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Visceral – One Word Prompt

Visceral times ……

Visceral fat…..aaargh…I can do without😕

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Who Earns More? Urologist Or Plumber?


Seriously…..So True!!


Deepest Condolences To The Bereaved Families Of USS John McCain

The USS McCain has unfortunately struck a passing tanker and has caused 10 missing sailors.

Last evening, it was reported in the news that some bodies were found. This was not at all good as I was hoping they would survive this ordeal.

It is sad that such an incident has happened and the cause is being investigated.

Singapore, Malaysia and Australia have also pitched in to try and locate the missing sailors but as the days drag on, it is highly unlikely that there would be survivors.

Passing ships have been informed to keep their eyes to the seas to pick up survivors if any but still there are no news. We do a watchful wait for news to shore as they would say.

It was also the start of the Hungry Ghost Festival last evening. This is the 7th Lunar Month for the Chinese Calendar and it is a month of vacation for the spirits of the netherworld as they are released.

Taoists would be busy offering paper money (we call hell notes), paper marche of things we as living people would need – some examples are iphones, laptops, make up, cars, maids etc.- these at burnt so that the spirits can receive it spiritually for use.

The 7th month is a “scary month” as folklore believes that the souls are out seeking revenge or sorting out past issues unresolved or even seeking a body to reincarnate.

It is reminded of young ones not to make any unnecessary comments whilst offerings are burnt so as not to unknowingly offend the dead. Lest, they be haunted.

It is also a ‘recruitment “month ie spirits of the netherworld or we say the grim repaper taking souls and lives.

It is unfortunate that the USS McCain has had this accident during this 7th month and all we can do in lil red dot is pray for their safe return and that such needless loss of life from either human error or *stories floating that it could have been a cyber attack* – perhaps the roving spirits will help them reunite with their families! Yes, spirits can also do good and help!

As a citizen of lil red dot,  I offer my sincerest condolences to the families who have lost their sons in this accident and may they find solace that their sons served the country with pride. Blessings and love with huge Garfield Hugs. *bows head and prays*


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Ooze – One Word Prompt

When a man woos, charm oozes,

After marriage, couch potato boozes!

When a lava cake is eaten, saliva dribbles, hips expand as chocolate oozes! 

A heavy calorie boost!

When clock strikes 11pm, Garfield and I snoozes!

When it is happy hour, only beer and booze oozes!

Oh come on Friday!! Wherefore art thou?


My Walk With Dad – Part 2

Dad was the one who pointed me to see the beautiful Heliconia Walk.

I was happy as he is using his brain and it means that the effort of getting him out and about hopefully retards and freezes the pre-dementia stage.

I can accept mild cognitive impairment but I do not want poor dad losing his memory.

Happily I turned at his beckoning and looked.

I tend to call these “Crab Claws” or “Fire Crackers” or ” Birds of Paradise” 😉

I never knew that the Heliconia is related to the banana and ginger plants. Now that I know, I find it true as it does look like a family member😃

This hybrid is what I commonly see in gardens of homes or in condo estates.

These ones below looked like a furry animal claw. I have never seen this before till now.

This hybrid below looked like an albino pelican beak!

The benefits of seeing beautiful plant life, working on improving dad’s memory and doing walking exercises are great!

I just hope my leg continues to behave else there is no one else to motivate dad to be pro-activity!!



A work day for me must have laughs. I must be smart to be able to reply 😉 in the event Submarine Lord or Empress Dowager catches me taking a breather!😝


Kids Idea Of A Living Will


Lurch – One Word Prompt

The mynah sits on a rambutan tree perch,

As I silently crept, I wanted to boo it with a lurch!

Mynah shrieks with a caw and purges!

Bird poop! Sheesh…all because of my lurch,

Mynah purged ha ha ha!!

Naughty me….🐦


Words That Make Us Laugh

I procaffeinate for sure….

These handcuffs are cool….

Seriously…is there a pure vegetarian? Or half vegetarians? I remember a friend who consume eggs and so she told me she is not “pure vegetarian” – what do you think?