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Laughs Before My Bedtime

The perfect way to segregate toilets by gender.

So true about healthcare management in different countries.

Soldier with a heart for nature’s creatures!

Well…what were you thinking?

A true guarantee…tee hee!

Last but not least…what do you expect when it rains?!


Elaborate – One Word Prompt

Weddings and funerals in lil red dot are elaborate events.

We have 4 major ethnic groups; Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasians (Others).

Each ethnic group has their own respective elaborate traditions.

For weddings, the Chinese will have the extraordinary gate crashing regime.

The groom arrives very early in the morning in accordance with their traditional auspicious hour that bodes wedded bliss for the couple to fetch his bride for tea offering to his and her parents.

The games played by bridesmaid of honor and female friends include bartering with the groom for red packets of lucky money as hong bao.

Values can be $88, $188, $288, $388, $488 etc before the ladies opens the home gates for groom to fetch his bride.

Games will be played too. Such games can be eating funny stuff or producing things such as a knick knack for gate entry.

After which the wedded couple breezes off to get solemnized or church wedding, followed by lunch and a really elaborate Chinese banquet dinner of 8 to 10 courses served with lots of wine, beer or hard liquor.

The wedded couple has to go to each table of 10 guests to get toasted for the happy occasion.

Such banquet dinners are held in 5 star hotels and can have 100 tables or 1,000 people attending.

At its minimum, there would be 300 people.

Rarely it is under 10 tables as both bride and groom will have friends and relatives. Relatives can be widely classified to be extended to include distant relatives.

Each cannot leave out any family member else such left out family members may feel slighted i.e. not good enough to be invited.

Yes, weddings are about “face” as in ego and pride.

The more elaborate is one’s wedding, it means good wealth and a rich standard.

Malay weddings are very much communal in nature and held at void decks of HDB flats or we call government housing.

The elaborately dressed couple with headress and baju kurung for the bride and songkok with sarong over pants and a sizzling bright colored shirt.

Drums and ornate palm like fronds will accompany the couple to the void deck that is ornately decorated, complete with a throne for the couple.

The bride’s hand will be painted with henna designs and it is beautiful.

The all day feasting will continue and friends or just about anyone can have the buffet of nasi briyani, rendang, curry chicken etc all cooked in huge gigantic pots with oars or paddles like those used for boats!

Indian weddings can last weeks or months as they relatives in India. Food, clothes and events at the temple are grand and awesome.

The same with funerals. The most long drawn and elaborate funerals are for the Chinese. Wakes can last 1 day, 3 days, 5 days or 7 days complete with opera, taoists or monks chanting, feasting, mahjong and offerings of paper money, paper clothes, paper computers, paper everything including a maid and a butler!

After the funeral, prayers and ceremonial offerings are done on 7, 49 and 100 days from death occuring. This is to help the soul or spirit move on.

Malay and Indian funerals are within the day affair. Muslims are buried without coffins but just wrapped in a holy shroud.

Indians are cremated but not on funeral pyres here but in crematoriums.

This is followed by family members mourning with relatives in their homes, low key and without fanfare but with lots of prayers.

These are just a sprinkling of our local lil red dot customary traditions for weddings and funerals…2 important events in one’s lives.

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How To Dress Your Pet Pooch


Husbands Don’t Try This


Dance With Geo Spatial Lord Continues

It seems that I have received Geo Spatial Lord’s attention and he has summoned me to meet with him again in 2 days’ time. This time, he will want me to meet the Chief Of Something.
Yesterday I was put to the test – I was to devise a list of key performance indicators for their entire company. Seriously, Geo Spatial Lord thinks I am psychic.
His watching brief was spartan and overnight, he expected me to provide him with a list of indicators for his entire company to abide by. Me thinks that if he does not hire me, my ideas would be “stolen” for sure!
I doubt there are ethics in today’s dog eat dog world and if I am not chosen, I am very sure they will use them.
I boldly asked the question as how is it that HR is asked to do this? What does HR know about engineering or their industry requirements?
It seems that they have no clue as to how to do it and their Lords over there are quite lost.
Ahh well…we shall see.
I wonder how long will this interview take? – The last time Geo Spatial Lord grilled me for 2 hours solid, asking me lots of questions and picking my brains for ideas.
Basically if I surmise correctly, they are seeking a candidate with global strategic thinking and versatile to adapt to different situations to take the company to the next step after listing on the main board of our stock exchange.
I was told to provide them with references to call and check. I gave them four and one of them was the Duke of Yore. I bet they will cringe to contact him as honestly who dares to call Duke of Yore ha ha!
I am quietly hopeful and as always, hoping for the best, yet expecting the worst as usual. What else can I do but keep all paws crossed and see how I fare after Thursday.
Meanwhile we shall see if I can work under Monkey Lord. *Remember I did say that if I get the job, Geo Spatial Lord will become my Monkey Lord as he does resemble a cute monkey. SSSShhhh!
The wooing continues and I hate it…all this dancing around like a cat on a hot tin roof! Grrrr!!


After Tupperware….


Tupperware Use


Sometimes You Just Cannot Win!

Little Johnny comes home from sunday school with a black eye.
His father sees it and says, “Johnny, how many times do I have to tell you not to fight with the other boys?” “But Dad, it wasn’t my fault.
We were all in church saying our prayers. We all stood up and my teacher in front of me had her dress in the crack of her butt.
I reached over and pulled it out.
That’s when she hit me!”
“Johnny,” the father said.
“You don’t do those kind of things to women.”
Sure enough, the very next sunday Johnny came home with the other eye black and blue.
Johnny’s father said, “Johnny, I thought we had a talk!”
“But Dad,” Johnny said, “It wasn’t my fault.
There we were in church saying our prayers.
We all stood up and my teacher in front of us had her dress in the crack of her butt.
Then Louie who was sitting next to me saw it and he reached over and pulled it out.
Now I know she doesn’t like this, so I pushed it back in!”


Vague – One Word Prompt

I hate being given vague instructions! In fact I hate anything vague.

I find people deliberately become vague when they are clueless themselves. But instead of opening their mouths to seek clarity, they choose to be vague to portray self as a know all!

I like being direct and clear.

But people say it becomes a blunt way of talking when I become candid.

Haha! But I like cutting to chase…it removes any doubt and everything becomes crystal clear😆


Intelligence Versus Common Sense

As usual, today’s drive to work was accompanied by Glenn Ong and FD on One FM radio and the topic was intelligence or common sense, which comes first?

I thought about it as duo banter on air with listeners calling in.

I feel that I need common sense first and of course, I need intelligence to recognize when to use common sense and when to use intelligence.

Can one have common sense but no intelligence?

I have come across communicating with people who has had no opportunity for formal education but hey, they are really good with common sense knowledge, so much so, I find them really intelligent in surviving at all odds.

Their street smart methodology and high EQ gets them through all the time and trust me, no text book education prepares one for this.

But how does one hone their common sense skillset?

I suppose when one lacks formal education, they fall back on common sense. Common sense based on life experiences, helps them through.

I have so much formal education and am one step away from getting a formal PhD. My mum who has no formal education beyond 3 years of primary school as her family was poor and with the second world war, she went on to do nursing. She is sharp and smart!

Sometimes when I hear mum’s logic, it makes sense – simple and no fuzziness.

To me, sadly, I feel that the more educated one may be, the more arrogant and difficult one will be. It is as if, they enjoy the argument for the sake of being difficult.

I have no time for difficult people nor do I have time for silly bureaucratic methods. Just the other day I was arguing with someone from Land Transport Authority (LTA) as to why they make us cancel GIRO payments when one sells a car and re apply when one buys a new one in the same transaction. It is just creating more work when other government departments are smart enough to pick it up and cut out the cancellation and reapplication formalities that involve, customer, bank and LTA.

Such hoops to jump through and little common sense, much less intelligence is applied here.

Another example on intelligence – an agent calculated a prorated value to pay my dad. This agent happily decided to drop off $0.33 cents per transaction and this caused my dad to be shortchanged of $6.

The silly goose calculated using $5,500 divided by 30 days = $183.333 but she happily dropped off the cents as she said it was messy!

I told her there was nothing messy about using 18/30 multiplied by $5,500 = $3,300!

LOL! She now has to go back and get us a refund of $6. I could have ignored it as $6 is not much but hey, it is the principle behind it and imagine if the deal was for $55,000 – it would be a huge short payment.

Her reply to me was that she is not good with math! I told her, neither am I but there are formulas for use!

1. Front view of Garfield in my car

2. Side View of Garfield in my car facing his pet mouse

3. Mouse tucked in back seat

Anyway, I strapped in Garfield in the backseat – the middle seat of course! He gets to go with me wherever I go in my car! The real reason why I put Garfield in that seat is to take up the middle seat belt so that mum or dad need not grapple with finding the right clip to slide their respective seatbelts into the right holders. With the 3rd one used, it makes their life simpler and easier. Also I made sure Garfield’s pet mouse is so tucked in the seat pocket! Yes, they both seem comfy 😀

It would seem that I have a little common sense LOL! Don’t get me started on intelligence as sometimes it eludes me.