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Royal Baby In Spring Joke

The creativity of netizens…

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Okay…I Am Still Unwell…Blah!

It seems that my White Blood Count has plummeted faster than the Hang Seng Index! HA!

Hang Seng Index is the stock market exchange for Hong Kong and when it dives, it really plummets as their market is alot bigger that our Singapore Stock Exchange. But it is smaller than NASDAQ or SEADAQ.

if my White Blood Count plummets anymore, then effectively I will have Luekopenia. So, I will be a germ magnet! I will have a hard time fighting off infections so there!

Sigh! I am still very tired but I need to drag self to work tomorrow as there is so much work to be done.

I am sad as fellow Blogger Neethu is in lil red dot visiting and I cannot catch up with her. With my viral infection that has now developed to Bacterial infection, it would not be wise to see her. Besides, I do not feel well enough to be showing her any sights which is a pity.

[*Neethu if you are reading this, sincere apologies for not seeing you or catching up with you*]

But admittedly, it feels good to rest at home as I have been so tired and fighting the virus which started some weeks ago (I think so, as I felt not too good but told self it was mind over matter and plodded on)

Anyway, I will live. HAHA! Sorry you guys reading my posts have to bear with me still ……Thank you for reading and providing me relief from my awful meds!


So Much For Hope & Inspiration

The economy drives me nuts most times.

Just when I thought the economy of lil red dot is starting to show signs of recovery with bouyant trade, Orange Man and China War are waging trade wars.

When 2 giants fight, we suffer alongside other countries.

Trade, imports and exports are our life line. We move one of the world’s largest volumes of containers.

Natural disasters like Typhoon Mangkhut and the tsunami in Sulawesi, Indonesia (2,000 lives as at 2 October 2018) have seen casualties and deaths in thousands.

Lil red dot will join countries in the region to offer aid and help.

The weather has been crazy hot at 34C with little or no rain.

Life is one minute you are there and next you can be gone.

Predictable? No, not really.

Who can guess an earthquake of 7.3 on richter scale can kill so many with a tsunami.

They say God is in charge. So HE has his reasons for nature’s fury.

Probably it could be that we destroyed the environment to begin with. Hence all this wonky weather?

Que sera sera….

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Great Signs


Pollination…Birds & Bees


CM’s Food Porn #52

1. Vadai is a popular Indian savory fritter that is eaten with a greem chilli. This dough fritter has a prawn pressed into it and it is easy to chomp down several of these for a snack.

2. Below are local Malay Muslim snacks.

Right: red one is called 9 layer cake made of steamed rice flour mixed with coconut santan and sugar

in different colors.

I love peeling each layer and enjoying the different colors.

The white plastic packets contain hoon kueh and sweet corn steamed into a gel like pastry.

There is also tapioca cake and banana fritters.

3. A treasure trove of curry puffs or we call epok epok. These puffs are filled either with sardines or potatoes.

These were snacks that CM bought and ate when he was walking past some make shift stalls at a local market bazaar.


Monday…Brain Info


God Is Erm…Dog?



I truly need to declutter,

By so doing my heart might flutter.

Not my precious Garfields, I’d stutter,

They are never a clutter.

I might throw out the putter,

I don’t golf, nor am I a grass cutter.

I rather eat toast with butter,

And bowl ten pins into the gutter.

Declutter, I mutter…

Not my Garfields, I stutter.

P.s. I did not find any wallet🤣


And So The Story Goes # 83 – Sick As A Dog

So, it’s Sunday.

I don’t know the origin of the phrase but I use it whenever I am ill.

I have to take very strong antibiotics for a week. At 1gm a day, it will knock me out. The good doctor gave me 2 days to rest, Monday and Tuesday.

I could use the self time to do crosswords, watch soaps or just sleep in. Or as my meme says…just think about meal times

Feeling poorly and not up to throwing stuff into my cauldron to create food, I groaned to self.

Within minutes, I got a text from MR EX.


“Will buy you fish porridge in 1 hr. With a Chinese colleague, just take and don’t talk!”


“Grateful thanks”


I could not believe my eyes.

Somehow the divinities heard my groan and sent me my arch nemesis to be my Food Panda delivery service.

I was fine with not speaking and meekly collected my parrot fish congee and a side of stewed soya shitake mushrooms from Mui Kee Congee restaurant. This is a good Hong Kong chain of restaurants in lil red dot.

As if like a spy espionage movie, I collected the brown bag and walked away from his brand new Mercedes, driven by his minion.

I bit my tongue so as not to take swipes at his dark sunglasses. I remembered what he instructed me on text so as not to shame him in the presence of his minion the chauffeur.

He was wearing really dark sunshades.😎😎😎


“I finished eye surgery this morning. Doc gave me sleeping pill to sleep till tomorrow afternoon. Do not text me as my phone with others”

HA! MR EX knows that I am capable of bashing him mercilessly and he was afraid my explosive unfriendly texts may expose his ugliness and embarrass him.

But considering he just finished surgery and thought to send me food, then I must be grateful and gracious to spare him grief from my rants.

It was both our lucky days…me for nourishment and he, from embarrassment😄