hovering, it could give heat respite once it showers and cools the paths I would walk on.

MR EX has seen my photos and he has asked me to share with him – he wants to “steal” them. I did not mind as once posted, it could be used as these were not proprietary to me. Of course, copyright vests with me as I took them but I am not about to claim anything as anyone who spends the time walking and exploring could actually find these flowers, plants or trees or anything animate.

But then the sarcastic MR EX would arise and start criticizing that I did not take the photos well.

Hallloooo…I let you use the photos for free and without need to acknowledge, so spare me the criticism pleaaassseee!

But if I were to take it in the right vein, maybe he wants me to learn how to take better photos. I listened and will try to put in what he shared in photography skills…I have a Samsung Galaxy 9+ android…it is point and shoot for photography challenged me.

Remember, this is one being who has never owned a camera till the world introduced smart phones with a camera!


A Great Soap Opera Series