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Wine Or Man?

on June 30, 2019

The label befits a gent I once knew and worked under. He was a foreign expat.

If I felt the cost of this wine worthy of the gent, I would have bought it. But alas, I would not waste the opportunity cost foregone.

Still, I learnt from this gent the art of procrastination.

His philosopy was sound.

“Disregard emails. Do not reply. If it is important, it would be re-sent again”. With thanks to him and this invaluable lesson, I practice this now as I have close to a few hundred emails a day and true enough, if it is important, it will get resent!

A day in the life of this gent was reading through at least 3 different daily publications of international news subscribed by the company for his reading pleasure as he is too cheap to buy his own newspapers, followed by trawling the net for more news before concluding at stalking people’s whereabouts through social media.

He would know when someone moves to another job or takes on something new.

A voracious appetite for food, he can wolf down no less than 6 buns at a sitting!

Does he have a heart of gold?

Or is he as aptly described by the label?

Well, to us who knew him he is an Old Bastard and I wonder how the sands of dunes or deserts is entertaining his manner and style of living now. If he is alive, he will be in his late 70s now.


3 responses to “Wine Or Man?

  1. jackcollier7 says:

    Sounds like a lazy bastard

  2. I worked as a temp for many years, and loved it. One assignment was the switchboard of a local office for an international company.
    The second day I was there I received several calls for a Mr. Self-Important. The same attitude; “If it’s important, they’ll call back.” Thursday, the caller identified himself as Mr. Really-Important. Mr. S-I was standing in the lobby, so I called out to him and told him who was calling. Mr. S-I waved me away, in spite of the fact that the man to whom he was speaking sort of shooed him toward the phone.
    The same thing happened on Friday, but when I offered to take a message, Mr. R-I asked me to transfer him to the Personnel Department instead.
    When I came in the following Monday. Mr. S-I was no longer employed at that company. It seems the call *was* important and Mr. Really-Important was tired of calling back.
    How can you do your work if you don’t know what’s going on and who wants what done?

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