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‘Make Up’ Flowers?!

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Literally …..

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Orphaned Kangaroos


At Whistler’s cellar door, Martin informed us that he had kept kangaroos who may have been victims of road kill. He described one kangaroo who was a wallaby in its mum’s pouch when its poor mum was ran over whilst hopping about.

Fenced in an enclosure and fed well, these kangaroos grew up well taken care of with loads of nutritious fruits & grains. They were like pets and I could go very near them without any reaction on their part. Whilst there, I caught sight of a wild kangaroo trying to get into the enclosure…ha ha one would think captivity frightens any wild beast. OR maybe, this kangaroo was lonely and wanted to know why his friends were in there and he was not.

I pet the roos (Australians use the slang word “roos” for Kangaroos) and they felt soft, quite unlike a dog’s fur, but much like a koala. They did not smell very good and there were flies or insects buzzing around them. Hmm, if I had a roo for a pet, I guess I would be showering them like a dog, making them smell fragrantly floral!

I remember once when staying at Bushy Lake in Perth, I woke up early to harvest some Easter lilies and boy! I saw a roo about my height, hippity hopping away, jumping over a high wire fence without any issues. They could certainly leap high!

Steve Cuddihy of Woody Pears Vineyard in Perth used to share with us how he would shoot these roos as they were pests, culling grapes off the vines, devastating his crops. He used electric fences to keep these pests out.

To me, a kangaroo is an animal I would see in a zoo…but here, it was up close and personal and I learnt how pesky a kangaroo could be to farmers and yes, I was treated to kangaroo steak by Steve but I certainly did not even want to try it! Imagine, eating Skippy the bush kangaroo. It would be as bad as eating Mary’s Little Lamb!


Breakfast For Giants…My Attempt Before Leaving Bates Motel

I have not had a hot breakfast in a while and decided to live on the edge of FATNESS by ordering this meal.

Egg omelette, with half a grilled tomato, button mushrooms and potato wedges.
Sourdough bread…heavenly solid and a tasty bread that I slab on butter and fruit preserve.

I avoided the potato wedges as the carbs from the sourdough bread would have sufficed for my quota of the month.

I am now thinking of how to manage fibro whatchamacallit…of all the ass luck, I am now to score 18 points out of 18 points of pain.

For such tests, I could afford to fail yet I scored 100% ….sheesh!

Dr Bones want me to take my report of doom and gloom and wave it under my autoimmunologist and rheumatologist’s nose as if like a triumphant warrior pin pointing the pain that plagues me. Ha!

Speaking for Prof Fong, I think he is happy that I am alive and not ask for 100% wellness as this is not achievable. I have survived thus far and will need to continue to survive till it is time to hang up my boot straps.

I swear I am not a gifted child…just one with gift of the gab (*can’t you tell from my ridiculous blog posts!!) and gift of fat cells that bloat up whenever I eat something that tastes great!🙄
I should just be grateful as others maybe worst off with crippling terminal illnesses. I am a pale comparison to their woes.
I am I. Uniquely Me, and that is who I be!

Expired Gummy Fruits Since 2013 But Still Tasty

I have a bad habit. Most of the yummy chockies or confectionary treats are expired in my fridge. I snack sparingly as FAT and would leave it in its pristine condition in the fridge. This is my fave fruit treat.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this pack of gummy berries that expired in 2013, 18 July. I feel it is still edible as it was kept fresh on the day I bought it, in the fridge.

Yes, I am weird.

Oatmeal, biscuits, chocolates, candies etc are all expired in mint condition in my trusty fridge or freezer LOL.

I am weird.


Like A King…Sofa King!


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