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Why Fast Food Is Popular & Why People Get Fat!

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Wife’s Brilliant Answer

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A Visitor At Work

Froggie hippity hopped across our timber deck at work today.

Ms Marketing shrieked in delight and quickly took photos.

Froggie is no bigger than the size of a thumb.

So far our visitors included a foot long chameleon, a dazed bird that flew into our glass door, a pheasant and now Froggie.

Froggie unfortunately hippity hopped into a drain through the slit in drain grating covers after our photo taking session.

Froggie will live ๐Ÿ˜‰

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How To Handle Calculus Tests

I would have done the same though! How I managed to get my B+ and A- grades at university for Calculus series is a mystery!


Tuesday Laughs

Cats learn….

Hard drive….means different things to different people


And So The Story Goes #56

This morning was my regular follow up at the hospital.

Prof Fong is always a dear and keeps me laughing always.

But today there was a strange seriousness about him. I did not like it!

I was told the bad news! 

There is heavy inflammation in your muscles. It is usually this high if someone ran a gruelling 42km marathon.

Hmm, I was in no way fit to a run round the soccer field, much less a gruelling marathon with my bag of bones! Haizzz!!

It may be drug induced but highly unlikely my Professor added.

It seems I must be watched like a hawk and more trips to have my blood taken till it abates. It made sense as my neck and thighs have been in pain and I have been stoically staying away from pain meds.

Prof said that I must start taking it.

Prof is hopeful it is one off, but he was skeptical as he feared my autoimmune cells are acting up. Sigh!

So what are the next steps?

The proverbial nothing can be done was articulated. Double sigh!

I walked out of the hospital feeling down.

Ms Bare Midriff text me to say she wanted to discuss work. Idiot! I am on unpaid half day leave to see the doctor and she still wants me to work during this time.

I needed peace. I needed tranquility to process the words Prof articulated to me.

In a daze I text MR EX as I needed his sarcasm.


“Bad news at the hospital. My muscles are weakening and heavily inflammed. No wonder I have been in pain๐Ÿ˜ญ”


“Sorry to hear that. But remember to wash your backside”


“Aargh! If muscles weak and in pain how to clean backside?๐Ÿ˜‘

You will have to clean it or famously hire a helper for me!”


“It’s not provided for in Budget 2017. I’ll ask CDC Elderly Committee to propose to the Minister”


“You are horrid! Budget 2017 includes today and tomorrow lah! Minister Heng say liao! You just have to work harder only mah. Haizzz you just clean my backside ๐Ÿ˜ƒ and shaddup!”
And so the story goes… silence ensued.

I felt cheered up. 

If MR EX did not care, he would not have replied. Sarcasm or otherwise, it mattered to him as despite his hectic schedule, he replied, even if it was to annoy me!


Budget 2017 was just unveiled by our Finance Minister Heng Swee Kiat yesterday at 3.30pm. It screamed headlines in today’s papers “A Budget For Today & Tomorrow”

Back to work in 3 hours time…..


As Long It Is In A Tiffany Box….


Why We Should Not Leave Orders On Answering Machine


And So The Story Goes #55

After my Duke of Yore event on Saturday morning whiched ended in the afternoon, I settled down to do my chores. Aargh…dullsville ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

Ironing! Top of my list! My usual week’s work clothes. Sigh!

I had barely finished ironing my second piece of clothing when my cell phone rang.


“Are you home?”


“Yes, just finished my Duke of Yore event.”


“Going over to your place now”

For once I was happy to take a break from ironing. Procrastination at my best๐Ÿ˜‰ and his take charge command was welcomed๐Ÿ˜Š


“10 minutes”


I quickly put away my ironing and remembered he would always love a good cuppa java. So I tottered to the kitchen and made a stiff cuppa java for him.

He arrived and immediately started to drink the java as I handed to him a styrofoam cup.


“I have been holding back for a long time. Can you stop being so stingy and put more coffee granules as it is too “light” – no taste!”


“Stingy your head!! WAAAH!! I put a heaped big spoonful of coffee granules already! Gee! Next time don’t complain if it gets too thick and bitter!”


Moron was chewing Wrigley’s gum when he arrived in his car and had spit out the gum before drinking coffee. Of course he would not be able to taste the coffee! Either that or his taste buds are rather “dead”๐Ÿ˜

Anyway we drove off.

He wanted to show me some sights.

Mr Ex loved waterscapes like me and he stopped his car to take these photos along a water catchment area located 45 minutes drive from where I lived.

I enjoyed these sights as the clouds and water with trees were restful to both of us.

Water, trees and clouds are always a treat for the eyes when put together.

I loved the cloud art! Each same scene taken had different cloud art over time spaced.

We took a short break to have a meal at Garden Asia’s Le Bistro.

It was a lovely landscaped area with the bistro enveloping this pond.

The bistro was supposedly famous for fried hokkien noodles, beef kway teow and fried mushroom rice.

We tried all 3 dishes, taking a spoonful  of each and doggy bagging the rest for me. Saves me cooking!

As it was doggy bagged, I did not get to take photos to share.

For drinks I had ice tea whilst he had iced mocca.

It was yummy and the bill came up to $80!

I guess with the farmstay units in the property they decided to up the ante to have good food as there was nothing in this area of boondock farmland.

MR EX can be a nice distraction sometimes to my mundane daily life of work stressors.

That Saturday was a day he needed company and we just wanted to chill and see sights plus a stop over for drinks.

Amazingly we did not fight or bicker like an “old married couple” as people say of us but whenever he was snide, I just pinched him each time!

He was of course, always saying something that annoys!

But he did not flinch with each pinch! Like a hero he took my “abuse” of pinches or kicks in the legs! ha ha!


All photos of waterscapes were taken by MR EX. I only took the photo of the ice tea and ice mocca!


Smurfs Will Be Happy!

Uncanny resemblance!!