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Come Walk With Me Thru Tanjong Rhu Promenade 

If it was not for a work organised minion event, I would not know of the existence of this park connector called Tanjong Rhu Promenade.

Aptly named Friday fit event, each minion received a fit package featured below.

I parked at Kallang Wave Mall and it is HUGE as this mall provides parking for the close to 70,000 occupants that can pack our indoor stadium in Sports Hub.

My walk started from Kallang Wave Mall and the Kallang River is beautifully scaped against the office buildings.

Featured below are condominiums at the perimeter of this water barrage.

Below is the indoor stadium that has a retractable roof so that in the event of inclement weather, the roof can cover the stadium.

View of the Singapore Flyer in the background.

The viaduct is Sheare’s Bridge.

Marina Bay Gardens are in the 2 domes….I prefer to call them “Housefly Eyes”😁

A local flowering bush….Unfortunately I do not know its botanical name.

Our own “local family of otters” that migrated to our Kallang River.

They are celebrities as they form part of nature reserve and they have huge “fans” or avid photographers who would camp there with their super cameras to catch them in action.

Unfortunately my camera phone only show them as “10 dots” sigh!

I tried magnifying the photo and perhaps this is better😉

My achievement from this visit was 10,927 steps!!! A new record. 

But now my left leg and spine doth protest! BAH! 

😊😊😊Downside to a fun friday outing!



Don’t even try having a picnic!!

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Respect The Flag They Say…

In lil red dot, our state flag can only be displayed in the weeks leading up to our National Day, for ceremonius occasions and honoring people who died for our country.

It cannot be used as a garment or bag or “fun” item but is treated with decorum.

Even torn or old flags must be disposed off carefully.

Quite unlike the ways to use the American flag as depicted😉….ha ha call us fuddy duddy I guess!


My Lunch Time Discovery

As I took a walk near my office, I discovered a short cut to Chinatown.

Though the area is drabby and old, I saw as many as 5 medical halls selling traditional chinese medicines.

The aroma of gingseng and herbs were overpowering, reminding me of their existence.

Tucked between the rows of medical halls was this quaint buscuit shop that must have close to 100 varieties of local biscuits and preserved fruits.

These fantastic food items can be bought in per 100gm. 

Unlike me buying a tin of assorted biscuits for $7.80 without choice of what I really like!

I was so happy that I bought 6 varieties! 

My damage amounted to $15.80.

I wish I had more bucks to spare as boy oh boy, I would love to splurge and buy up every variety available.

There goes the diet plan😃


Only In Vietnam

The versatility of a motor bike! 


Best Trump Joke Ever!

From his own son ha ha ha! I have such a t shirt too, including one that reads “Same Shit, Different Day” as the Oil Lords I used to enjoy working with often say this to me when I greeted them good morning! 😃


New Adventures At Work

I dodged a bullet when at the 11th hour, I was told by Submarine Lord that I need not go to the boondoocks to look at our fleet of vessels! PHEW!

I had visions of me losing my way as shipyards are not easy to locate.

If I do not find the darn yard, I might look flustered like Mona Lisa on Mondays!

GPS would also fail as on reaching the site, it is just equipment everywhere!

This new Lord-dom treats people well in that there are alot of activities or events planned for minions.

Come Friday, it is Keep Fit Friday…and the gang of minons is already eyeing to trek 3.5km of the Tanjong Rhu Promenade.

This will make a “meaty” photographic blog post on Saturday 😉

Meanwhile the sad news😢 is that I may NOT get the Legal Lord offer as I rank neck to neck with another minion.

I was told that a round of votes would be polled and if a deadlock arises, I may be called in for another round of wooing!

Friday….D Day for me….else I will be forced to roost at Submarine Lord….que sera sera! 

I pray hard….


Ode To Garfield #14 -June 19, Garfield’s Birthday

19 June 2017 was Garfield’s birthday,

How could mum here forget that special day!

Thankfully Ms China jolted my memory seemingly lost at bay,

Created by Jim Davis in 1978, 41 years old this day!

Garfield’s always in a heap on my bed, he lays,

No matter come what may!

Needless gifts for me to buy or pay,

Yet I say, I say, you are my sunshine ray!

Happy 41st Birthday my inanimate furball creation of Jim Davis!

Silly me…ha ha but this inanimate furball is the only “pet” that I have to dote on 😉


Antidote For Trump Maybe?


More Trump Laughs For Wednesday