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Easter Bunny Tree

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Monday Night Laughs

Asda selling “blow job stool”
“Cat” fish in a tank – literally?!
Haha!! I like this discovery
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If Only Master Can Read Woofie’s Mind

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2 Accordions Per Family – Else A Big Din To Neighbors

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Eggs Cost Alot Now!

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Calvin & Hobbs – Best Essay

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Good Luck Trying


To Bring Egg Prices Down


What Is The World Coming To?

It is just sad reading the papers or on the internet the continuing strife between Russia and Ukraine.

There is also the tension amongst Taiwan, China and USA.

The banks have joined in the fray with the rescue of Credit Suisse by UBS (who funnily was bailed out before too!). Now I read about Deutsche Bank…..USA will still not stop the Fed rates from hiking.

The world economy is not at its best performance really and I feel if a reprisal of another pandemic of sorts, I am sure we will all be sunk!

Doomsday toll?

I was personally upset when a colleague who had the sniffles refused to wear a surgical mask to protect others. Selfish – does Covid not mean anything anymore?

When everyone was masked up and hygiene levels stepped up, the flu and other infectious diseases dropped in transmission rates. This included transmission of tuberculosis too.

Why can’t everyone practice civic mindedness and look out for one another by being careful?

I was advised by my team of doctors that it was best for me to continue to practice good hygiene and wear the surgical mask as I cannot afford to catch any germs of sorts.

My bro-in-law is nasty and rude to me as always and I wonder if it is because he is German and it is the nature of his roots to be nasty and rude. As a guest of our Country he would condemn lil red dot and tick me off for wearing the mask and taking it off to eat. His logic is that this was hypocritical as eating in a public place and taking it off to eat will still infect anyone, so why bother wearing the mask in the first place.

He is also anti Covid vaccination citing that it was not trialed long enough to know what are its side effects. So far, he has been lucky, no infections. So maybe he is right in saying that Covid is not as fearful as we think it is?

Being careful, I heeded the reports and read the death rates and followed medical advice to a T. Except this time, I did not go for the bivalent jab as its efficacy was 6 months. Why? The side effects may not be worth it for me and my parents, so I avoided it.

I have become a recluse I feel. I work. I run errands for my folks. I visit the doctors regularly and hardly go out except when required.

The only socialising I did over the last 3 years was the dinner event I had with Mr Nice recently.

I do need to get out to get electrical appliances, upgrade a new handphone set and what is holding me back is the amount of money I would need to spend and am not willing to do so just yet.

Ah well…here’s wishing one and all a good weekend and don’t be like me to be saddened by the worldly news!