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Tuesday – A Tinge Of Sadness

on April 28, 2015

The world has yet another natural disaster, this time hurting Nepal, Kathmandu areas.

As I read the morning papers, I am astounded that there are so many visitors going to Nepal, besides trekkers to Mt Everest but also devout Buddhists.

In fact Michelle Yeoh a famous Malaysian actress of James Bond movie girl was also stranded in the airport there with her husband.

M, my UO classmate is also a devout Buddhist and has spent many years helping the peopling of Tibet, Nepal & Kathmandu.

Geography fails me, I beg your pardon but I think I got the locations right here!:'(

It is heart wrenching for her and I know her pain as she wants to help the people there.

I am also pleased that our little red dot has sent a 55 member team to help with search and rescue including funding.

Our kindly PM Lee though in Asean Summit has written on his FB post that he felt the worries and pain of the Gurkha community in Singapore.

Gurkhas have been serving in our armed forces from way back during the times of late founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

As I sleep on my bed and in comfort, I feel the pain of the affected.

Many are afraid to enter the buildings and live out in the open including seeking hospital treatment.

I will be dedicating periodic updates on this to assist M in her crowdfunding effort through a dedicated link to be established later

I sincerely appeal to all reading my humble blog to assist in reaching out to your blog readers to help M in her crowdfunding efforts to rebuild a little village there.

Thank you folks and may Buddha blessings and all divine deities help and keep the people safe. ❤💚💛💜


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