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Humor – Black Or White Areas?

Humor is both an adjective and a noun to me.

Humor is light -hearted. Humor is uplifting.

Humor is refreshing!

Yet, Humor can be both sardonic and biting.

I prefer to use Humor to keep self and others happy.

Humor encourages me to see things in a lighter vein and laugh it away though I may see in truth the intent of the way something is articulated or put across to me.

I can never be a stand up comedian like Eddie Murphy nor Chris Tucker but I can be the life of a party if I choose to be.

I choose not to be most times as I have mentioned in my earlier blog, I like watching the group dynamics and seeing how people react, interact or get along.

Along with Humor usually comes “grey areas”- many a debate would be sparked especially with the long arm of the law.

I have seen many a commercial crime and how it ends up. Thankfully, rightfully in jail.

Over the years, I have seen how a lady got put away in jail for criminal breach of trust. She had been ingenuous in the wrong sense! She used her talent to siphon money from the company where I worked before. Sadly the monies she took financed her bling bling and fashionista outlook!

Pity – if it was a hardship case, I would have felt sorrier for her.

I felt sorry for her in the sense that she could have done better with her life.

She was pretty and charming but if she chose to use these qualities in a more positive way, it would have been good.

I remember her humor as she would go around playing the perfect hostess at any company event or be walking about in the office, being a social butterfly.

People who knew her, would part money to her as her excuses of “oh I forgot to bring my wallet and I need $50 for cab fare home as I need to pick my son from childcare before it closes”- this amounted to some $15,000 on private debts racked up amongst colleagues.

I also understood that she managed through an annual dinner and dance event whereby she solicited for funds to be sent privately to her account and for lucky draw prizes to be sent to her home. Her other antics included forging signatures to procure laptops, plants for the home including hampers to be sent to her personal friends.

In areas where she has erred, it was a case of “black or white” – in this case, purely black! Right is right and there is no way around what is right to begin with – hence the need to stay “white” always.

I once entered into a lengthy debate with a motivational speaker. I did not trust this person as he kept trying to indoctrinate me on “grey” areas. Yes, I can agree that there grey areas and this is where the court of law would weigh the case carefully to ensure if it was “beyond a reasonable doubt” or otherwise.

I wonder how long would this motivational speaker be caught by the long arm of the law?

Perhaps in time I would think.

Hopefully before then, this motivational speaker would do a clean act and stop fine-lining between black or white and walking away based on “technicalities”

What I detest most about this motivational speaker is the smugness of it all – triumphant that he has beaten the system and made a puddle of funds with it.

I also remembered how this motivational speaker used humor to pepper his talks and be the life of the party. He thrived on the limelight, the cheers, chants and loud music that accompanied him with his massive display of “reaching out” – It was annoying after a while.

Still he went on, reaching out through the “church” and I saw how people called out to him and how he related to me that he felt “God like”

Humor to me is humility.

Humor is for use to cheer the down hearted and uplift the spirits of those needing good cheer.

More importantly, humor would show discernment in how it is used and the end goal obtained.

Remember – black is black and white is white.

Where grey areas of the law arise, do not touch it with a 10 foot pole.

Walk away and be free of any doubt.

Walk tall, walk proud knowing you have a free mind and that there is no long arm of the law lurking behind you, watching your every move.

Live life and be a part of a truthful and honest livelihood that you can shout about!

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The aroma of sizzling bacon wafts into my kitchen and I know that my neighbor who lives a floor beneath mine is having bacon for breakfast!

in fact he always have bacon on weekends.

Soon the strong java aroma arises to my olfactory sensing and he is definitely having a strong cuppa to start his day.

He is French, married to a local Singaporean and have 2 young tots!

Nothing comes out of my unit as it is instant coffee granules – Nescafe Gold roast and the new concoction of beans Nestle touted as strong Arabia roasted beans has shot the price up from $13.95 to $14.90, without freebies banded. The old packaging usually comes banded with a 50 gm jar!

Breakfast, or any meal for that matter to me, is simple and these days, I doggy back from the food courts around office through kind help of Ms Feisty.

Finishing work late does not tempt me to cook up a storm starting at 7pm and ending at 9pm to eat dinner and hit the sack! FAT!

2 days to go to D Day – Bates Motel will let me know on monday when I arrive as to which ward I will be in.

Both Drs James and Lui are on standby for me already and so, I will be properly taken care of.

Afraid? Worried? Trepidation filled?

A bit of all three, as I do not know what is wrong with me.

I have delayed my symptoms for a while, thinking it will go away but it did not and so, like a patient, I am back.

The aromas that will fill me in the coming days are sterile compounds of antiseptics and thankfully, Garfield is accompanying me.

My colleague sent me this link

I had a good laugh. Like me, she loves cuddly toys and her Mama Ewe is oldest and requires “transfusion” – same fate as Garfield but I cannot bear to have Garfield away for even a night!

I will live…..I know I will…just painful though! LOL!

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Laughter Is The Best Meds, Unless….

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Remembering Grandma

Grandma owned a sizeable coffee shop somewhere along Serangoon Road. I do not remember much of Grandma except that she was visually impaired as she aged and that she loved my mum immensely.

The love between my mum and Grandma was mutual and though Grandma was unable to see, she looked forward to our weekend visits.

Grandma worked hard, was business savvy and passed on these values to my mum and my mum passed it down to me.

Grandma passed when I was 8 years old I think. I vaguely remember the grand funeral that lasted 7 days complete with opera, nightly dining for well wishers and the ritual I had to go through as a grand daughter.

What I will never forget is the giant wooden dark wood casket that held her. It was a looming sight for me as I slink past it to the toilets each time throughout the wake. I did not understand death then. The last I remember of Grandma was when I was given a clump of soil to throw into the burial pit.

Soon it will be the start of the 7th month and as the gates of Hades are opened, I am glad that Grandma can have a good break to visit loved ones and continue to bless us.

In remembrance of both my maternal and paternal grandparents this Hungry Ghost Festival.

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Definition Of Politics

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1 Michelin Star Noodles With Braised Soya Sauce Chicken $9 A Plate

Ms Feisty had this for lunch and told me it was super yummy!

I agree as she bought me a packet of noodles with roast pork (*am allergic to chicken) and its sauce was flavorful whilst the noodles were springy!

Mine cost $9.50 a portion! Serms that pork costs more than chicken.

Name of the stall is Chan Hawker, Hong Kong Noodles located at 18 Tai Seng Road.


A Priest & A Nun – 18+

A nun and a priest were crossing the Sahara desert on a camel. On the third day out, the camel suddenly dropped dead without warning.

After dusting themselves off, the Nun and the Priest surveyed their situation. After a long period of silence, the Priest spoke.

‘Well, Sister, this looks pretty grim.’

‘I know, Father. In fact, I don’t think it likely that we can survive more than a day or two..’

‘I agree,’ says the Father. ‘Sister, since we are unlikely to make it out of here alive, would you do something for me?’

‘Anything, Father.’

‘I have never seen a woman’s breasts and I was wondering if I might see yours.’

‘Well, under the circumstances I don’t see that it would do any harm.’

The Nun opened her habit and the Priest enjoyed the sight of her shapely breasts, commenting frequently on their beauty.

‘Father, could I ask something of you?’

‘Yes, Sister?’

‘I have never seen a man’s penis. Could I see yours?’

‘I suppose that would be OK,’ the Priest replied, lifted his robe, and almost immediately he was sporting a huge erection.

‘Sister, you know that if I insert this in the right place, it can give life.’

‘Is that true Father?’

‘Yes, it is, Sister.’

‘Oh Father, that’s wonderful … stick it in the camel and let’s get the hell out of here!’



A Product Of Life

We are all products of life.

With life, I set out to make myself economically viable, never a leech on parents, siblings and or on society.

I am one of those who pay income tax diligently and am happy to pay income tax as it means that I am doing okay and not in dire straits.

By paying taxes, I qualify for good credit rating status as the ability to pay taxes allow me to purchase things without IRAS doing unnecessary checks as I live within my means.

I have seen colleagues who over extended selves to borrow from loan sharks and end up in bad situations.

I have seen colleagues put behind bars as they siphoned money out from the company to fuel their love of bling blings and designer togs! Why the lure of such things can get people to steal is a wonder to me.

I do not see merits in carrying a designer bag. Firstly these designer bags are ghastly overpriced and weighs a ton! Ridiculous to me to even think of forking out thousands of dollars to carry a bag that hurts my spine.

Have you tried carrying a Prada leather bag – it is heavy and not very practical.

I am, afterall, stingy LOL!

I will have better use of those thousands of dollars!

I carry or use handbags that are made of cheap and light material as I need to lug around medications, cleaning wipes and all things needed for my parents when I take them out.

I am like their nanny and would use bags that are functional and not fashionable.

I am a product of life that I adapt to.

I use alot of wipes as eating out with parents, I have to ensure their hygiene as mum walks and grabs everything in sight to balance herself as she does not know or want to know how to use a walking stick.

Plus mum is an embarrassment as she will always demand alot of tissues or napkins from the food outlets. More is better for her and she is a firm non believer of saving Gaia.

She is amass loads of plastic bags and I have to tolerate it otherwise, we end up in a shouting match.

How will I turn out when I age?

I am unsure what product of life I will end up to be?

I feel I will end up lonely, dying alone with Garfield and I.


4 More Days To D Day For Me

5 more days before I check into Bates Motel. Sigh!

Garfield is dressed and ready to go with me. He grins inanimately and knows he will be in my cabin luggage as he is wheeled with me.

I heard Bates Motel has full occupancy.

I pray hard that I get my usual nurses who knows what ails me, what sickens me and what drugs I cannot take.

The “Holy Trinity” will take care of me….my nickname for Drs James, Lui and Boey.

I do feel safe when I am with them as they go about fixing me up.

I wish it was as easy as farting and walking away haha!

I hope my menu for meals will not yield this fella!! Eeuw!

I hope to catch up on my zzzzs in Bates Motel.

Faraway from the maddening crowd of work issues, getting some respite from my parents and having self time to heal with Garfield.

But if anything should happen to me, I must remember to delete my browsing history!


How To Politely Excuse Self

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