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Team Building Event Completed On Saturday!

I had fun today as I managed to pull off a team building event for the Lords with almost 200 participants.

From bus transportation to and from the office to the team building location, games to encourage the theme of reinforcing our company’s mission, vision and values statement to ensuring there is enough toilet paper for all to use.

Having an event in a park area means that the public toilets have a central single spool of dispensing toilet roll. This means that if I forget to pull from this spool and dash straight to the toilet cubicle without it, then I better wish I have pocket tissues handy with me.

I am used to having toilet rolls fitted in each cubicle but this is not the case when visiting park areas here.

As I had a fractured foot, I could only do a couple of games and omit participation in those that needed me to run around like a gila {Malay word for “mad” ] monster to find clues or “dollars” for the purchase of drone parts.

The team leader then has to run around and do things on a mobile phone to get virtual coins in exchange of spare parts for the drone so that they can then assemble a drone that can be piloted.

I laughed when my team leader had to jump up and down 10 times; sing happy birthday, scan white or green or black colored items to get virtual coins.

Another fun game was Peek N Build. We had to look at a structure made out of wooden blocks, dash back to our station and replicate this. It was not easy remembering the size of each wooden block, the 6 colors and different shapes.

It was hilarious seeing the different teams doing it as not many were America’s Got Talent Pol Potts, Susan Boyle or any of the contestants! All that caterwauling!

Other games included holding a white sheet with cut out round holes of different diameters for different colored balls. The facilitator then puts a minimum of 1 ball on each sheet with 7 cut out rounds for us and tells us which colored rim hole he wants us to have the colored ball drop out of.

Well, we did not win. But it is ok.

We had great teams who won prizes of up to $94 of coupons for them to return to this venue and play tag team laser games.

I would like to think that I did alright!

Now to plan for next year’s event and if we can move it up a notch to do it in a location outside of lil red dot! Now that would be nice!



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I Think….

I think of the weirdest things – what if it rains tomorrow & I do not have my brolly with me?

I think of the saddest things – what happens when my parents are no longer with me?

I think of the happiest things – what should Garfield, my inanimate furball wear next week when it is time to change and “diaper” him?

I think of the oddest things – Why are some born more equal than others? Meritocracy or karma from past life?

I think of the strangest things – what will happen if there are no more insects in this world as they become extinct and will flowers no longer be as we needs bees to pollinate them?

I think of the most ridiculous things – what should I eat tomorrow?

More importantly, why do I even think?

I think, therefore I am?

What do you think?


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