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Monday, Mundane Day…Let’s Laugh

I gotta find this ship!!

So that is how balloons are resuscitated!

Bacon Road….here I come…


Ode To Garfield #13

Silly conversations I have with my inanimate furball Garfield….

“Mommy’s home!!! Have you been a gooood boy?”

NOTE: For pete’s sake, it ain’t alive! Garfield just sits on my bed, comfy looking and staring me back with his beady plastic eyes! DUHH!!

“Weather’s sweltering….you need a change of clothes….shorts and t shirt!”

NOTE: YA RIGHT!!! Garfield is cottony stuffing with worn out paws and fast losing volume in his plushness! I am a silly loon in the making!

“Dr James!! Aaww look at Garfield, his cotton stuffing is loosing volume! Can you cut him up and re-stuff him for me?”

NOTE: Dr James, being the kindly man he was actually went and got me a packet of cottony stuffing should I decide to do an “operation” to fill up the volume of Garfield! Kindness indeed!


Tips On What Not To Say To Wives Or Girl Friends

And your wife’s or girl friend’s reply would be…..


Why Facebook Is Akin To Fridge

Soooo true!!!


Impractical Tips Of What To Do 

This one has to take the title of genius for sure.


Weekend Endeth, Work Life Starteth

Shakespeare the bard would cringe at my command of his Elizabethian standard! Ha! Ha!

I did move a fair bit in my pigeon hole as there is always lots to do.

Mounds of clothes to launder and iron…and sheets! Aargh..gone are the days of leaves for cover from Garden of Eden days!

There is a sense of unease within me. Though I have 2 jobs in hand, I am queasy about Medical Bird and potentially my future Medical Lord.

Not mainstream medicine but Traditional Chinese Medicine. His quest is to make his foray into China and other parts of the world.

I was his hope of doing this and my shoulders will be heavy.

Aaah well it is Sunday morn and next week I have to do a “handover” with Ms Bare Midriff and DL.

Monday I am handing them a $1,000,000 deal to let them survive next 2 years.

Am I appreciated? Of coure not! I was snide or sarcastic or both to email Ms Bare Midriff that this was my parting gift to her to take forth.

I  bet she hates me for that! She did not thank me for it.

She can always botch the deal….or as one would say…let it go if it reminds her of me ha ha!

I read in my Sunday Times here that Pippa Middleton is getting married or married by now.

Beautiful wedding dress and she as relatives of the Royal Family would intimidate her man for sure ha ha! Marrying into stature is never easy. The trick is survival.

Happy Sunday folks….and cheers to a great work week ahead.




2 Birds Firmly Grasped In Hand

I had the honor of chatting with Medical Bird today and he offered me the job. 

No dancing about. I did not know he was so decisive with mind made up yesterday as he aaked me to send him my homework.

Medical Bird is equally Pricey as Pricier Bird. I wanted more….to test limits but hell no!! Ha! Ha!

I shared my horror story of Electrical Lord and he said he knew of him and how horrid he was.

Still, I am worried that he may be like him too.

At one point he teared up when we spoke about something.  I teared too. We both teared. I wonder if he is sincere?!

I know of his rags to riches story.

Medical Bird is a philantrophist. Millionaire many times made over and could be a billionaire now. But I am unsure.

All I know is that he has several well runned companies, donates alot to welfarism and is often spotted with whose who in lil red dot.

Personas are identical to EL except EL is lots lower on totem pole of wealth.

My interview was more of a coffee talk session. 

He asked me for my views and ideas till he got to a point he said start doing this or that. 

He ended by saying he finds me with potential and diplomatic. He liked me.

I am scared.

I do not know how to choose!!! 


Happy troubling problem!! Garrrrrfield…I need a hug!