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‘Elephant Memory’ Untrue

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Guess Who Had The Last Laugh?

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Looking Back At 2020

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Xavier Wit & Insights #36


Hidden Agendas Of Sorts Or The Irony Of It All

I know of one mortal that is NEVER Wrong ..he’s not God but he puts self on a pedestal to be venerated by his minions.

Oh dear!! Is it what I think it is?
Well said Xavier!
Did Mama’s Boy survive both mother and wife?
Oh no no no!

I Am Ready For Tomorrow….Wednesday Check Up With White Coats

All the hoopla with bitcoins! The bitcoin has certainly escalated in price!

My paws are still hurting.

My left paw is more swollen than my right paw, but my right paw hurts more than my left paw.

Neurologically, my left paw is in worst shape than my right paw but physically my right paw hurts more than my left paw!

Confused yet? Sheesh…I am!!

You think this is how my White Coats treat patients?

Nothing is normal about me. Scans or Xrays can show one thing but anatomically it is worst than what it shows till the White Coat goes in with the choppers!

Truth be told, I am scared out of my wits as I am unsure how surgeries on both paws will evolve.

How will the outcome be?

Stay tuned till August 2021…meanwhile I am gritting teeth and as they say, sucking it up! LOL!


When It Rains, Insurers Remove Brollies

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Sigh…And I Thought It Was Interlocking Tiles


So Me…..

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