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High Noon

on March 31, 2016

I understand cowboy movies.

There is always one cowboy facing a villian and a shoot out occurs.

One dies and the other lives.

Good triumphs over evil. This is Clint Eastwood or John Wayne cowboy movies ala Hollywood style😉

But in real life, high noon or shoot out at OK Coraal, hardly occurs but it is still lethal.

Today I faced off Electrical Lord and what do I get but 7 hours of sermon ala mode😕

I had text him that I wanted to see him…one on one, minus the 17 years Political Queen with great backstabbing skills, I might add😉 and his 2 other women goons!

He refused and kept us 3 in his room from 1pm till 8pm, talking non stop when I wanted a face off!

I had enough on my plate and yet he kept loading my plate without allowing me to breathe.

Point is, I cannot cope! Electrical Lord is an idiot or perhaps plain obtuse! He chose not to listen.

He wants me to spearhead Culture Safe, run as Chair for Safety Committee including developing risk assessment plans for the entire group of 8 companies.

On top of this, I had to manage IPO, grant applications and a whole list that runs endlessly.

My argument was that in 24 hours of a day and wasting 7 hours sitting in his room, plus meetings etc how can a needle be sharp at both ends?

I snapped. He knew I was infuriated yet he kept insisting for me to do these tasks.

I hissed. So pray tell what must I do first as I cannot juggle any more balls! I felt like committing hara kiri!

Electrical Lord is unreasonable, a bully and an asinine turd. Yet he wonders why he is disliked by everyone?! Duhh!!

Till I can find another job, I have Hobson’s choice.

Either he sees me as the only competent fool or he does not know how to pronounce the other directors’ name and they are all incompetent!

I am flattered if it is the former but disgusted if it is the latter!


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