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Day 3 – Bates Motel

My handsome parade of doctors include cardiologist, gastroenterologist, neurosurgeon and otolarynologist (ENT I call White coat or Usain Bolt)

Besides blood pressure being too low, everything thing else is acceptable except for my darn neck bones.

It seems cervical 2, 3 4, 5 and 6 is misbehaving.

I have 4 titanium rods and plates in place there already but the ones on top and below are protesting.

Discs bulging it seems. Hmm….soon my spine will be clipped and pinned!

Key word is mild at the moment which is good and no one could answer if my dizziness is caused by this.


Do I need a neck brace?

Good to be in one says the neurosurgeon and immobilise the neck.

So, I will look like Darth Vader no doubt!

Hey at least the food is acceptable at Bates Motel.

My fruit plate which cheered me up.

My dessert plate that is good to look at as eating it is too decadent!!

This is an excellent chocolate mousse…moist and not overpowering but leaves a satiated feel!

And for a sick Garfield….it is a nice feeling…


Wednesday Laughs

Hmmm my white coats would say….”what is the cause of your pain?”

My intelligent reply is “pain” —– duhhhh….you would guess right??๐Ÿ˜„


Confident VS Confidential

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Social Media….Dad’s Reply Is Priceless

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Day 2 – In Bates Motel

My team of 3 doctors are figuring out what’s next?!! HA! They are busy but I am not.

Bored out of my skull, I only have the goggle box and crosswords to keep me busy.

Other times it is the lovely nightingales with their machines to check my parameters.

A slight scare last night as my blood pressure decided to fall like the stock exchange. 90/50!!

In hushed tones they were flustered. 

Maybe it is the equipment fault muttered the concerned nurse.

Another quickly goes out to bring another set 

Aaahhh 105/70 was obtained after a break.

I will live – they are satisfied and left me.

At 10.30pm, a loud booming voice entered my room!

My room was pitch black as I was trying to sleep.

“Who’s this” I asked?

“Usain Bolt” was his reply! Aaahhh Man in White Coat.

I told him it was his bed time…actually mine ๐Ÿ˜‰

He came to assure me my brain was working and that he will symptomatically treat my ferris wheel rides.

There was another potential issue that Dr James has to look into.

Ball over to his court it seems.

Today another MRI was done and another audio test.

Good news is my hearing is fine.

2 more hours for next test results.

Gee…I feel as if sitting for my exams and waiting for results.

Garfield’s with me thankfully.

Today an administering preacher walked into my room and was looking for Elizabeth.

I guessed she must have been the last patient.

Still he kindly prayed for me. For which he was kind and I am utterly grateful.

Nice of my God not to forget me.

Meanwhile the “throne” in my toilet at Bates Motel is hardly as posh as this

*photo courtesy of internet and if Louis Vuitton did indeed create this water closet or cistern….bravo๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘am sure many rich blokes would now want it!!*


This & That

Last night our Prime Minister Lee had to be escorted off stage midway through his National Day Rally speech.

Thankfully it was not a stroke but tiredness, dehydration and to me, my diagnosis is STRESS!

The poor man got off a flight from USA visit with President Obama and swung into thick of things for our National Day events. 

Hardly enough rest!

Thankfully he was given the go ahead and after a short break PM Lee gallantly came back on stage to complete his rally speech.

I hope he checks out fine! Blessings for his speedy recovery.

These days worklife has no balance.

As for myself, I landed in Bates Motel.

Finished an MRI of my brain….phew they found that I do have a brain๐Ÿ˜‰

My worry was they would not find a brain and instead found Pokemon Monsters lurking in the void between my ears๐Ÿ˜‚

The Giant Mosquito bit me. 10cc of precious red juice went to the lab.

Man in White Coat came in and pushed to my good surgeon, Dr James.

It seems I must clear my MRI of my brain first to ensure my ferris wheel rides are genuinely just ferris wheel rides and not because a Pokemon Monster is driving me in a spinning frenzy.

2 hours till results are out…as if taking an exam. I figured if they do not call then it is good news.

Funny thing about doctors….if they call then hmmm…bad news.

No call means I have a brain.

Whoopee….I have a brain….now tick tock tick tock let’s see in 2 hours no Pokemon Monsters in there. ๐Ÿ˜‚


How An Engineering Student’s Thinking Differs From Medical Students


Monday Blues? Laugh Then

The sign above is actually a literal translation from Cantonese to English. Probably means ” Ang or Hong in Mandarin as owner’s last name and his plaza”

I do not think my safety manager will be amused with this hee hee!


Sunday….Day Before Monday

All working people….look out, Monday is in the horizon…aaarrgh!

Since I am on a perpetual Ferris Wheel ride and things around me are spinning….I can only generate laughter lying down.

I pondered on the good God,

Hmm….HE must be having FUN!

Meanwhile for couples married or a wooing, either don’t get in the way or don’t make wishes without thinking…

*apologies for the use of the *B word…I now gotta wash mouth with soap ha ha…

Happy Sunday folks and I might be paying a visit to White Coat again and hopefully not incarcerated in Bates Motel again to be prodded and poked at again.


If You Live In UK Can You Please Guide Me


I am helping a good friend find accommodation for his daughter who has been accepted into Leeds, UK.

If you know of reliable property agencies or owners seeking to sell their apartment…2 or 3 bedroom unit, can you please let me know.

New developments are fine. What is critical is safety ie must be in a safe neighborhood.

Grateful for your help folks.

Garfield hugs for reading this.



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