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Complain, Complain & Complain

on May 31, 2014

Generally, we are a society of complainers! Erm…maybe it is just me πŸ˜‰

It is common in my little red dot for someone to start a conversation by saying “I have a complaint or I am going to complain” – yup that is so Singaporean!

Lately, it is, ” I want to sue” – I do not know if it is the way we are going, that is, following the Americans and playing up to legal eagles.

For laughs to show you how one uses “suing” as an option. I text Chicken that had a sigh…I wish to lose 10 kg and she replied tongue in cheek, that all “10 kg” was residing in my “behind” or bluntly put, “my ass” or politely, my “rear end”. She is indeed cheeky!

I commented with a reply that ‘I will sue you for making fun of my glorious ass!’ LOL!

Even kids are using it with little regard or understanding of the meaning of the word.

But trust me, if one is defamed or slandered in any manner, way or form such that it affects integrity, there is plausible cause indeed to seek legal recourse and sue the pants off such creeps.

Being complainative can be funny if it is done in jest or to seek a better service or correct a situation by bringing it to the right authorities.

After all, we are great whiners except couched under the auspices of a “complaint”

Service sectors lack service these days, much less good concerted effort at giving service. I have often asked service staff where can I find something I need and they would give a glorious wave of their hand as if shooing a fly and rendering a reply, “over there”!

Good grief! Over there? Where? There….seems too wide an expanse for me to cover. As if like the Southern corridor of Western Australia where a Boeing 777 is like a needle in a hay stack.

Off I go to seek another service staff. Hopefully till one who actually cares in doing their job right, I am truly at the mercy of twits!

Maybe there is indeed a plausible cause for complainers after all πŸ˜‰


2 responses to “Complain, Complain & Complain

  1. idiotprufs says:

    This post has disturbed me; you’ll be hearing from my lawyer.

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