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Am I A Writer Or Blogger?

on March 30, 2014

In days of yore, a writer is one who writes on paper or papyrus if we go back to Egyptian times and create scrolls!

Then came the pen with ink, which meant either a quill till the creation of fine writing instruments such as Mont Blanc, Parker or Shaeffar or Cross pens. Then came the cheap but practical creation of Ballpoint pens! Yup no need to lug the ink bottle or ensure one carries a blotter to ensure that writing is not smudged due to ink not being dried just yet!

Bic, Kilometrico and today, Staedler (who was famous for coloring pencils and marker pens), Pilot or Unilock pens from Japan has stormed the market.

My pens in the office always seem to sprout legs and walk away.

Then came the typewriter, followed by the personal computer and today before we know it, iPad, Galaxy Note pads in IT gadgetry and made writing easy. No need of a pen, no erasers or white out as I use the delete key or control hold the keys to ‘cut’, ‘paste’ or edit.

What I dislike though is that the iPad tends to autocorrect my writing and most times, it changes the syntax altogether which loses the punch line I want to deliver!

This makes me a blogger now as I whip out my electronic writing pad and tap tappity tap, words appear and on the tap of “publish” my write up is sent and uploaded for readers!

I guess I will never write blockbusters or see my blog in print! If so, I wonder if there is readership out there who would pay to read? I rather harness the writing sprees in me and let people read freely and happily at their own time.

If they like what they read, I am then encouraged by their “likes” and I jump up and down in joy as it meant I made a reader enjoy my post! 🙂

2 responses to “Am I A Writer Or Blogger?

  1. Wayne says:

    There is a time when we all have to come to grips with the fact that we are just bloggers—-by then we are in too deep to stop—we have a few followers and get a rush out of comments and like buttons-we jump for joy when that hit from Greenland finally happens (last week for me). It is OK man—-just relax and write another post! 🙂

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