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Happy As A Mynah Perhaps?

I could not resist taking this photo of a Mynah, all puffed up, perched tranquil like on the ledge of the building carpark where I work.

Mynah did not move at all despite me backing into one car park lot next to where it perched on the ledge.

I suppose the fella is deep in though! I wonder what Mynah is thinking about, all huffy and puffy like on ONE leg!!

I suppose if Mynah wore an eye patch, he would be the regular Mynah Pirate.

How did Mynah lose his foot? I wondered if he did battle with other mynahs or if he was caught and lost his leg trying to escape.

Or maybe poor Mynah was  born with a congenital defect, missing a leg!

I guess I will never know, but it was fun taking Mynah’s photo!

It shows tenacity of Mynah to survive the elements and fend for self despite its physical construct.


Job Interviews


Risky – One Word Prompt

We all take risks.

But I prefer to take calculated risks to make an informed decision.

We cannot cover all bases as there are no full proof solutions or one size fits all.

At best, we have a good overiew. I call this overview, “a helicopter view” and it is useful as it gives me worst or best case scenarios.

This way we will not be seen as taking risky decisions or “wing it” type of decisions.

Admittedly, I am risk averse. I do my homework.

In Singlish, our lil red dot peopling are a risk averse lot. We call our own traits as *kiasu* or afraid to lose.

We are also afraid to “die” or lose in financial risks. In Singlish, we call this *kiasi* ie literally afraid to take risks. If risks are high, we lose and “die” (*not literal death but a loss of sorts which is usually financial)

Maybe that is why we as Singaporeans can survive with little or no natural resources! Ha! Ha!


Quickest Way To Complete Housework! Warning! DON’T Try This!


Separating Guts & Balls = Braveheart


Accidental Grower

By now my dear friends on WP know that I cannot cook, sew nor grow anything.

But I lie…as I can heat canned foods or inflate sauces to pass as my own home cooked meals😄.

Definitely I cannot grow plants or sew.

So today when one of my onion bulbs literally sprang shoots overnight in the onion basket, I thought to self….hydroponics might work to see this spring onion grow taller from this bulb.

So, I put some water on a sauce dish and sat the bulb in it.

Nutrients are from the onion…the water helped the roots.

As to if I will get a decent spring onion to use as garnish on my soups…this is left to be seen!

Wish me luck!


Loyal – One Word Prompt

It was oft quoted that loyalty knows no bounds.

But these days loyalty is hardly found.

In days of yore, wherein lies loyalty?

Employer to employee remain mutually and stoically loyal, ensuring employee has a job. This is no longer true!

Employees work in jobs that were their first and last jobs till they retire. This is also no longer true!

These days employers are no longer loyal as they hire cheaper and younger. Out with the old, in with the new.

Millenial employees move for $50 more or move so long as they find new things.

Who remains loyal these days?


Cats and dogs remain loyal to their human daddy or human mummy.

They love unconditionally, knowing when to put their heads onto laps of their humans or when to stick paws out or tuck in their paws.

Thank goodness for pet loyalty when human loyalty fails.

Literally speaking….loyalty has gone to the dogs or cats😉


What Etc or Ecetera Truly Means

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Medical Definitions