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Why Herman Is Still Missing From The Army


Don’t Try This…Ever!!


A Diet Starter Pack

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Monday Blues…Life’s Practical Moments


Nothing Fazes Me But It Hurts Still

Whilst I did my best to wish my father a happy father’s day, he told me that I was insignificant and said I was worth ignoring.

My typical sad story.

I wonder why I try really when in good mental health he never treated me well.

In poor mental health, he is just as nasty to me.

When you are not his favorite, nothing is appreciated.

My heart tells me to hate him. My mouth says it.

No one else bothers about him or my mum.

I have a heavy yoke.

Each and every available vacation day is spent taking an ungrateful dad to the doctor’s.

My hands told me to take the icon of Mother Mary and Jesus hanging in my bedroom and toss it down the rubbish chute – I just did!

It felt good as that God never blessed nor lighten my load. Yes, I will burn in hell. So be it.

I hate God really for making my life a misery everyday, with no end to suffering.

I am tired.

Often times, I feel like committing suicide.

Surely there must be an end to all the difficulties of my life?


Sunday Laughs

Yaaa right??!!!


A bait and tackle shop I gotta visit..

Orange juice with what again??!!

English translation…

A classic car sans bells and whistles as they say…


English Twang….

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Just Being Silly…


Father’s Day Greetings To All Fathers

Warmest wishes to all dads, grand dads and great grand dads for a blessed Father’s Day that is filled with love, good physical and mental health!

Don’t do the following…

No matter how bad your neighbor may be, don’t do this in below picture.

Don’t be like Homer Simpson!

Just accept that you cannot win at bed space!

Laugh and have a gleeful celebration.


When Pirates Retire…

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